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Playboy Mansion: When You're Hot, You're Family

10/3/2008 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Check this out: Kendra Wilkinson on her back at the Playboy Mansion ... what a concept.

So who's that she's shooting? Why, it's one of the winners of that Playboy "Girls of Olive Garden" contest -- aka Amy Bissonnette.

Fun fact: We're told Kendra "flipped out" during the shoot when a bee got a little too close. The rest of the crew -- who couldn't see the insect -- just thought she was being her funny crazy self (oh that Kendra) and let her be.


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This whole Playboy thing is getting to be as old as Heffner. Men don't have to hide in the bathroom and salivate over magazines any more.

2150 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Dear Kay,

Your right, men don't have to salivate in the bathroom over Playboy anymore -- it's now out on the coffee table and on their flat screen TV. Men have enjoyed looking at the naked female form since recorded history. Face the facts: men are much more visually orientated then women and if that has not changed in 2,000 years doubhtful it will change any tme soon in the future.

2150 days ago


I love the Girls Next Door! Can hardly wait for the new season starting Sunday! Woo hoo! Bridget's my fave!

2150 days ago


All you idiots and morons...aww same thing...that are FANS of girls next door obviously live in a land far away from Los Angeles. If you knew them it would be a different story... Having been to the mansion a few times and having the UNHONOR to meet KDUB, lol too funny. This girl is white trash America wanna be "gangsta". If your going to want all this "fame" and attention, might as well take all the good and bad comments into consideration..
A little fame and money cannot buy you class, thats one of the truest quotes you can hear in Hollywood. Just because she sucks on Heff's 81 yr old winkie, doesn't make her anything more or less than a prostitute like the 2 other ones.
First of, you have Bridgit, I'm not sure whether she should replace Mary or live in a old folks home... be gone already! Her personality stinks and her look aren't good enough. Holly... nice girl..I have nothing bad to say other than the fact that she let all this minute fame get to her head and now she thinks she is Marilyn Monroe!
Heff is a nice guy, he really is. Simplistic, appreciative and down to earth. He isn't dumb, he knows these 3 stick around for the fame and couple bucks they get as allowance..but whats he going to do at 81..replace them and the game just goes on and on.... so why change them now when he has maybe 10 yrs less to live if lucky?
I think everyone glamorizes the playboy mansion too much..sure the parties are fun and you get to see people you never thought you'd see... but at the end of the night, its just a party that has no substance and the chances you'll be-friend someone of substance and friend potential are slim to none....
All you fans of that stupid show, quite being so naive.

2150 days ago

You're Killing Me Larry    

You have to hand it to those women who are on the Playboy payroll to act as if octogenarian Hugh Hefner is an insatiable stud in the sack, loves to travel and is the man they call "Mr. Excitement." And while we're at it, how in the world do Holly, Bridget and Kendra sit through the umpteenth viewing of "Casablanca" without going insane? One would think upon Hefner announcing, "it's movie time, it's movie time" they would scream and run like hell. Simply amazing.

2150 days ago


Amy is cute :) Hopefully she doesnt let all this go to her head and turn out to be trash.

2150 days ago


Sandy, sounds like your just a hater. So you've been to the mansion. But if you talk so bad about the girls that live there what the hell is your skanky ass doing there. Find a life

2150 days ago

northern gypsy    

the whole playboy mansion is PURE fanatasy...with H.H. sprinkling the magic dust !!! anything affiliated with playboy is predictiable & boring !!!

2150 days ago

Moan Ica    

Kendra says: "Ahh.....Olive Garden Girl.......Welcome to the Playboy Mansion...........May I toss your salad?"

2150 days ago


You mean she was sober when she took those pics?? Usually she is stinking drunk 24/7.

2150 days ago


Katie - Don't get all over Sandy's ass just because she visited the mansion and experienced it first-hand. I appreciate that someone out in the field who's been there is giving that account, and further, telling it like she sees it. We all know these three bimbo's are brain-dead - and Kendra being about as dumb as a box of hair, so what's your problem? The Vagisil isn't working so you're catty today - I get it. Sandy's alright in my book and I would let her come over and tell me all about that visit as I nibble away at her cl**

2149 days ago

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