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Tommy Lee's Pilot -- Accidental Nose Picker

2/2/2009 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Okay, the best story of February. The helicopter pilot who flew Tommy Lee underneath an LAPD chopper yesterday tells us he flunked a field sobriety test after landing because he picked his nose rather than touched it.

Tommy Lee's Pilot

David Martz tells us he was flying Tommy Lee back from Palm Springs when he saw a house fire over the Glendale area. He says he noticed an LAPD chopper about 800 feet over him but it was no big deal.

Martz says when he landed, he and Tommy celebrated with a bottle of Grey Goose vodka mixed with lemonade -- a bottle they carried in Tommy's luggage.

Tommy LeeMartz says the cops arrived 15 minutes after he landed and accused him of flying under the influence. They gave him a field sobriety test which Martz claims anyone would flunk -- alleging the whole "toe-to-toe" maneuver was impossible, and one time he accidentally picked his nose when he was supposed to touch it.

Martz claims the cops were hostile and took him to the station, where he blew a .01 and .02. When they finally released him, he didn't have a ride so the cops took him to Tommy Lee's pad -- and let him take his Grey Goose along for the ride.


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alaska guy    

Grey Goose? To be really cool it should have been Permafrost Alaskan Vodka!!

2052 days ago


good defense

2091 days ago


Tommy Lee ....Look at his face

He looks like an alien.

2091 days ago


I think I missed something: who is the other guy in the picture and what kind of badge is that he's wearing?

2091 days ago


I SMELL A REALITY SHOW BREWING. It'll be like BJ and and the Bear - Only instead of a crazy monkey theres crazy Tommy and instead an 18 wheeler they race all over in a helicopter picking up hot skanks, out-running the Po Po and searching out the best concerts all the while consuming large amounts of lemonade & Grey Goose. Tommy can fly the plane with his wang !!!

C'mon - Whoooooooos with me bitches ??

2091 days ago


The cop looks very professional in this picture, posing with his uniform undone and a bottle of vodka.

2091 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

A GOOD billy club hopping to keep those drunks from pissing off the chopter on every body.

2091 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

I was sleep walking to work in my underwear as I always do!.I saw thier choper checking me I ran over to ED MC-Mans house,I think I`ll put him on my show anyway to make a long story short I jumped into his pool and hid.

2091 days ago


Martz is the one who took the picture. Look at how his left hand is extended outwards. ?They guy uses the ' oldest " rising
BA trick in the book, then makes a few bucks buy selling his photo to TMZ. As pilot, when the FAA looks into this just his flying issue, he will be now driving Tommy. Also, as a pilot, you can't fly with ANY alcohol in your system. So, regardless of him saying they drank after landing, the blood test will tell the truth.

2091 days ago


What a fricking idiot!

2091 days ago

Carrys F.    

That sounds like the same stupid defense used on that tv show the Practice. A drunk lawyer got in an accident and started drinking on the scene so they couldn't prove if he was drunk during the accident or not. So stupid. If this guy can pile down a bottle of Grey Goose in 15 minutes, I say he's got himself a BIG drunkedy drunk problem.

2091 days ago


FYI: You don't become immediately intoxicated after consuming alcohol. Scientific studies show that it typically takes around 20 mins. for the alcohol to fully enter the bloodstream and travel to the brain. THUS, if the cops came around 15 min after he landed then THIS NANCY DREW SAYS he's BUSTED!!!!! Well unless of course it was the fast-acting Grey Goose they started marketing and of course if he chugged immediately after landing safely.

2091 days ago


WTF ?! Tommy is amazing !!!

2091 days ago

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