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Why The Dave Matthews Band Doesn't Rate

2/10/2009 11:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dave MatthewsOn the food chain of death, the late saxophonist LeRoi Moore of the Dave Matthews Band is kinda like plankton, according to The Recording Academy.

The Academy is finally saying why LeRoi didn't make the cut in its "Encore" segment of the Grammy show:

"Nearly 250 members of our music community have passed in the last year, and all of them have been listed in the program book for the 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards, including LeRoi Moore. For the "Encore" segment of our annual GRAMMY Awards telecast, unfortunately we are unable to include all of the talented and wonderful people within the allotted timeframe. The Academy recognizes Moore's contributions to music and music education, and we are deeply saddened by his premature passing."

They're tellin' the story. You buyin' it?


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Um...WTF does the plane crash have to do with LeRoi's not being honored at the Grammy's? Anyway....I have been a loyal fan of DMB for the past 12 years...gone to see him every year, sometimes twice. You just can't duplicate the atmosphere of a DMB concert. I was fortunate to see them in Pittsburgh this year, and the show rocked as always. It's just not going to be the same without LeRoi...he was such a talented musician, and to see him get snubbed by the music industry just adds insult to an already shocking and painful situation. I have never really made it a habit of watching the Grammy's, as my music tastes continue to increasingly differ with that of mainstream (teeny-bopper) america. I was reminded last Sunday of why I do not watch that crap anymore...I honestly think the best performance was Paul McCartney. But I point is, I refuse to watch the Grammy awards until they can come to their senses and not make the show one gigantic train wreck. My apologies to LeRoi's family, friends, colleagues and fans that the Grammy organization is full of a bunch of sadly misguided individuals. May LeRoi rest in peace and may his family and friends find comfort in the support from the fans on the blogs around the world.

2081 days ago


So this is TMZ news?
Rest his soul but BFD.

2081 days ago

LeRoi Moore    

Everybody's pissed off cus I actually won a grammy!!! If I am correct (and I didn't do my homework cus there's no internet up here!), but all those others who were left out never won a grammy.

If you won a grammy, you should be in the memorial vid

2081 days ago


probably has something to do with being a member in the Recording Academy or in AFTRA

2081 days ago


Why does every black ass gotta be kissed?[

2081 days ago

LeRoi Moore    

@Bblaster, you're a fool, and I hope no one bites at your racial remark. For what it's worth, people kiss gifted musicians asses, regardless of color. Hope you die a slow death

2081 days ago


For all of you people who dont think leroi should be mentioned:
I'm guessing if one of the Fallout boys or maybe benji from Good Charlotte died you would want them mentioned,cuz they have given you something that none of the other legendary artist have.......a piece of their feces you call talent. I'm an older dude and i am usually not a guy who doesnt like younger generation music. But "The Machine" (Corporate Music Businesses) decides what you, the listeners, listen to. If they polished a turd and said its going to be the next best thing, you'll believe it. I'm just waiting for the younger generation of musicians to come out with music that has substance, integrity, and power. Go out to the local clubs, listen to an original band thats not signed, and make your decision then. They're hundreds of band all across the US that have great original music that should make it in this industry today.
What i am saying is that the Dave Matthews Band has been knocking out hits WITHOUT the help of radio and MTV. Yes they have music videos and yes they've been played on the radio. But what you see and what you hear are hits, long before the corporate world bit their teeth into them. I man like Leroi Moore with a background in Jazz, has created music to last generation to genration, and should always be remembered in any "encore presentation" for musicians that have passed.
Now i am waiting for your response.

2080 days ago


They didn't mention Lux Interior of the Cramps, British guitarists John Martyn and Davy Graham, or avant garde classical composer Mauricio Kagel to name just a few omissions.
I'd say sales and mainstream recognition in the USA are the pre-requisites for mention on the broadcast.

2080 days ago


If sales are a prerequisite, then LeRoi would've made the cut. DMB has sold over 31 million albums, making putting them in the top 100 highest selling music acts of all time.

2080 days ago

Kel Edwards    

Yes, Earl Hagen's death was notable. Are you about 15 years old, hummer?

2080 days ago

Randy Johnston    

John Martyn & Lux Interior were giants - at least to other musicians. The Grammies are only concerned with a certain level of celebrity. No one there knows much about music. No one on the red carpet knew or in the auditorium who Charlie Haden is. I've always hated the whole phony operation.

2080 days ago


Anyone who thinks that this man doesn't deserve to be mentioned over some of the others clearly has no idea of the reality of Dave Matthews Band and its fans.

First of all, there were only 5 members - and he when he became an original, founding member, he was already a well-respected jazz musician.

In addition to the 12 Grammy nominations, they have produced six studio albums and countless live albums. They've been touring for over 15 years - yet still sell out every show. Their philanthropy and charity is also known around the world.

While I understand that not all 250 could have been mentioned, that THIS man in particular was left out is ridiculous. The people on this site who are belittling his achievements are truly missing out on an amazing man and artist.

2080 days ago


Okay, I'm just gonna say it...f*ck the Grammys. I can understand not honoring the DMB bassist if he passed away (nothing personal. Just that most bassists are pretty replaceable) but Leroi was a huge part of DMB. His presence helped create the original sound that drew so many people to the band in the first place.
As for the "icon" who came up with the Andy Griffith song, are you kidding me? Are the Grammys going to start honoring all jingle artists? When will they give out the awards for the guys who wrote "Buy Menen" and "Winston tastes good like a cigarette should"?
And please Grammys, don't extend the memorial video to include other artists who probably deserved to be part of that tribute. God forbid you cut into Kanye's microphone the man said, he is the voice of this generation, of this decade! I love hearing him talk about how great he is every time he accepts an award. Never gets old.
Seriously, f*ck the Grammys.

2080 days ago

Brandi Murphy    

I've been stewing since it happened. It was tragic enough when he passed. Especially since the boys are currently in the studio recording a new album...sans LeRoi :( Now this? He's a past GRAMMY WINNER for f**ks sake!!!!!!

2080 days ago


I was absolutely shocked watching the Grammys on Sunday when LeRoi was not mentioned in the Encore section. He was a founding member of one of the biggest touring acts in the past 15 years as well as one of the top 100 selling music artists of all-time! Most importantly, LeRoi used his talents to help others through music and by raising money through his foundation with the rest of the band. Considering that NARAS has recognized LeRoi’s contribution to music by bestowing 12 Grammy nominations and 1 Grammy win, I assumed that it was a simple mistake that the Academy would quickly realize. Unfortunately the PR from the Grammys President confirmed that it wasn’t an oversight, it was intentional. Talk about MISTAKE! The DMB fanbase is not going to let this story just die out. I believe LeRoi’s family, friends, fellow band members and fans deserve an immediate apology from NARAS. We will miss this legendary artist. LeRoi’s memory and legacy lives on with every person he touched.

2080 days ago
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