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Text Message Ignites Rihanna/Brown Violence

2/11/2009 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown & RihannaLaw enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Chris Brown received a text message from a woman while he was driving with Rihanna and that's what started the confrontation that left Rihanna battered and bruised.

We're told the text message was from a woman who wrote about hooking up with Brown later.

We've also learned there is a reference in the police report to an argument over a rapper, but we've learned this is NOT what triggered the argument. The woman who text messaged Brown is not a rapper. The NY Daily News first reported the text message.

As for Rihanna's injuries, we continue to learn more. Cops took multiple pictures at the scene. Chris Brown allegedly hit Rihanna so hard with his fists, she could barely open her eyes for the photos -- they were almost completely swollen shut. She had a fat lip, her mouth was swollen, her nose was badly bloodied, and she had contusions on her forehead and both sides of her face.

Chris brown: Click to watchAnd check this contrast out (video on right) -- Chris Brown singing a song about reading street signs with Elmo on "Sesame Street."


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man i thought that it wasnt that bad but then i started hearing things and seeing pics... i tought it was great they were bak together i hope she does the right thing and gets rid of him...but u never know he maybe really did change

2055 days ago


Yo guys this sucks big time , i think rihanna has lost her senses during this time . An as the report indicates she is a roll model for the youth of the world and more so a youth ambassador for Barbados, What is she doing , is she dumb to these comments or don't care . We love this girl and would never stop but you got to say somthing girl and soon.

2053 days ago


Rihhanna has grown in to into a wonderful young woman. The spotlight has been to much for her lately. She should take a vacation. Stay away from the stage for awhile try something new. Her family always tell her God is the key, She is Spritually inclined and she did the right thing. I am proud of her.She has been away from chris not because she is scared of him but because he has problems and he needs to accept that and deal with like any other man.Being in a relationship means that there is a connection with both parties but if you can't handle a sitution without being open minded and frank, and get violent like chris then he should go rehab now I am totally disappointed in him not impressed. He should spend sometime with Rick Ross so Ross can teach him how to be a man. For example Ross had issues growing up and he turned out to be quite a respectable man. Accepting his limitations and moving on.His love is quite talented.He supports her,she surports him. She even lets him take her granmom out even though they disagree. learn chris Do not REpeat

2044 days ago


Damn i knew that there was two sides to every story. NOW WHAT PEOPLE! Rihanna calling and texting Chris Brown now
thats HORRIFIC! you get you ass beat like everybody seems to believe (with no proof) and now you are calling and texting?

2072 days ago


We have no idea this even occured. Hell Ashton could be coming out with a whole new series!!!

Talk about Publicity stunt gone wrong!!!!!!!

Hollywood and NY are fake as heck!!!!!

what happened to guilty unitl proven innocent. We have not seen any photos, no police report, nothing. Only a whole bunch of B/S from the internet!!!

We've been punked!!!!

2072 days ago


Wow I say Rihanna is fugly.
but that was wrong still
I hope he dont get screwed

ily chriss.

2071 days ago

Sarah Johnson    

shut up people...Chris Brown is Not Going to Lose millions!!!!!! I Hope the Truth Comes Out...and Then don't no one know the Real story.."Rihanna should do a Service announcement on battered women...what the!!!! Thats Funny They are Kids Fighting and everything and Please don't believe what You hear..sometimes its Not True..they played whitney Houston and Bobby Brown music after they said she was beaten... they Play alot of people music and movies that have beaten there wives and stuff some people needs to get a Life...I Hope Both Of you guys are Okay and I stand behind both parties not just one...Gosh Grow up people...

2071 days ago


This situation is awful and I do not need to see tthis happen to a celebrity to recollect that domestic violence is prevalent in our society. The fact that Rihanna states that this is not the first time says that is she also one of those women who has a man who is hot tempered and has anger management issues and the it starts will a little pushing or sholving and the women think its ok to go toe to toe with the guy until the situation of the htting escalate seriously violent then then the women then finally sees the behavior as abusive. Some of them think it's is cute "oh he get's a little mad" If he hit her before or shall I say they fought before that is one time too many. This is unacceptable period, There is no reason for neither of them to get physical no matter what the reasons may be. If a man hits you once, he will generally hit your harder the next time. He needs help for his action and so does she if she accepted violence before. To be involved in a abusive physicial or verbal relationship is unhealthy. He should accept his punishment and she needs help with low self esteeem.

2071 days ago


I'm scrolling down the page reading all these pathetic "prediction on what Chris Brown's future will be like" comments and it leaves me almost frustrated.You can almost feel the hate in the comments.Everyone has an opinion,yet everyone feels the only one that counts is theirs.Q_If what was said is true,is what he did wrong?A_Of course.Q_Will she go back to him?A_Who cares.Q_Is this the end of his career?A_Let me be the first to remind all of the idiots on here including the site's host,this is America.The same country R.Kelly lives in.The true home of Michael Jackson.and so on....They do something wrong,they get caught,all of the country finds out the facts,people talk,talk,talk,court date appearences on tv,time goes by,another court date,time goes by,goes by,goes by,the media loses interest and ratings,they switch topics,the accused lawyer's keep trial going,America's bored,verdict's given 3-5 years later,no one cares,New albums on shelf,another hit.(North Philly)

2071 days ago


i heard that this all happened because rihanna gave chris an STD and he was pissed when he found out. and you can tell when they left the party he was pissed about something. the way chris handled the situation is horrible you should never hurt a women, but she had to have done something too. she can't be completely innocent. we need the facts, but there's two sides to this story so we'll prolly never get the facts.

2071 days ago


Yo, Chris . . . your time is up. You blew it, big time. Might as well pack it up, go home, get a real job. Ain't nobody here going to respect you or buy your music . . . you're done.

2071 days ago


Can we please have ALL THE FACTS before we judge this man. We don't know who might have started it, how many times she might have hit him first or anything else. Whatever the case I don't wish jail on him, they just need to part ways if anything.

2071 days ago


People are not monogamous. Period. Regardless of promises to "be faithful" the reality is men and women are going to go outside their primary relationship. Violence is NEVER cool. Why bother? After the swelling goes down the behavior(s) will simply resume. The person will just go about getting "extra" more cafefully. Why get all worked up. Fluxxin just is what it is and folk gonna keep on pursuing who/what flips their switch. Marriage and babies do not turn off the switch so let it go.
Doing the "do" does not a contract make. Once Rihanna and her "sisters" understand you cannot put a GPS on a man's penis she'll be on her way to true healing. All this drama about who is kicking it with who is about nothing. The emotion charged hysterical question the disappointed party always asks is "Why?"
The answer is always the same and has nothing whatsoever to do with the guilty party's "love" for the teary eyed questioner; "She doesn't/didn't mean anything to me. It's you I love." A shorter version of the standard reply is "Just because I wanted to get dem goods."
Hopefully she'll be alright physically. The real problem is her state of mind and her attitude toward relationships--his too. People can agree to disagree. He doesn't own her body nor she his. Not necessary to get physical just because a third party is hanging around trying to provide a little on the side. It's a fact of life. It's going to happen.
Easy does it. Stop looking for "evidence" the object of your affection is going elsewhere and eliminage 99% of the stress. Chances are he or she IS. So, why put what may otherwise be a decent arrangement (if not a relationship) on life support? It is not worth it. As long as what you got going on is working for ya don't complicate it by being jealous, insecure, possessive, suspicious, angry or violent. It ain't worth it. So what if your peeps is stepping out? If what you got is the primary (main) thing going on in both your lives be happy. Don't flaunt an affair or be hurtful and disrepectful about it; but, realize no one has developed a tracking devise for genitalia. Even if there were such a thingy it still will not prevent people doing whoever they take a liking to. Do the damn thang then. Just leave the violence out. Peace Ya'll

2071 days ago


Not that there is any real excuse for striking a woman, we still do not know what actually triggered this. We hear only the tear-jerker, "she's the innocent victim", "he got a text message from another woman wanting to hook up later". Okay, so let's assume he did get a text message from some scank he was cheating with, and Rianna saw it. What happened then? How did she see this text, did she grab the mobile from him? Did she get physical and verbally abvusive first?

It takes two to tango, two to argue, but only one to set off a firecracker! Shame on Chris Brown, yes, but, let's not go overboard assuming 'poor little Rianna', didn't play a large part in defining her own fate. Brown's career is over, Rianna's may deserve the same fate too.

2071 days ago


show me a hot girl and i'll show u a guy who's tired of bangin her ... nature

2071 days ago
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