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'Charm School' Chick:

Sharon O. Attacked Me

12/15/2008 2:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The LAPD is investigating an alleged brutal cat fight that went down between Sharon Osbourne and a contestant on the VH1 reality show "Rock of Love: Charm School" who ended up in the hospital.

Megan Hauserman: Click to watch
Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping of the show's reunion special Saturday night -- accusing Osbourne of running across the stage, grabbing Megan by her hair and refusing to let go.

Hauserman claims Sharon (who is the host of the show) continued to pull and scratch until security eventually separated the two. Megan went to the hospital Sunday afternoon and filed a report with the LAPD on Sunday night.

According to Megan, the whole thing started after Sharon took a verbal shot at her, and the Charmed School" contestant responded by telling Sharon she is only famous for managing a brain dead rock star -- and then all hell broke loose.

The LAPD says Sharon is a suspect in a minor battery. No charges have been filed.

Calls to VH1 and Sharon's management company were not returned.


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I can't stand Megan, nothing but a sh*t starter and deserves whatever she got!! You don't eff with Sharon Osborne!!! Megan is a glory whore who is trying to find a way to get her ugly mug on the T.V. since she got kicked off Charm School......that girl has been in more reality shows than anyone!!! Brandi C isn't any better!!!! I think maybe she is looking for that sugar daddy so she can become the trophy wife she thinks she is......takes brains for that megan!!! I think they used her brains to fill her boobs as she wasn't using the brains anyway!!!!

2141 days ago


Uhh as much as I don't like Megan Sharon Osbourne is only famous since she stayed with that cheating drug and physical abuser rockstar husband of hers.

2141 days ago


sharon is a hypocrite kicks brandi c off for spitting,and megan for kicking.she should practice what she preaches .
sharon should just disappear and get fat and old. oh wait shes already old and fat.

2141 days ago


Megan is a Cool Ass Chick She was just speaking her mind! Sharon is just famous b/c of her husband.... Truth does hurt! Everyone can hate all they want on Megan but it's only going to make her more famous! I hope Megan does sue Sharon and gets all of Ozzy's Money! Woo Hoo Go Megan!

2141 days ago


i wish sharon would have done a lot worse than just pulled this bitch's weave out. she is the DEVIL incarnate.

2141 days ago

pattie in cali    

shut the F up megan, you want money an fame. just shut the FFFFFFFFFF up. your mouth is nasty, your ways even more nasty, ya litlle money grabin tramp. just go away an leave SHARON ALONE. we don't like you.

2141 days ago


Megan was a mess the min she went on T.V I'm so surprised that no one else beat the breaks off the B**ch! Sharon could have done it 2-3 times not that time...SHARON WOULD WHOOP MOST OF THERE ASSES..INCLUDING THAT TEARY EYED RODEO..who i still she shoulda beat Megan with that otha dumb blond her friend..

2141 days ago


Atta Girl Sharon!!!!! That Gold Digging Bitch deserved an ass whippin!!!!! You can't talk $hit about a woman's husband and not expect NOT to get the crap beat out of you! Megan, TRICK, that was an ass beating coming!!! You are going to learn one way or another that you can't "play" everyone! You may have gotten away with it in the past, but NO MATTER how bad you think you are, There is ALWAYS someone badder!!! You may think that you are all that now because you're young and you have a nice body, but Bitch, that will fade, then what will you have? Just like Rikki said, once men are done with you, you will be kicked to the curb like all the rest of them... Then you will be a dumb, delusional, non-educated, non-talented waste of space with a $hitty attitude and an ugly face!!!!

2141 days ago


Go Megan!! The truth hurts and she told Sharon exactly what was needed to be said. Sharon deserves to have her ass sued.

2141 days ago


This is funny, the responces are mostly people jealous of Megan and people identifying with that loser Sharon Osbourne.
Let's get some facts straight: Sharon is some slovenly groupie who only knows Ozzy because her father was in the business. Sharon has no talents, no good looks...and raised her kids up very poorly. She has no business hosting "Charm School." Ozzy is now a drug-addled punchline and Sharon's enabling had a lot to do with it. Megan's comments were spot-on but of course here people identify more with a fat chick that lets her dogs crap all over the house than a woman they either wish they looked like or, in the guys' cases, know they have no chance of banging.

2141 days ago


I think megan's mother should have done this a long time ago maybe if she had megan would not have had to go on charm school. I hated her on rock of love I hated her on I love money and I hated her on charm school as mush as i love Sharon for doing what her mother should have done a long time ago I wish she controlled herself because now sharon will end up paying her which sucks. I am sure we will see her again everyone loves to hate the villain she is good TV but I copuld live without her! And Sharon no matter what the judge orfers you to pay her just remeber it was worth it! so thank you

2141 days ago


i would get in her ass too since she talked about ozzy but isn't sharon supposed to teach the girl's class ?!
she's cursing out all the girls on the show and fighting girls.
if your supposed to teach them how to be a better person, then why are you doing all of that.
she doesn't represent a teacher of class and she's kind of a hypocrite for kicking girls out for fighting
and saying she doesn't tolerate that .
and i love megan but she does deserve to get her ass beat 10 more times if she keeps popping off at the mouth .

2141 days ago


Megan is a trashy skanky blonde bimbo that probably has no education so she has to sell her body. Her face needs to be covered up with a bag to hide the ugly. You go Sharon, kick that skanks butt AGAIN! Seriously everyone, that chick is down right fugly in the face. I really don't think anyone except someone with half their teeth would be jealous of that girl!

2141 days ago


Ahahahahahahaha. GO SHARON! My hero!

2141 days ago


I think Megan got everything coming to her. She has only showed herself to be self-centered and evil. Not to mention dumb as a box of rocks!! Yes Sharon may have a foul mouth, but she has been around a time or two and has yet to show anyone she is as self-centered and dumb!

2141 days ago
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