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2/20/2009 11:01 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Isn't black supposed to be slimming?!

Wearing his mom sweats, a more voluptuous looking Kevin Federline got his workout on by going bowling with girlfriend Victoria Price on Thursday.

Launch PhotosIt's nice to see the recession hasn't affected the former dancer's waistline.


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I don't think he is gonna get her pregnant any time soon considering she don't have any money!

2016 days ago


MANPRIS - HA HA! I've never heard that term - thanks for the laugh! He looks absolutely revolting, especially considering he was once a fit dancer. I hope Brit continues to do well, regains custody of the boys, and is able to free herself of any spousal support to this bloated leech. All those trips to Vegas = too many trips to the "all you can eat" 24/7 hog troughs.

2016 days ago


Well, McDonalds did just report an 80% increase in profits...

2016 days ago

Old School    

Everyone gains and then loses weight but tmz just loves to bang on any celebrity but Kevin can just lose the weight what is Harvey Levin gonna do about his balding head though?!

2016 days ago


Don't forget the grease stains from the vat of Lay's Potato Chips........

Look closely.

2016 days ago


Do you think he would be with his girlfriend if she were as big as him? Why is it men can be fat and ugly but they want a hot girlfriend? If he was a blue collar worker I hope he realizes his girlfriend, Brittney, or anybody else with brains would not go out with him.

2016 days ago


I am sure it is just the outfit. Those high waisted shorts aren't flattering. Look what the high waist did for poor Jessica........Yeah right, there both loads of s*&t

2016 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

What kind of a Nut-Case girl would date K-Dud? He is the biggest slimeball in the world. Instead of sitting on his fat A.., he should go to school and learn how to do something !!!!! He is SO disgusting but maybe someone would hire him. He better learn how to make a living because he can't live off of Britney forever. He will probably try, though. So, he uses Britney's money to date ???? He should be thrown out with the trash.

2016 days ago


he's a cool guy was very lucky. He just got way to much money the hole situation looks funny

2016 days ago


Octo dad , please britney send more child support he be hungry

2016 days ago


Well ain't karma a bitch K-FAT!

2016 days ago

Tri Fex    

The only reason K Fed put on all that weight is because his rap career bombed. And that was only because Britney was always acting crazy and Kevin couldn't give his album the time it needed. K fed is a triple threat, he can act, rap and dance, but we will never see his potential. He could have been the next vanilla Ice, but instead he will end up just another guy with a GED who could have had it all. Thanks alot Britney!

2016 days ago


Okay first of all I'm sure brit doesn't regret being with this man, looks aren't everything. I mean sure he screwed her over but you can't help who you fall in love with.. Plus she got two beautiful kids outta it, nothing in life if its bad or good happens without reason.. I HATE K-fed lol god and you think only women are gold diggers I mean if some people hav tha chance to be with someone of that stature I'm sure it wouldn't matter if you cared for them just minipulate em just what he did with her && his first baby mama!N of course hes a fatty! he is eatin goooood on all that moo-la he has pourin in! what did we expect tha man pretty much has it made for someone with no talent n nothin going for him.. maybe there should be an award for someone who has done nothing yet has everything hehe or maybe like paris hilton hahaha

2016 days ago


what happened to him just a couple of years ago he was ripped when he was married to britney now he looks like he gained 200 pounds.

2016 days ago


Guess you can tell by the weight gain he had to kick the drugs he started Brit on, to bad he didn't make bad press about it.

2016 days ago
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