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Patriots Cheerleader

Fired Over Penis Scandal

11/5/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The New England Patriots are none too fond of cheerleaders who draw penises, swastikas and anti-Semitic slurs on drunk people.

18-year-old Caitlin Davis got the boot from the football team's cheerleading squad, the Boston Herald is reporting, after several inappropriate and downright offensive pictures featuring Davis cheifing* a drunk person were found on her Facebook page. Doesn't anyone set those things to private anymore!?

FYI -- Davis recently dressed up as an angel for the team's Halloween celebration.

*cheif -- to write, mark, shave, sud or otherwise vandalize an individual who is comatose due to over consumption of alcohol.

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VERY Well said LilyandMorticia's Evil Twin

2127 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist    

she seemz fun !!!!!lol,i think its cool!!!

2127 days ago

Mr. Massachusetts    

Hey Pay Attention , when you say The Man Upstairs , do you mean that guy who lives in the clouds and see's and hears everything? People like you make me so sad. You dedicate your life to a fairy tale. You think theres gonna be some awesome stuff waiting for you when you die . There is no afterlife. Religion began as a sort of code of laws. Gotta keep the sheep in line somehow.

Oh and jrn , what makes me hypocrite of the year?

2127 days ago


this girl is not even drunk. there's no excuse for what she did. write her hate with markers on someone who is out cold, proudly pose for a picture, and then post it on the net. hope this girl never finds a job. what company would want a bigot like her? she makes Boston and the Patriots look bad. she makes herself look bad. she's no better than trash. there's no way what she did is ok. she should issue an apology to the people of Boston and the people of this country. she is the definition of a loser.

2127 days ago

ya right    

hey Mr. Massachusetts........ for not believing in judging people---you sure like to judge other people's comments!!!! ya- we all probably did some dumb things in our lives, but it never involved writing racist slurs on someone and posting it on the web. change your name to mr. hypocrit!!!

2127 days ago


swasticka on the passed out persons chin. im a jew on the passed out persons arm.someone should write stupid umemployed bitch on the not passed out persons forehead.

2127 days ago

ya right    

Mr. Massachussets, there you go judging again......sorry if we are offending your hometown chearleader and your panties are all in a bunch now. well, if you are all done judging us and our beliefs (and feeling 'sad' for us)- can i have my seat back in the judging chair??

2127 days ago


She's not a whore, a slut, or a bitch. Shes just a 19 year old girl in college. The swastikas are extremely unacceptable, but whose to say that she was the one actually drawing them or even knew they were on there. Things like this show up on facebook all the time. She just took a picture with probably one of her friends who needs to drink a little bit less. You are just as "low" as your calling her, if you are calling her all these names. Your just generating hate with your supposedly "against hate" stand. Lay Off

2127 days ago


hahaha stupid slut. that's what she gets!!

Why are all these young girls stupid moronic whores nowadays??

2127 days ago


You're all trippin.. I've been written on a bunch of times when I first started drinking. It's not that big of a deal, you just get in the shower and it all comes off.

2127 days ago


Mr Massachutes There is a GOD and when you die and realize it you will be whining and crying with all the other lost souls. and if you were righjt (and u r not) then you'll never be able to say "Told ya so" CAUSE U R DEAD. Soooo the Christian person will be welcomed to GOD's kingdom, P.S. you still have time.......

2127 days ago


If the same thing happened with a football player, he wouldn't be kicked off the football team.

2127 days ago

geez seriously    

Seriously.....everyone is so upset over this??? how many times does this happen at that age? Its a joke!!! The other person prob laughed when they woke up. Everyone should move on and stop being so ugly and saying such hateful things.

2127 days ago


"Doesn't anyone set those things to private anymore!?"
hahah tmz!!!

2127 days ago

Black Power    

Drunk, passed out, cheerleader, half naked = PRICELESS. I got a sharpie for her. Giggidy-giggidy.

2127 days ago
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