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George Michael

Busted in Another Bathroom

9/21/2008 7:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Michael hasn't learned that public toilets are bad for his career. London police arrested Michael in his home away from home (a bathroom) for being in possession of both class A and C drugs.

British law states that class A drugs can include crack cocaine.

The often troubled pop singer was arrested on Friday in an underground loo in the Hampstead Heath area after cops were tipped off by a suspicious toilet attendant. George was released after being cautioned -- and no further action against the singer will be taken at this time.

In 1998, Michael was arrested in a Beverly Hills bathroom for soliciting sex to an undercover police officer.


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What the hell has happened to him?????? What's with the bathroom thang????

2231 days ago


I agree with 14. Geo have given me great music to listen 2.. Always been a fan of his music. This kinda stuff happens to "real people" all the time. Only concentrate on Geo because of who he is and what he has become.... Thanks for the music Geo and sorry about your life.

2231 days ago


When did George turn into the guy from Revenge of the Nerds?

2231 days ago


Aww,,,, George you were so dang cute back in the day when I was a teenageer (like Mid 80's).
now I have teenagers (Dang I got old fast).
Anyway, for what it is worth
I think George has talent, and I wish he would get the help he needs to get his groove back,

2231 days ago


15. this is what happens when you have sex with intestines, hands, and mouths

Posted at 12:46PM on Sep 21st 2008 by toobad

Toobad, don't knock it unless you've tried it. Intestines, hands and mouths can be a turn on for some...LOL!

2231 days ago


Sad and stupid, George 's performance on a recent Awards tv show was amazing, very talented.

2231 days ago

Tiger Tale    

What is it with homos and public toilets?

The ambiance in those things usually makes me want to puke.

2231 days ago


George Michael obviously needs to see a psychaitrist. This guy has some SERIOUS mental problems that require some SERIOUS MEDICATION!!

2231 days ago


Public toilets? If I was at an airport or bus terminal and that sick creep made a move on me, believe me, he'd have the tar kicked and snapped out of him so bad he'd be a cripple for life and probably blinded and unable to speak with teeth again. What he does on his own time in private is his own business, but taking perversion to public toilets is taking a predatory evil where it can't be tolerated, and deserves to be terminated. Civilians are too civil sometimes. George Micheal is asking for a bullet. What if kids came in there, which they always do? An innocent kid goes in there and some sick creep is deliberately approaching people in there. Honestly, what do you think is appropriate treatment?

2231 days ago


I don't feel sorry for him. He has money that he could use to seek help and check his ass into rehab. Instead he is buy crack and going to a nasty public restroom to smoke it. I mean, how desperate was he for a hit? Why didn't he just stay at home and smoke it? But then again, someone might have caught him and beat the crack pipe out of his hand. What is really going on in Britain? Amy Winehouse is on crack and now George Michael. They should sit down together and compare shriveled veins. My question is, WHO GOT NEXT?

2231 days ago


It is astonishing the level of stupidity that is evident on TMZ.

To "toobad" who wrote this "message": "This is what happens when you have sex with intestines, hands, and mouths"; first of all, you dumb f**k, this particular article was about him being arrested because of drugs. Second of all, the first time he was arrested was because he was masturbating in a public restroom. He wasn't having sex "with intestines" or "mouths." Third, you can't have "sex with intestines"; go ahead, freak face, show us how that's done. Fourth, who the f*ck are you to tell people how they have sex? Fifth, whether you are a man or a woman (although, I'd tend to think you're a f*cked up closet case, but no matter), everyone, if they're healthy, masturbates, because it happens naturally, and anyone who wants to live in a fantasy world that they never touch themselves "down there" is a f*cking liar. So, "toobad," what's really "toobad" is that you probably live in a pathetic one-dimensional world where you stick your member into a hole in your pillow and have a great old time, since people who have really sex actually come into contact with hands and mouths, and sometimes certain orifices, but, contrary to your unbelievably stupid "understanding," not "intestines."

And to the other macho freakazoids that claim how they would beat George Michael up: You don't know anything about "toilet sex," and if you did, you would know that people are not going to be "doing it" if some child walks in to take a leak or a dump. What is truly sad is that it is the hate-filled attitudes of people on this site who want to have George Michael destroyed that cause people to end up having sex in toilets. But I don't expect you r*t*ds to understand that.

More importantly, what is amazing is that people somehow think that because George Michael has a lot of money, that therefore he can get whatever he wants. Obviously, he can't. He is deeply troubled and what he needs is help. Anyone with any understanding of psychology recognizes that he is desperately calling out for help and is deeply petrified. I am NOT excusing his behavior. He needs help this minute. But it's so easy, isn't it, to sit back in your easy chairs and judge him. Yeah, that's right; you're the same "Christians" that will vote for Sarah Palin in November. Good; bring on Armageddon, since that's what you're going to get.

2231 days ago

George William Gockel    


2231 days ago


Response to "Clearsky54": No, I'm convinced you're flying in foggy skies, VFR no more than 3 feet. You seem to know lots about how creeps would try to hide having sex in public toilets, like it's OK if you don't get caught or kids don't directly see anyone. That's just primitive, dangerous, irresponsible, totally disregarding of social respect and psychopathic. And you're trying to DEFEND that kind of behavior? What's the angle we're supposed to be convinced of here?

What a completely ludicrous statement to make that people not wanting to tolerate perversion in public places are the ones who force the creeps to do so. WHAT?!? And what's with this nonsense about Christians? I'm not a Christian or a Republican or a Democrat, I'm not going to be patronized by any gang of cult automatons. George Micheal went out of his way to do what he did. Choice. Active choice!

When George Michael finds himself altered, maybe you can wake up out of your complacency with his fanclub. Listen, you mess with stuff like that around kids and people will go animal on G.M. Mess around with it around adults and he'll just have to take the punishment he gets. Happy Trails, perverts, may they be short!

2230 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

What is truly sad is that it is the hate-filled attitudes of people on this site who want to have George Michael destroyed that cause people to end up having sex in toilets,,,,,,,,,,by Clearsky54?????


You truly aren't in a clear sky...........Maybe you and George could enter into the same rehab center together. And btw, I LOVE George Michael. He's got problems,,,,,,but reading your "rambling" its obvious YOU have BIGGER ones than George...............go away.

2230 days ago


So judgemental here. He's an addict - that's a shame and a tragedy in anyone's life. I hope he gets treatment and gets better - that's all. And yes, his actions do hurt others - those that love him and want him to lead a happy healthy life.

2230 days ago
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