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Heather Locklear

Dodges DUI Bullet

1/2/2009 4:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0102_heather_locklear_ex_mug-1Heather Locklear just got her driving under the influence case dismissed, and she's pled to a much lesser offense.

Heather pled no contest to reckless driving, a misdemeanor. She'll be placed on three years informal probation, pay a $700 fine, and she must attend a 12-hour drug education course.

Heather was arrested last September after she was allegedly driving under the influence of prescription meds. The D.A. says Locklear's blood tests showed prescription drugs were indeed in her system. No alcohol was involved.

Score one more for the unbeatable Blair Berk, who seems to work mini-miracles for some of these celebs who cross the legal line. Berk was in Santa Barbara court this AM for the plea. Locklear was not there.


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One more Drining driver, i have no idea whether she does not understand the traffic rule, she should go back to the school. she looks like a sluggish woman in the photo.

2086 days ago


informal probation?give me a break.she should have got FORMAL time in the county jail,1k fine,loss of licence,and 3 yrs. of supervised probation.

2086 days ago


All you posters who bleat about celebrity justice are wrong. This is California and two years ago two celebrities convicted of their second offense of driving on drugs and alcohol and were sent to jail, and neither of them did 90 minutes of incarceration. Paris Hilton did 23 days for a much lesser violation of her probation.

California and its judicial system and bar association are the problem. When Britney was tried and the case dismissed the prosecutor blamed it on the difficulty his office has in convicting any celebrity.

The cases of OJ, Lindsey, Nicole, Paris, Britney and a lot of others prove the uneven unfair and idiot performance of California courts.

2086 days ago

To see or not to see    

Hello... Grammar Rehab Center calling....

#39. Posted at 2:23AM on Jan 3rd 2009 by back in the day

Heather deserved a break..this was minor and she has paid a price unlike Halle Berry who crashed her car violently into another vehicle , and fled the SENE(1) bleeding PROFUSLY(2) from her head and leaving her seriously injured victim to fend for herself. Hit and run, especially when some one is injured is an act of cowardice and EXTREAM(3) selfishness and a very serious punishable crime as it should be...Miss Berry had her scar removed with the miracle of plastic surgery and shed a tear to the judge and walked away SCOTT FREE(4) . There is a good chance she was wasted.. I keep waiting for her to do something else stupid. Once a low life always a low life!

1) "SCENE" - 2) "PROFUSELY" - 3) "EXTREME" - 4) "SCOT-FREE"

2086 days ago


I will not deny that in many instances celebrities are given special treatment, but people with the money to hire a good attorney that knows the in's and out's of the legal system also fare better than those that do not, not just the celebrity population. DUI is exactly what it is: Driving Under the Influence. This can be alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription medication. Anything that impairs your judgement and ability to act in a reasonable and safe fashion should not be used prior to driving an automobile, or using machinery, or even caring for a child. Read the label. Even if it is medication you have to take for years or forever, if it causes impairment, you need to act accordingly. If you are obviously impaired and you are stopped by law enforcement, you will be charged with DUI. Period. That impairment may not be obvious to the person under the influence, and it may be subtle or over the top, but it is still impairment. In most cases, an individual without any previous history or criminal charges will be allowed to plead to a lesser charge, and you license is not usually suspended at that time. Regardless of what you may believe, Ms. Locklear is being punished, not just by the courts, but by the court of public opinion as well. If it were one of us "normal" folks, our booking photo would not be published nationally. Imagine how humiliating! And booking photos are not meant to make a fashion statement, they frisk you and run their hands all through your hair looking for contraband, you are upset and many times crying, of course she doesn't look her best, I doubt the photo would be used for her portfolio. I am sure that this incident scared Ms. Locklear, she does not have a reputation as an ego driven diva or an unreasonable Hollywood starlet, I am sure she realizes how fortunate she is that she did not injure herself or God forbid, someone else. Her punishment, as decided by a court of law, is reasonable and pretty common. I can guarantee if she ends up in the same situation again, or beyond, she will be dealt with differently. Right now CA law does not deal with DUI as harshly as many people think, you do not do "real" jail time unless you commit the act more than once and/or have a criminal history, OR the offense includes the attachment of other charges in conjunction with the DUI. It is not anyone's place to pass judgement. Now, if your booking photo appears nationwide and you are placed in jail/license suspended for a year, and you have no criminal history, then, maybe, pass judgement. The system, in many cases, not all, does work. Each case is handled individually, based on its own merit. Give the woman a break! ( And to those that think she was treated differently due to being a woman, in general, women are given harsher sentences than men who have committed the same crime.) Good luck Heather!

2085 days ago

Missy R    

Very important to read all information given to you w/prescription medications. Many drugs will have labels posted on the bottle that states medication may impair driving, operating machinery, etc.... these are also listed as side effects in the pamphlet for the medication. You need to be responsible enough to read!

2084 days ago


This is so NOT FAIR! If this were anyone else, they'd have a DUI, that's what she should have. She's nothing but a washed up, dried up, husband stealer, I can't STAND HER!!

2084 days ago


AttorneyDee, SHUT UP PLEASE!!

2084 days ago


It sure is sad when you have all the ingredients for a
great life and you can't enjoy all that you have>

1613 days ago
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