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'Charm School' Chick:

Sharon O. Attacked Me

12/15/2008 2:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD is investigating an alleged brutal cat fight that went down between Sharon Osbourne and a contestant on the VH1 reality show "Rock of Love: Charm School" who ended up in the hospital.

Megan Hauserman: Click to watch
Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping of the show's reunion special Saturday night -- accusing Osbourne of running across the stage, grabbing Megan by her hair and refusing to let go.

Hauserman claims Sharon (who is the host of the show) continued to pull and scratch until security eventually separated the two. Megan went to the hospital Sunday afternoon and filed a report with the LAPD on Sunday night.

According to Megan, the whole thing started after Sharon took a verbal shot at her, and the Charmed School" contestant responded by telling Sharon she is only famous for managing a brain dead rock star -- and then all hell broke loose.

The LAPD says Sharon is a suspect in a minor battery. No charges have been filed.

Calls to VH1 and Sharon's management company were not returned.


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I personally do not think Megan has any business filing a police report against Sharon. If you watched Charm School, you can see Megan assaulting Brandi M, and all of the girls attacking themselves. She didn't have a problem then- but now that someone with money attacked her, she is going to try to get all she can from the incident. This girl is not hot, she has absolutely no intelligence whatsoever and her act is not entertaining- it is annoying and sickening. Sharon held herself back for a lot longer than most normal people would, this bitch absolutely deserved it.

2146 days ago


If that Megaosaur girl is trash, then I'd like to collect the garbage!

2146 days ago


Megan is such a skank. She can't win on the reality shows so she is trying to get money any way she can. She is a selfish, stuck up, sneaky evil bitch. I only wish Sharon would have really kicked her ass.

2146 days ago


Team Sharon!!

Talk about my husband and I'll beat your ass too...

2146 days ago


well, this is not totally accurate......a person who was there says that Megan actually told Sharon that she was the cause of her husband's drug use and that she is the reason Ozzy is brain dead now. So I think Sharon had every right to go after her. I also heard she poured a milkshake on Megan's head and frankly, the nasty skank deserves it. Sharon is a decent woman who has been a good wife to Ozzy and no one should say that kind of stuff. Also, look at the video.......Megan is TOTALLY FAKING being hurt.......see how her eyes and smirk betray her nasty self.........ugh!

2146 days ago

kjk(hates american idol auditions)    

i can't belive she would even say anything like that, she should have known better, never bad mouth ozzy or her children, you go sharon! and please i hope these skanks from these so called reality shows 15mins r up soon!!!! let's get some real talent back on tv.

2146 days ago


you guys know you really dont know what happened and you shouldn't talk that way about Meagan she is a really good person and she is like way cooler than any of you. sharon had no rite to put her hands on megan that's like assault you know. and megan was just telling the truth have you seen Ozzy on the comericals no one can understand him duuuhhh so please leave my bestie alone she is a lovely girl

2146 days ago


That is so funny!!! Doesn't that go against what she 'taught" them in charm school? That is just being contradicting! Plus those commercials for Sprint (or whatever phone company it is) with Ozzy babbling then having to text what he says...Megan has a good point! Don't hate Megan b/c she is pretty her looks have nothing to do with how Sharon reacted!

2146 days ago


Sharon was supposed to be teaching these girls Charm School and she acts just like the contestants????? Though Sharon obviously started it by saying something first, Megan's response was pretty low. Sharon and Ozzy deserve a bit more respect than that. But like I said, Sharon's response sounds way over the top. She slamed Brandi C. for spitting on Destiny, but she thinks its ever ok to be violent???

2146 days ago


She had it coming :D should have let them beat her ass down.

2146 days ago


Brandy C........Megan is conniving and you know it. and i do know what happened and guess what, I would bet 51 Minds will air it and we will all see for ourselves now won't we? Bottom line dear.....Megan should know better than to talk trash about anyone's husband.........period...........she should never do something like that. As for Ozzy's commercials, nothing wrong with poking fun at yourself..........that doesn't give an opportunist like Megan the right to say what she did.........thankfully I don't know your "bestie" but your "bestie" should learn some morals and manners........she is certainly allowing herself to be portrayed as not a decent person.

2146 days ago

kjk(hates american idol auditions)    

#90, like your really gonna be sitting at your computer on tmz website, shouldn't you be out looking for another so called reality show to be on? let's be real here.

2146 days ago


Megan is awesome. i hope she becomes filthy rich from this.

2146 days ago


15. Lame publicity stunt for show ratings that will only boost that blond bimbo to a celebrity 'd' level status. Sharon is a smart woman that has battled and for the most part beat colon cancer. If this wasn't staged she would have professionally shrugged the little nobody off and then had her legs broken Nancy Kerrigan style.
I hate publicity stunts.
Posted at 2:01AM on Dec 15th 2008 by Campy

Well said!

2146 days ago


i think sharon took enought of her crap on the show and did what needed to be done can you blam her. i don't i think if she took so much and to talk about someone you love like that makes you do stupid things. but Megan crossed the line with the ozzy comment. was she not trying to find love with bret? i think so. so way to go sharon and megan why don't you just shut your lieing evil mouth and move on

2146 days ago
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