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'Real Housewives' Kid Gets 240 Days in Real Jail

9/17/2008 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joah WaringJosh Waring, the son of Lauri Waring from "The Real Housewives of Orange County," was sentenced Monday to 240 days in the pokey for possession of heroin and ecstasy and an intent to sell.

But here's the rub: Josh was actually turned in by his own mother! Apparently Lauri showed up to her condo where Josh was living, and found drugs on the premises. She contacted the cops, even telling them where her son's hangout spots were and he was busted the next day.

Guess that's OC tough love!


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So What    

An article after Josh was interviewed. Good read and very informative.

2228 days ago


. As a life long Orange Countian, I'd like to take this opportunity to tell the rest of the world that this show in no way depicts the majority of us. Most of us are such the polar opposites of these people. Please do not believe everything you see!

Posted at 3:09PM on Sep 17th 2008 by L

L, thank you for posting this. I actually live in Coto De Caza and the majority of us are NOT like this. This show is an embarassment to our county.

2228 days ago

some kids never learn    

uh...this kid is a little confused. He swears the "Penai Death Squad" is gonna have his back. First off it's P9 and they will eat this little boy alive. I'm amazed he's stupid enough to name drop. The boys don't like the press. Especially from this poor little rich kid!

2228 days ago


What I want to know is if she had the cameras rolling? Don't be surprised if she had all of this filmed and we see it on TV. She's a gold digging whore!

2228 days ago


31. Check out these stories about Lauri Waring and George Peterson. Do you all think this is the Fairytale she was trying to con viewers with?

There are 4 parts to the story...READ THEM ALL!!!

Posted at 5:16PM on Sep 17th 2008 by CotoRes949

Thank you for posting this!

2228 days ago

So What    

As a parent, would any of you parade your very sick and heroin addicted child on a stupid reality show in a mock Intervention? What some people will go to for any kind of camera time is beyond me. No wonder the kid has issues.

2228 days ago


I think if more mothers would give a little tough love the world wouldn't be such a terrible place...He needs to be in jail, one less bum on the streets trying to get to my girls!!!! way to go laurie

2228 days ago


Josh needs to realize that if he chooses to continue down the path he is on all that he's going to find is more time behind bars or death. And for all those people hating on his mom,'s are NOT supposed to stand by and watch their kids use and deal drugs. She offered him rehab, but let's be honest what he wants is sympathy and a free ride!!!

2228 days ago


She definitely did the right thing. But ultimately the end choice is up to her son to change. Let's hope he changes now while he's still young. I've had this situation in my family and my mother is a big time enabler. My brother is now 50 and still a drug addict, lived at home with mom, stole from her, etc. She needed to turn him in a long time ago. Anyway, he's been to jail many times already and just got rearrested recently. He cleans up in jail and gets back out and starts the same drug behavior.

Josh, make the decision to be a productive citizen of this country and stop the drugs and get help or else you'll end up like my brother, 50 years old and still an addict with nothing to show for himself, how sad and pitiful. From personal experience I can say that God has changed my life for the best. He will never leave you nor forsake you. God, Jesus, is the true healing that these drug addicts need, everyone for that matter. The decision is up to you to change, no one else.

2228 days ago


She can't enable her son. It is a parent's responsiility to teach their children the consquences of their behavior.

2228 days ago


I watched Lauri on the show several times giving her son chance after chance after chance to clean up his act and grow into the man she knew he could become. She always told him how much she loved him but also made no bones about the fact that he needed to follow the right path and if he did that, she would be supportive of him no matter what he chose to do in life. She did the exact same thing for her daughter. Not once did she ever abandon Josh or display anything other than love for all of her children, but even Josh says in his myspace post that he made his decisions on his own and he even is defending Lauri because he knows in his heart that a mother's love is like no other and a mother can only do so much before she has to let her children grow up and make their own mistakes and learn from them. She always told Josh that drugs were not allowed in that condo over and over again. I applaud her for staying strong and having to do the right thing. And for all of you who are blaming Lauri, until you are a parent yourself and are thrust into this kind of nightmare having to enforce tough love on your children who you love more than anything in the world (YES, LAURI LOVES HER CHILDREN MORE THAN MONEY AND ALL THE WORLDLY POSSESSIONS SHE COULD EVER HAVE - IF YOU DON'T KNOW THAT, YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T KNOW HER AT ALL), then don't throw stones until you know what the hell you are talking about. Our prayers are with you, Lauri. Stay strong and God will carry you through these most trying and painful times.

2228 days ago


#15, do you not think that Josh was going to end up in jail sometime anyway? because he was, it was just a matter of time. Oh, wait, Josh was busted when he was a juvenile already, so there you go. When the addict is in jail, they usually clean up and can think more clearly to make better decisions. They are already in pain and Josh will survive jail. I've seen it many, many times with many people in my life. He needs to change his life around now, when he's still young, or else the odds are against him. She did the right thing. After all, a crime is a crime. Do you think that is easy for a mother to do? because it's not. But to do nothing only exacerbates the situation and prolongs the problem. After all, Josh made the decision to commit a crime, not Laurie. There are punishments for criminal behavior. Let's hope Josh changes. On the other hand, what if Josh had a girl over and they partied hard that night on drugs and all, then they wake up the next morning and the girl is not breathing or dead, guess what, who is going to get the blame? Well, Josh and his mother, of course. She did the right thing!

2228 days ago


good to see that his mother is not an enabler. i don't watch the show, nor do i care to. more parents should do this with their drug addicted kids. if you have ever dealt with someone that has a drug problem, you know what i'm talking about.

2228 days ago


This kids has been in and out of jail for years. Laurie has done everything in her power to get him help, and so has his father. Maybe if Casy Anthoney's parents had taken her by the rings and made her responsible for her action in life , we wouldn't be looking for a dead baby. It's time for parents to take action in their childrens lives and if it means sending them to jail then let it be. At least he won't be out trying to sell druges to your kids.

2228 days ago

So What    

As a parent you begin tough love and discipline, balanced with love at a very young age. If you leave your child to his/her own devices, without proper guidance, when they get to be teenagers it is too late to take control of their lives. I believe this is the case with Josh. He admits to his mom not being around and him being put into institutions starting at age 12. 12, FOLKS!! From what we all witnessed on the show and Lauri not being there for her kids on national television, especially when she was pushing the Brady blending story, how much more can we assume she was not there when the cameras weren't rolling?

It is impossible to gain the respect of a drug addicted child or control their behaviour when you never had it in the first place. Lauri can name it whatever she chooses, tough love, or whatever. Bottom line is she neglected her responsibilities as a parent long ago and opted to chase after what she saw as the good life and it is all on tape. The timing for both George and Lauri to air the lives of their kids on a reality show was rediculous and even abusive. In this case the lipstick on a pig analogy is well deserved.

2228 days ago
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