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Osbourne Attacks

Crying and Stains Ensue

1/5/2009 4:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the good stuff was definitely left on the cutting room floor -- but last night VH1 aired the fight between Sharon Osbourne and "Charm School" chick Megan Hauserman, and it got nasty.

Sharon Osbourne: Click to watch
Osbourne went ballistic when Megan dissed Ozzy, but what they didn't show was Sharon ripping at Hauserman's hair extensions or the bikini-clad girl's trip to the hospital the next day, where she filed a police report with the LAPD.

One thing is clear -- trash Sharon all you want, just leave Ozzy out of it.


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Bobby D.    

Sharon is a repulsive, low class, foul mouthed plastic surgery disaster. Ozzy is a true legend. Sharon actually paid kids to throw eggs at Iron Maiden while they played because she said the singer was rude to Ozzy. She's pathetic.

2120 days ago


yeah sharon !!!!!!!!!never insult a womans husband youll get your ass or shall we say hair handed to you!!!!!

2120 days ago

Another Day In Paradise    

HA HA....GOOOOOOOOO SHARON! I hated that Megan chick when she was on Rock of Love. And on Charmed School she proved she was just a gold digging, star craved straight up trash. Not to mention a moron.

2120 days ago

If TMZ had the whole would understand    

Sharon is GREAT!

I wish they would show the whole thing. I guess we have to wait for Court TV. What happen TMZ, where is the rest of the footage?

2120 days ago


I hope Sharon gets into trouble over this, she has been out of control for a long time. She can say nasty things, but nobody else can? I just wish that bimbo would have gotten a punch in. Sharon and Ozzy are rotten parents and shouldn't be idolized the way the are.

2120 days ago


This sooo childish of Sharon and yea truth hurts when she only gain some type of rank through her dope up husband! She didn't earn any ranking her husband did!! Grow up Sharon! Oh right you are an old woman and just a tad late for being an adult! She is such a Huge spoiled child......

2120 days ago


I think Sharon needs to be sent to charm school next season.

2120 days ago


those hating on sharon only wish someone would eff up a bitch on your account. she loves her man and that lousy ho had it coming many, many shows ago. she needs to give it up. megan, you don't have it, okay? walk away from hollywood please!

2120 days ago


Anyone who watched that show once (although I mean lets face it the show was ridiculous on so many levels) knows what a classless, trashy, pathetic, attention whore Megan was and it's about time someone kicked her as.s. Way to go Sharon! It's a shame they even give Megan the airtime. She's not even that pretty.

2120 days ago


There is seriously something wrong with the 20 something crowd of women in America. Girls gone wild, Bad girls Club, and shows on TV like this are a very good look at the state of these young, ummm, ladies. Oh and the the Girls next Door. Puke.
Jerry Springer show me your boobs? Come on! Grow up.

Girls, when it become normal to behave in such ways? Fake lesibian shows for the camera, showing the planet your boobs, getiing fake boobs, cat fights, myspace cat fights, bar catfights, dancing like a big whore, taking photos of one another that could be in a prono magazine. WHAT!!!!! is going on? Ladies drunk in public, then taking it out to the parking lot. Lets no even talk about the clothes, Then the morals, where are they?

Have you no Mothers? Have you zero class? Have you no respect for yourselves at all? Are you are a pig or a nice girl?

I realize it isn't every 20-something woman who behaves this way, BUT ITS A LOT OF YOU!!! WAKE UP! you look like fools.

To think that some of you will be wiping my a$$ in years to come at some nursinghome is scary! I think I'd rather off myself before that happens. Wow. Shocking behavior I guess is in.

My point to all this? Now we see a MATURE GROWN WOMAN behaving like you guys do! Wow Sharon I guess YOUR true colors have came out. WHY at your age you want to surround yourself with this element of woman is just beyond what my brain can grasp!!!! Shameful. Your Mother should have her head in a hole and NEVER admit to you.

2120 days ago


Was Megan drunk?

2120 days ago

Amber that was friggin GREAT! I can't stand that plastic fake bit**. Sharon kicks ass!

2120 days ago

Research both before you condem, there are zealots on both sides    

Sharon Rocks. The bikini clad trailer trash loser fights has no clue who she is messing with. Trash talking someones family-way uncool. Great Job Sharon.

2120 days ago


Fight, fight, fight!!! Hahaha. Sharon is one straight up honest bitch, niccce! TKO slugfest would be better. =)

2120 days ago


Just because you have a great body does not mean you need to wear a bikini 24/ makes what you have old news! Put some clothes on!

Way to go Sharon for defending your love!

2120 days ago
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