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Gary Collins Busted for DUI -- Again

2/1/2009 1:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gary CollinsWe've learned Gary Collins -- the former Miss America host and talk show host, has been arrested yet again for DUI.

Law enforcement tells TMZ Collins was busted at 9:16 last night by the CHP just south of Montecito, on suspicion of DUI. Law enforcement sources tell us Collins refused a field sobriety test but was subsequently given a blood alcohol test.

Collins -- former host of "Hour Magazine" and "The Home Show" -- was taken to the Santa Barbara County Jail where he was booked and released.

A year ago Collins pled no contest to DUI in an accident that resulted in the death of the other driver. Collins was not prosecuted for manslaughter, in part because the other driver caused the crash by making an illegal left. Collins is currently on 4 years probation. If he was driving drunk again, he'll almost certainly go to jail.

Back in 2002, Collins was found not guilty of DUI in Mississippi.


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First & he'll have to his info mercials from the twin tours

2058 days ago


I hope they throw his ass in jail. He kills someone and still drinks and drives. With all his money he can hire a driver or at least take a cab!

2058 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

why do cops bother arresting people for enjoying a little booze...did he hurt anyone? NO! why don't these dead beat cops catch the real crooks?

2058 days ago


That's it Gary! You tha man! You tell those families of four and five that you don't give a s**t about their safety and welfare. You tell them that you don't care if you wipe out the whole d*m family. It's all about you Gary. It's all about your fun and happiness, screw the rest of us. You are an americian. And like all americians, we are "me" people. It's just about "me." That' why we drink and drive, Gary. It's why we do drugs and drive. It's why we speed. It's why we talk on cell phones while driving. We are "me" people. It's all about "me."

2058 days ago


There is a company named, WeDriveU, that will drive you, in your car, wherever you need to go. He needs a program before he kills someone.

2058 days ago


Throw the book at him! I enjoy adult beverages, but am smart enough not to drive drunk and endanger others. Let this man go to the cross-bar hotel. He'll learn lessons there that will make him never want to drink and drive again. If you know what I mean...

2058 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

just saying.... You anti American Piece of Sh!t! Alcoholism is not limited to the US and neither are DUIs
You sound like you have some seriousl latent issues. Please seek help.

2058 days ago

american beauty    

The past tense of plead is pleaded, not pled. There is no such word as pled.

2058 days ago


To # 5

Go back to school. Pled is a term commonly used in the legal world. Next time you want to call someone out, know your facts.

Just guessing - I'll bet you voted for Barry.

2058 days ago


hes and idiot and anyone who drinks and drives is an idiot, an i am too because ive had one

2058 days ago

Just a Bill    

Lock that old has been drunk up and throw away the key!!!!

2058 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

beachy... I am guessing you are a red state moron that doesn't believe in evoloution!

2058 days ago


The squad captain, is obviously young and doesn' t have the life experiences nor the wisdom, to know the dangers of drinking and driving. I work for the dui education program (go ahead, hate on me) and see the horrors of it daily. I have also had a few and am sooooo grateful that I never injured anyone.

Justsaying is right on and I totally concur. 85 of my dui clients get a second and third one, so our consequences are obviously not severe enough.

I would appreciate it if the cheerleader could expound on her opinion...seriously, what is you thought process that causes you to be so adamant about this?

2058 days ago


The only time this guy gets press is when he's busted for DUI.

2058 days ago

I know that the BEER and MIXED DRINK COMPANIES still want you to drink as much as POSSIBLE!! Really sincere companies for the go    

So the IDIOT does it again...or morew accurately, GOT CAUGHT doing it again. But as long as he drinks ALCOHOL why does the MORON drive? The cops look for a reason....why give it to them. And if an exhausted driver (NON drinking) kills someone in an accident is that a crime? Of course not...right?

2058 days ago
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