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Jessica Simpson: Curves Her Enthusiasm

2/14/2009 5:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Wearing a tight Kim K. miniskirt, a happy Jessica Simpson walked the streets of NYC with boyfriend Tony Romo and showed off her sexy tanned gams.

Wearing those mom jeans were the best thing to happen to the former singer's career since "Newlyweds."

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Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

bluesfan = woman hater...lives in mom's basement

2074 days ago


She looks nice and it is nice to see Romo didn't dump her with all her bad press lately. As for Jean Summers-the poster who can still fit in her cheerleading uniform.... where can we see a photo of you? At the end of your life will you look back and say I volunteered here, helped this charity, was kind to people, contributed to society? No, you'll be one of the few idiots still dwelling in their high school popularity as the rest of life has passed you by. So keep living in the past and hiding behind your keyboard.

2074 days ago


bluesfan, you're my hero! As usual Jean can only say bad things about other people. They say people that can only put other people down are insecure themselves. Jean NEVER say anything nice except about that skank daughter of hers.

2074 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

no one that talks about beating a woman ( a la bluesfan) should be anyone's hero...shame on you....

2074 days ago

Dyna ™    

There's ol' Tony! Question: Dude, how did you get your offensive lineman in a pink skirt and why are you holding his hand?

2074 days ago


I don't know the first thing about Jessica Simpson, other than she sounded like a dingbat on the few episodes of her Newlywed show that I wasted my time watching. But she has always seemed like a nice person, I have never heard her backstabbing anyone (like Carrie Underwood does), and she seems like she is trying to just find a niche in the entertainment industry. Maybe she won't last another year, I don't get what everyone's problem is with her? Such unfounded animosity. I could understand dumping on Britney for her personal problems, bad start to motherhood, and all that but Jessica really hasn't done anything to anyone. And I think she looks really good in this photo. If she did it for publicity, it worked wonders.

2074 days ago


She looks GREAT indeed AND she looks HAPPY!!!!

Leave her alone!

She looks SO much better with REAL curves and some flesh than those anorexic little twigs with twig-like legs like Ann Coulter, Lara Flynn Boyle and others!

2074 days ago


TMZ do us real men a favor,

Ask her to hike that shirt up and bend over please

That is all . . . ......................

2074 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

this girl is not only fat, but pathetic too. creates her identity only through a man. her parents really did a number on her. whatta mess. she has absolutely no self control and when anything goes wrong in her life (in other words "daddy doesn't love me/tony doesn't love me") it's straight to the fritos. get it together or get out of the limelight. tony better be careful if he marries this one...she's only a few bags of doritos away from wynonna judd-dom.

2074 days ago

White boy    

#29... HER THIGHS ARE HUGE? WTF is the matter with you white boys?? my lord~!!!
You people like the paris hilton body..all FLAT ? flatter than freakin chinese people! WOW! No wonder that's all you can get. lol

I love me some latina bodies!! JLO, SHAKIRA!!! even kim kardashian!(she looks latina)

2074 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

bill - it's ok to be a chubby chaser. but this chick has built a career on being the sexy hot blonde, so if she chooses not to live up to that anymore, fine; but then stay home and watch your soaps and get the hell out of the media. glad you like 'em fat honey - does that make it easier for you to control them?

2074 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Je$u$ - this cow is such a mess. Inside and out.

2074 days ago

White boy    

FAT? OMG..you people really need a wake up call. How is Jessica simpson fat? I just don't get you! First off, JLO is not FAT, nor is shakira nor is beyonce nor is kim kardashian.. THEY are VERY VERY HOT and sexy lookin women..who any guy (except the white ZAC ugly Efron's lookin dudes) would kill to have those women! Who in the hell thinks paris(witch nose, FLAT ass) is even remotely cute? Are you serious!??!?!?!!?

Paris hilton, lindsay lohan, nicole ritchie, ashlee simpson, the olsen twins, lauren conrad..... GO date the only dudes you can (the jessee mcartneys and zac efrons) lol..... and GO EAT your piece of lettuce and a Fry.....UGLY WHITE CHICKS!.. Oh and i forgot.... Go show your NASTY smelly PUSS to the paparrazi some more.!!

Jessica simpson is not FAT , she is pretty!

2074 days ago

White boy    

ATTENTION FEMALES... NO one likes a STICK figure like PARIS hilton and lindsay lohan or nicole ritchie... YUK! those white chicks are ugly!!

REAL MEN (ALL MEN) love a woman with a body! Especially a JLO body, kylie minogue body, beyonce, kim kardashian!!

lil white boys can only handle the olson twins. lol too easy to break!

To the WHITE CHICKS i say this... GO HAVE A DIET COKE and eat your PIECE OF LETTUCE! anorexic UGLY chicks!

2074 days ago

Ya Think    

Tony belongs in the Tool Academy and Jess belongs in the Fool Academy. It's not so much that she's fat, but she dresses all wrong. She's not rail thin and should stop wearing clothes that make her look bigger than she is. The high waist and the skin tight look just doesn't work for her. More than that, she needs to get her azz in school and learn how to think and speak. She's so ridiculously stupid it's sad.

2074 days ago
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