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ATL Houswife:

Little Brain Needs

Big Money

1/8/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheree WhitfieldOne of the chicks from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is raising hell over her multi-million dollar divorce settlement -- claiming she needs more cash to compensate for her total lack of brain power.

Sheree Whitfield -- who was married to former NFL lineman Bob Whitfield -- just filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court. According to a court spokesperson, Sheree's lawyers argued she was wrongly denied alimony and needs it because she lacks the education and skill set to make good money on her own.

Under the original settlement agreement, Whitfield received a $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million in marital property, a portion of Bob's NFL retirement plans and $2,142 a month in child support -- but no alimony.

Bob's attorney claims the $113,422-a-year he's required to give her is enough -- and claims Sheree should be fined $2,500 by the court for wasting everyone's time.

The case is scheduled to be heard on Monday.


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learn how to speak first

2075 days ago


he should have gave the bitch half. he's going to spend more money fighting it than if he would have just gave her what she asked for. she was with this man 14yrs ok. give her half and tell her fall off baby. paul macartney gave half. if it was me im gettin hlaf and if it was my husband he's getting half. i dont wnat to spend no more money than i have to.

2069 days ago


That lazy ass woman!!! Go get a job Bitch!

2116 days ago


"lacks the education and skill set to make good money on her own"

It doesn't take an education to spread your legs.

You give women a bad name.

2116 days ago

lost in lalaland    

That proceeding will be interesting when they show clips from her "show" bragging about what a strong, independent woman she is and that she will be the rare successful football ex-wife because she's so capable of starting her own fashion line.

2116 days ago


Brainless everybody knows you are. You don't need a brain to scrub bathrooms floor honey, there you have it!

2116 days ago

Emily Rader    

So now you can sue for being too stupid to get a job?!! Geez-o-pete! Get a grip! Throw her in jail for wasting time and being THAT stupid!

2116 days ago


The lumpsum is in lieu of alimony. Very common in lots of divorces. This shakedown is going nowhere.

2116 days ago


No skills? Can she flip a burger, assemble a taco, run a vacuum cleaner? Oh yeah, she has skills, they are just not legal except in Nevada.

2116 days ago


wasn't her quote "people are threatned by success" marrying a dumb jock is not being successfull, is it-can i AX you a question???

2116 days ago

Admitted Democrat    

This show should be called "THE DESPERATE HOUSE HO'S OF ATLANTA".... Not one of them has any proper command of the English language. Each show is basically them trying to out-bitch each other. They really make all African American Women look like under-educated (The word is "ask", not "axe"; you wear "jewelry", not "jew-rey".), ill mannered, bitter idiots.

The ones from NYC are just as bad!

2116 days ago

Corky from Life Goes On    

Prenumptual agreements should be mandatory for everybody getting married, rich or not, just to avoid this kind mess. If this woman truly lacks an education, use some of that $775,000 and $1.1 million to go get one. What a stupid, lazy bitch.

2116 days ago


these so called ladies humiliated themselves on national tv-now everyone knows they are just a bunch of posers! All their personal chefs were really hired for the show, they are being evicted, they have credit card bills out the wazzoo-real Atlanta society wouldn't be caught dead with these posers-fashion show with no fashion-She by Sheree-what a joke-Walmart wouldn't take that crap-AXE you a question-is your jew rey be real-NOPE!!

2116 days ago


Oh please!
What about her "fabulous" clothing line - "She by Sheree" lol lol lol lol
Guess that did prove she didn't have a lick of talent or ability to make it on her own!
The judge ought to throw her out of the courtroom on her money hungry ass!

2116 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

How refreshing that one of these vapid golddigging ho's finally admits they're all a bunch of screaming brain dead idiots

2116 days ago
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