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Osbourne Attacks

Crying and Stains Ensue

1/5/2009 4:37 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some of the good stuff was definitely left on the cutting room floor -- but last night VH1 aired the fight between Sharon Osbourne and "Charm School" chick Megan Hauserman, and it got nasty.

Sharon Osbourne: Click to watch
Osbourne went ballistic when Megan dissed Ozzy, but what they didn't show was Sharon ripping at Hauserman's hair extensions or the bikini-clad girl's trip to the hospital the next day, where she filed a police report with the LAPD.

One thing is clear -- trash Sharon all you want, just leave Ozzy out of it.


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#99 - you must be Sharon's fat cow of a daughter.

2054 days ago


What a bunch of morons on this site.

Of course Megan was different and appeared nicer on Beauty and the Geek - With each show she gets more comfortable with playing her .... --say it all together now-- CHARACTER. The girl is playing a reality show CHARACTER, you idiots.

She plays the girl everyone loves to hate, and she plays it very well because apparently you're all so invested in hating her for simply entertaining on a "reality" show. I can't believe you people!

And speaking of fake looks, fake boobs, fake hair, etc., Sharon's the one who's had multiple, MULTIPLE plastic surgeries -- not a thing on her body is real anymore, so why be hypocrites and hate on Megan when Sharon's the QUEEN of Fake?

Sharon in no way "owned" Megan, either. First of all, Megan was wasted. Secondly, Sharon blinded Megan with the juice FIRST and THEN proceeded to pull her hair out. Pulling hair. Yeah, what a bad ass she is. Riiiiiiight.....

Sharon needs to grow the hell up. LADIES don't lash out and have tantrums like that. How embarrassing she got taken in and dooped by a reality show character, losing her cool, looking like a total ass.

2054 days ago




2053 days ago

Marty? Is that you?    

I'm pretty sure Megan was wasted that night

...but she's been my favorite on all of these crazy shows anyway :D

2053 days ago


if megan is truly only acting like an annoying, obnoxious, useless, clueless, turd.....then she should instruct every actor who's ever lived, 'cause she's quite convincing. staged or not, it was way overdue. the gods are smilin'

2053 days ago


Sharon osborne is nothing but a former fat big with a really bad dye job and a really good plastic surgeon. How does she think she can get away with telling Megan that she needs to have her wombs removed as she shouldn't be allowed to procreate and not expect a response? Is she for real? Megan should have gotten up and kicked the F&* out of her. Sharon's kids have never been in problems?! rEALLY? jACK went to rehab and kelly was pictured many times looking like a fat Amy winehouse. This woman is ridiculous. Megan is entertaining. Her bluntness is for lack of a better word refreshing. I hope Megan gets more money to add to her Beauty and the Geek winnings. TEAM MEGAN!!!... cause Sharon is classless and trashy.

2053 days ago

Megan Sucks    

Megan got what was coming to her it's called KARMA!!!! LOL!!!! HAHAHAHA I love Sharon she Schooled that little girl.

PS: Anyone else notice her head is to small for her body... that's why she can't seem to get it... she has no brain!!

2053 days ago


Sharon is a crude hag. Since when is it okay for old washed up hags to attack young girls for talking. Sorry - Sharon this is America. If you don't like free speech get the F out of America and go back to England. Oh sorry, they don't want you.

2053 days ago


This is assault plain and simple Sharon started up with a barrage of mean insults at Megan, Megan said nothing at first but Sharon just kept emphasizing over and over even stood up and took a bow before continuing the deep insults at Megan and when Sharon hears an insult back she attacks physically.

If you or I attacked someone like this we would be handcuffed and thrown in jail followed by a court appearance, just because Osbourne is a TV personality does not give here the right to be above the law.

Osbourne is clearly lower class in an upper class wrapping.

2053 days ago


Way to go Sharon. It is about time someone kicked the chit of the badly bleached, nasty looking ,extension wearing no class , no talent , skank ho. She is nothing but a gold digging ho looking for a sugar daddy the she can f over and move on to the next one sucker Men of America wake up. Oh and by the way Megan you skank you thought you could f with Brandy M and ruin her chances for the $$ well you skank B the joke was on you B you got nothing but your horsehair extensions your hooker clothing . Thats why your crying assault, oh please you only out on another gold digging venture you and that other dipchit ho Brandi if I only had a clue C. You 2 skanks deserve each other.

2052 days ago


Good for you Sharon, She is a SKANK, and SKANKS like her will always bring on a SKANKY CAT FIGHT to make them look even worse. I am proud you stood up for you family like any mother or wife would do. you go sharon. BRAVO!!!!!!!

2051 days ago


way to go sharon!!!! meagan totally deserved it after badmouthing ozzy and all of the other bitchy things she has done on all the other shows. and its going to get worse cause apparently vh1 is giving her a reality love show of her own. maybe if we are lucky it will be a flop and then we wont have to deal with bikini-clad blonde bimbo anymore. go sharon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2051 days ago
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