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"Real O.C." Guy Really Arrested

2/20/2009 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Slade SmileySlade Smiley from "The Real Housewives of Orange County" -- yes, there are guys on that show -- was picked up by Costa Mesa PD today on a civil contempt warrant.

We're told Smiley was popped this afternoon and is currently being held on $10,000 bail.

It's unclear what the warrant is for ... there's a buzz it involves unpaid child support, but so far we haven't confirmed it.

UPDATE -- Slade's people are saying he was "unaware" that the warrant existed until he was arrested. The warrant had to do with money he owed his baby mama for their son who has been suffering from a rare form of brain cancer for several years. He says, "This is an unfortunate situation that has occurred. My son is very ill and we have been working on resolving the issue of support vs. his enormous medical bills with the appropriate agencies for several months now. It is sad that individuals would take advantage of the situation in an attempt to defame and discredit me in such a public manner. For those who know me, there is nothing more important than my children."


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Photoslob is all over the place crying his ass off because Gretchen kicked his ass to the curb. He's not bringing in any money cause nobodys buying any cars. He's been freeloading off Gretchan just one too many weeks. Loser, get a job, Simone dumped your ass too! Remember, fuzzydink?
boohoo loser!!! ha Ha you can't delete!!!

2036 days ago


There are a few episodes that are just bizarre. When they sit around in a "limo" (rented by the show, of coarse, I see them all sitting with similar low cut dresses with their tits all pushed up and over tanned. Their skin on their chest looks like over cooked turkey
with two sacks of potatoes hidden under their Cavalli knock off dresses. Eww......Not how those should be worn...

The daughter are just youger vapid knock offs of the mom's. It will be interesting to see how they manage in this new economy & world. These episodes already look dated. The kids scare me. They seem so lost and self absorbed and into all the stuff without any work ethic or sense of self or community. Very scary...

The fact is it is like watching a train wreck you know is coming...but can't look away. They think we're all watching because we envy far from reality. The all seem depressed and hollow inside.

2036 days ago


Slade must have a boyfriend....

2036 days ago


Slade sounds like a gay porn star name...

2036 days ago


Just popped in to say I hate Tamra Barney. Her and that creepy, serial killer-looking son Ryan, make me want to puke. She thinks she's hot but she looks like an old, dried out, sun damaged turd.

2036 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

What's the difference between OCTO-MOM and COTO-MOM? Nothing, they're all just a bunch of artifically enhanced, self-absorbed, made-up circus clowns pimping out their families for everyone else's pleasure and enjoyment. I know I enjoy seeing them make fools of themselves. Don't they see they are just the butt of everyone's jokes?

2036 days ago


Tamra Barney is so phony. Saying she had her boobs downsized, when whoops, I meant uplifted!!

Tamra, your bitch was showing this season!!

2036 days ago


The kids are junkies, drunks and vapid messes. Look who they are looking up to.
These dumb ass bubble head bitches look like a Fellini film with their balloon filled chest bumping into each other when they talk.
Talking about who is hot. Palease they all are in their 40's or close to. They stab each other in the back at every turn.
It is fun to watch in a stomach turning sick feeling kind of way. Make me love my life.
I've been to the OC and South Coast Plaza (for work). It's a mall folks. Filled with the same crap you can by anywhere. It's where people who have no imagination and style are told how to dress and what is in style.

2036 days ago


Please somebody do a show about who and who these people really are. Investigate the facts and have a show without the smoke and mirrors. You know it's scary. Would be great to see the real verses what they put on for the cameras.
DRUGS, The husbands and wives screwing around, little money in the bank, up to their asses in debt. Not paying child support.
That drunken lake party was thisclose to trailer park trashiness.


2036 days ago

jon and kate are octomoms role models    

Their kids are all going to hate them for dragging their private lives out into the public in such as degrading way. They are going to be sorry for selling their souls to the devil.

2036 days ago

Christine B - Ohio    

I think the only people left that believe any reality show is 'real' are the delusional 'stars' themselves, only because they wish it to be true. They are so blind that they can't see how ridiculous they look. As different as the RHWOC, NY and ATL are, they are all the same; vapid, useless, wasteful, fake, self serving, etc, etc. I've heard most of them bashed with the exception of the 'Countess' and those that claim to love her are obviously oblivious to how rude and crass she is! Did you not see the episode where she 'helped' a REAL person regarding a job? The 'Countess' has unlikely worked a day in her life and showed her ass big time in that episode or where she told Bethenny that the 'help' is to address her as 'Mrs. so and so'?!? Yet in a recent episode she said that she 'treats everyone the same' - yes, like you are better than them! Now, she's writing a book on etiquette and thinks she's the new Miss Manners! She doesn't know the meaning of MANNERS! Wake up world! Welcome to TV where 'real' means 'fake', 'natural' means 'silicone' and 'class' means 'better than the REAL people who actually work for a living, doing the jobs that you could never hope to be qualified to do, REAL work like cleaning up the wasteful mess you RHWs leave in your vapid, useless wake'! If only I had a penny for every dollar of the cost of therapy these idiots need, I'd be as rich as they pretend to be.

2036 days ago


I just KNEW this guy was gonna show up on here!!! what a douche!!! and my apologies to douches everywhere for the comparison!

2035 days ago


turns out Gretchen is the decent one. but the flashing dollar signs everywhere just gets nauseating.

ATL, stay away from me. NY, let's see what you got, and that includes you, Dis-Countess! hahahahahah

2035 days ago


Photoglou was served with a restraining order from his previous girlfriend for domestic violence. Check it out on the Orange County Courts website. Jay Photoglou. He's no spurned lover. He's a stalker if you ask me.

2035 days ago

throw em under the bus!    

My wife and I watch the show because it makes us feel better about ourselves - what TRULY AWFUL PEOPLE. Alas, they're fairly representative of large parts of OC (newport, coto, etc). Fun to see them start taking a fall... now I hope it's Tamra and Vicki's turn!

2034 days ago
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