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ATL Houswife:

Little Brain Needs

Big Money

1/8/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sheree WhitfieldOne of the chicks from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is raising hell over her multi-million dollar divorce settlement -- claiming she needs more cash to compensate for her total lack of brain power.

Sheree Whitfield -- who was married to former NFL lineman Bob Whitfield -- just filed an appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court. According to a court spokesperson, Sheree's lawyers argued she was wrongly denied alimony and needs it because she lacks the education and skill set to make good money on her own.

Under the original settlement agreement, Whitfield received a $775,000 lump sum, more than $1.1 million in marital property, a portion of Bob's NFL retirement plans and $2,142 a month in child support -- but no alimony.

Bob's attorney claims the $113,422-a-year he's required to give her is enough -- and claims Sheree should be fined $2,500 by the court for wasting everyone's time.

The case is scheduled to be heard on Monday.


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Anonymous Bitch    

Come on Jemima! Make me some pancakes, beotch!

2113 days ago

My two cents    

Maybe she should go hang out with Laurie on RHW OF ORANGE COUNTY. There Laurie can teach her the fine art of how to manipulate a man who has money and marry it.

2113 days ago


This stupid grasping bitch is going to be paid $9,500 per month, in addition to the $1million + she received, and she's complaining? F*CK HER!

They ought to rename that show "The Dumbass Gold-digging Whores of Atlanta"...

2113 days ago


Gold Digger. Worthless leg spread slut. Uneducated soon-to-be-in-porno actress. Illiterate moron.

Yep, the all apply...

2113 days ago

Who Caresss!!!    

Compensation for skill is a direct relationship in a court of law. Meaning the more education, pay you have the GREATER the compensatory damages. Too bad for her.. she will receive LESS than what she gets now. She needs to stfu and get a job before she gets nothing!

2113 days ago


This is so funny...on the show Sheree always tried to act lke she was better than everyone else. Used a whole lot of $3.00 words...tried to act classy. Strong, black, independent woman my ass! I guess now we all know why Sheree and Kim bonded so fast...both of them thought cat was spelled K A T!

2113 days ago

My two cents    

Is she really stupid or just manipulative? Found her perfect excuse to extract more money out of his ass and will use that excuse even if it is highly embarrassing to herself. She is the perfect example of a Gold Digger and has the ego the size of Texas. Nah, I don't buy the, "I am too stupid" excuse. Someone shoot that bitch. We'd be better off with one less Gold Digger out there that give's the rest of us women a bad name. While at it, take out the rest of the REAL Housewive's of Atlanta AND the OC too. Nothing but a bunch of friggen whores.

2113 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

will she have to give up her SHOE STYLIST? WHATEVER! Give the girls of NY & OC credit for not living off men like all these skanks do.......

2113 days ago


Just when we thought she couldn't get more discusting...
She acted so proud, and saying what a "strong" woman she was during the show...geez, show some class...make it on your pathetic begging for money...
If she gets a penny more, I am going to lose all faith in the system.
People have worked hard their whole life, and gets a fraction in unemployment...what has she done to even deserve the money she gets now...her kids (if they are his) should get money - not her. It is like this in every other country. Idon't get this US system...move to a smaller house, or hey I hear people survive in apartments too! Get a job bitch!!!
I certainly dont expect my husband to provide for me my whole life. Yes, I take care of our kids now, but if something were to happen to our marrige - I am going to make it on my own!!!

2113 days ago


Lazy ass whore! Get off your pampered ass, put down the bon bons & get a job, bitch!

2113 days ago


U have enuf money. He works hard...let him have what he deserves! Greedy! How much can you spend before 12/21/2012?

2113 days ago

calling it like i see it    

Here's a thought honey. GET A JOB. A man isn't a financial plan sister. Quit being so ignorant and show your children how to be independent. If you can't live on 113 thou a year, may I suggest you downsize your lifestyle and your ego. IDIOT

2113 days ago


Why would they have trash like her and the show on tv anyway?? Have we truly come to watching crap like this???

2113 days ago


Interesting because I do her ex-husband, Bob Whitfield's, tax return!!But cannot give any information out!!

2113 days ago


11. wasn't her quote "people are threatned by success" marrying a dumb jock is not being successfull, is it-can i AX you a question???

Posted at 5:44PM on Jan 8th 2009 by navalAv8ter




On Topic: I hope dumb stupid as a doorknob Sheree starves, loser that she is!!!!!

2113 days ago
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