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Sharon Osbourne

Sued for Hair Attack

3/2/2009 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Osbourne has been sued by the woman she attacked on her VH1 reality show, "Rock of Love: Charm School."

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Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping, punching and grabbing her by the hair and refusing to let go, and scratching her to boot. Osbourne opened the can of whoop ass after Megan told Sharon she was famous only because she managed a brain dead rock star.

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Hauserman is suing Osbourne for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.


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Brian Peppers    

That skank provoked it, she deserved what she got! I'm an Ozzy fan, and if I get on the jury I'll make sure she walks! There are many Ozzy fans that will let her off the hook! She should have hit that skank even harder for her talking her mess about Ozzy!

2069 days ago


I'm pretty sure if somebody said that to me, I would kick the crap out of them as well. Plus the fact that Megan needs somebody to shut her up because she is an attention whore.

2069 days ago


I say good for Sharron! It's worth the money, and what's up with her always wearing a bikini? Maybe she'll use her settlement money to buy some clothes. I can't wait for someone else to kick her flabby @ss!

2069 days ago


I love it. "F*** with me, but don't f*** with my family." Youngins don't know no better. Sharon is a freakin rock & rock wife. The only thing tougher than that is the tornado thats gonna take out that poor little white trash, honky tonk, no class, ignorant, bikini wearing hookers house. Its dumb bitches like her who make the rest of us normal trailer trash look bad.
Emotional stress???? Where I come from, if you wanna run your mouth, then you better back it up. Little girls need to learn some manners, and then maybe they wouldn't be getting their asses whooped by females three times their age. Ha! Ha! You go, Sharon!

2069 days ago


Megan is a hooch with no bigger aspirations or goals in life, than to marry some rich old guy. She's a disgusting example of our crappy educational system in this country, as were many of her castmates on Rock of Love and the equally nauseating Charm School.
I saw this episode. Megan was clearly out of line; she pushes buttons with everyone who doesn't bow down to her bony ass....this time, she clearly picked the wrong biotch to tango with! LOL
I only wish Sharon had pulled the weave completely out of Megan's head!
I'd hope Megan would lose any court case, but sadly, the only way the wannabe will ever have two dimes to rub together, is to either get hitched to some elderly, hard up schmuck, or sue someone. She makes trailer trash look "clean"! lmao

2069 days ago


Good for Megan! I hope she wins tons of money. She deserves it. Sharon Osbourne is a crazy lunatic for doing that.
There is no excuse. She's on a reality show and she has a right to say what she wants and Sharon verbally attacked her first. She was just defending herself. Then she got the crap beat out of her by that crazy old hag.

2069 days ago


Megan is gross...she looks like drop dead fred- after he got his face stuck in the refridgerator! She got what she deserved, maybe Sharon will pay her off so we dont have to see her or her brain dead dog on TV anymore.

2069 days ago


Megan will come out the winner. She get lot's of money from the law suit. She has her own reality show coming out on Vh1. Plus she tall thin and beautiful. She says some harsh things but usually says what most people think but don't have the guts to say. I use to like Sharon Osbourne but over the past year she has went from sweet and very likeable. To a nasty and old bitter bitch. She lost her mind.

2069 days ago


APPLAUSE APPLAUSE APPLAUSE!!!!! For our dear Sharon!
You might have seized this golden opportunity to extort money and increase your 15 minutes of fame, but TRUST Megan, your fame is fleeting. Do you honestly BELIEVE that you can endure in this business for the next 5, 10, 20 years as ANYTHING real or credible? You are THEE WORST representation of yourself! You're a f*%#@kin joke. You are the most fake, the most two-faced, crack brained vapid individual I have ever seen on reality T.V. Bit of advice: Put some clothes on, go back to 4th grade, continue achieving an education, get a real job, buy some class and go the f@#k away.

And just so you know, Sharon more than likely doesn't regret clocking you upside your cotton filled head, you know and WE know she didn't do any real damage. In the name of true unconditional love and loyalty, I'm sure she would EASILY do it again.

2069 days ago

Ethel Pooty    

Megan DESERVED what she got! She's nothing but a gold-digging skank. The epitomy of the dumb blonde. Her goal in life is to be a "Trophy wife and tan". Please.

2069 days ago


Megan was out of line. I like Sharon. Sharon proved,you don't go saying thing's about her Ozzie! She dearly loves him.
I'am sorry Sharon is being sued.

2069 days ago


Skank totally requested that slap down. Loser.

2069 days ago


i side with sharon, but when you put your hands on someone ESPECIALLY on a charm school you crossed the line. she will unfortunatly lose in court. how hard is it to get a job managing someone you're banging? sharon didnt make ozzy, black sabbath's talent did.

2069 days ago


Cheers to Sharon. That bimbo deserved it! Too bad Sharon didn't get a few more smacks in.

2069 days ago



2069 days ago
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