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Chris Brown Could Do

9 Years in Prison

2/9/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nine Years in PrisonSo why, you ask, was Chris Brown booked for making criminal threats rather than domestic abuse, given the victim -- we're told Rihanna -- had "visible injuries"?

Law enforcement sources tell us they typically book a suspect for the most serious crime they can be charged with -- it's then up to the D.A. to file any additional charges.

Given there were allegedly visible injuries, the crime of making criminal threats is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Domestic abuse is four years.


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you know whatt i dont freakin get rihanna like helllo didnt you say that you always used to fight with your brothers and you took your brothers hitss what happen now rihanna is chris brown to much for youuu i guess your brothers are weak if you took thier hits causee for SUREE your ass got messed up by chris brown which on the other hand shouldnt hit a girl but i kno he had his reasonss and everybody has to leave himm aloneeeee cause i bet half of you girls get hit by your boyfriendss no one is perfect i think they should juss work it outt i dont think they should put him in jaill half of the world is just hating on chrisss get a LIFEE

2054 days ago


leavee chris aloneee not everybody is perfect what happen rihanna guess you could takes your brothers hits but not CHRISS well your brothers are weak i could seee

givee himm a breakk

2054 days ago


Harvey Levin,
I commend you about speaking out against Chris Brown every night on TMZ. I watch it religiously. I just want to say that I will never support or buy anything associated/involving the COWARD Chris Brown ( he sucks ass anyway!!!) and if it is indeed true that Rihanna has got back with him then my boycott applies ro her as well. She is a very poor role model if she doesn't take a stand for herself and all the young girls out there who look up to her. It is sad that will all of her resources, financial and family & friends that she would CHOOSE to be a victim. TO ALL YOUNG GIRLS....A MALE SHOULD NEVER HIT A WOMAN!!! And if he does he should go to jail. I needed to say that because it seems like the entire entertainment industry has gone mute.

2049 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Ask a black woman that dates white men why she does it some time. I've had 3 black GFs and they all told me the same thing as to why they date white guys. If what my 3 black GFs told me (I believe them) and what that black woman you ask tells you is true then ask yourself why would Rihanna start punching away on Chris. Then tell yourself that this was the first time she ever hit him or any other man and the innocent girl got beat up for no reason of her own. Makes me want to puke when women cry out for a celebrity thug female who physical abuses men and then gets it back while they show no pain for the women fighting and dying in Iraq to keep us free. I've never hit a woman and never will althou I have been hit by them several times and have a scar on my left cheek from a coffee mug my ex-wife threw at me that i didn't see coming after ducking 20 times to avoid those things i saw coming. I had a woman blindslide me in a club because i danced with another woman. Instead of beating her up like Brown may have done I had witnesses and one called the cops and she got a night in jail. Some of you women need to realize before you start throwing punchs that, while most men are like me and wont hit you, some aren't.

2034 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    


2034 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Let me see. Someone said Rihanna is a poor role model if she goes back to Brown? Ummmm, she admitted herself that she assaulted him first. So, if he didn't hit her back and just let her hit him and hit him she would then be a good role model? Sound pretty sexist to me. "Mommy, when I grow up I want to beat boys up just like Rihanna". What wonderful women your girls are going to grow up to be.

2034 days ago


I don't think Chris Brown will end up getting nine years at all especially because on e news today they said he COULD get up to 5 years in prision & that was after his court view today
& the whole i'm not guilty schene isn't exactly going to help his case in the long run
He should just own up the bruises on poor Rihanna's face speak for themselves

2023 days ago


WTH!!! This situation is not a white or black thing. Thats what wrong wit the world today. He should get the fullest!! Wrong is wrong and no matter what really happened or what was said in the car she didn't deserve that. He should get a year for every blow he threw at her. Hell he lucky cuz if it was me and he did that to me, his ass would be shot!!!! But he got money and he will get sum sort of a slap on the rist cuz he going to cry and say, "I don't even remeber what happened! I blacked out and next thing i no....." WTFE!!!

2070 days ago

Angelo Amadio    

If Chris in fact beat Rihanna he should go to jail. It is unacceptable to abuse anyone, let alone a woman. Our society seems to forget that abuse of this nature typically goes unnoticed or is ignored until it is too late. Let's hope she can stay strong enough to protect herself "by testifying against him" and become an example for all people to speak out against domestic violence.

Angelo Amadio

2070 days ago


He deserved to be spank and real hard, what a coward to hit a woman!

2070 days ago


aiight. so
EVERYBODY makes mistakes
but like yesss he was wrong for what he
did but she did give him herpes or something?
i still dont think it was right for him to beat her
im not condoning this at all.
yes;; the behavior is unacceptable but i just think
that he mad one mistake. no need to gang up on himm
for what he did. we all know it was wrong leave it alone

2069 days ago


well i think chris should not b n troble for this its crazy i mean dont get me wrong i think it could have been handle better then it was as far as all of us see it but where on the outside looking in i mean y is she all up in his bussiness stay out of his phone u ask me thats what they meant by opp now i know everybody was digging that song so but like she "rihanna" said she is a good girl gone bad now if u cant take it mybe u should stay good cause u come on my block i see girls get knock out shot at rob by there own dude n yeah some might call the police but who cares he dont go to jail in if he do he is right back out doing the same thang n she is right back with him so a far as me n my city goes chris if u come back with a cd we will still hold u down i mean my rule is stay out of people stuff n they will stay out of yours in if your with yo gurl r yo dude well cut yo phone off lol real talk i mean it sounds bad but its the truth

2069 days ago


This is messed up hopefully he dont get punished like that and plus dont no one really know what was going on when this incident occurred and a guy shouldnt hit a female because they are physically stronger BUT sometimes female doe egg them on and he hittin them upside their head..... SO she doesnt have a right to put her hands on him if she didnt want it done to her.......and the only reason its going so hard for him is because he's famous women get beaet all the time over nothin NOT saying thats a good thing but guys out here beat there women all the time and nothin happen to them and he's still a good singer and performer.........

2069 days ago


Hopefully Rihanna wakes up and realizes that brown isnt worth her time .Hope the D.A makes Brown an example and throws the book at him.9 years would straighten his ass out.Im sure he can be someones bitch in the slammer

2069 days ago


im glad good for u

2069 days ago
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