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Sharon Osbourne

Sued for Hair Attack

3/2/2009 9:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sharon Osbourne has been sued by the woman she attacked on her VH1 reality show, "Rock of Love: Charm School."

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Megan Hauserman claims Sharon went ballistic during a taping, punching and grabbing her by the hair and refusing to let go, and scratching her to boot. Osbourne opened the can of whoop ass after Megan told Sharon she was famous only because she managed a brain dead rock star.

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Hauserman is suing Osbourne for battery, negligence and infliction of emotional distress.


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I love a CAT fight

2023 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Megan was right! Typical Sharon I wanna be famous can say all kinds of s*hit but can't take it when its thrown back at her

2023 days ago


these shows take it to far and now it is. what was Sharon thinking?> this is why i hate these fake shows!

whats up with Bret's show ? he looks like hes trying to pick up trashy ass little girls on that show lol hes in his 40 dude! these girls look young enough to be his kids . he just looks like an idiot! but i love his music and one more thing dude lay off of all that make up . dont look righT

2023 days ago


Are you serious ~ They didnt have these people sign waivers like they do on the jerry loser show? I find that hard to believe ~ I have to tell ya ,, that megan should be thankful that she wasnt charged when she kicked that one girl on the show ,, all I have to say is ,,,boo..and who cares~

2023 days ago


Sharon will do anything for ratings . its about time she gets sued because u don't go grabbing on someone like that. her and her nasty mouth needs to go take care of her druggie kids and her WHAT IS HE SAYING husband!

shes yesterdays news and so are those cursing words that family always seem to say. not sure what they think there getting out of that but they just look pathetic . i would sue also. these reality shows are getting out of hand. we have desperate women wanting to find the right man on have that other show and all you see is boobs. girls kissing. u know when a girl touches and kisses that doesn't mean shes BI shes just doing it for attention and these little boys as i call them look like little boys who have never seen this before. well if they are BI then show us. and not with a kiss or touching a breast. go downtown and like it . your considered BI when u do that so come on you ACTING LITTLE SLUTS do that ! if not then knock the teenage crap out! do these kids have parents or what? Bret has a show and the girls look like his own kids! hes getting old !
.... these reality shows are becoming yesterday's news **YAWNS**

2023 days ago


I saw this episode. I have always loves Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne but this was te first time I ever completley lost respect for Sharon. She started it by telling Megan she shouldnt Breed. I hope Megan sues the hell out of her. Sharon should apologize for the way she acted and I dont care if your on TV or not..Its not ok to phsyically attack someone period.

2023 days ago


I give Sharon credit. These little girls think they can talk so much because they have blonde hair and plastic bodies.
I feel this just shows how real of a person Sharon really is. Celebrity or not, you don't talk about someones family like that.
And she gave that little bimbo what she deserved.

If Sharon loses the case, I think its money WELL spent.

2023 days ago

been there-never again    

I have never seen Sharon behave like a mature,classy lady.Sad.

2023 days ago

You Can Do Better    

Sharon, please pay her. She was right. You were wrong. And you took it wrong sooooo pooorly!!!! lol!

2023 days ago

you just don't get it    

Like her or not Megan's assessment of Sharon OsBONE is spot on and I hope she prevails in a lawsuit. Assault is assault. Maybe a settlement will let some of the air out of Sharon's over inflated sense of herself and her pathetic family.

2023 days ago


YOU GOTTA LOVE SHARON!! She has the guts to say what she thinks, she doesn't care if she's "PC" or not, and she has been playing hardball with the big boys in the music industry for years. She doesn't take any crap and I LOVE HER MOXY! HOORAY FOR BALLSY, STRONG, FEARLESS WOMEN!!!!

2023 days ago

Ya Think    

Megan has a lot of room to talk. Her only claim to fame is prancing around half naked and sucking Bret Michael's d!ck on that awful Rock of Love show...until now. Now she's famous for getting her weave pulled by Sharon Osborne. Oh boo freaking hoo. This little twit needs to get her arse to a REAL school and get an education, because she sure sounds as dumb as a stump. She believes she's Paris Hilton -- look again, honey -- YOU'RE NOT RICH!!!

VH1 should pull the plug on Megan's "Trophy Wife" reality show, in view of her decision to sue Sharon Osborne over what happened at the Charm School reunion show. If she's going to sue participants in VH1 shows, how can the producers be sure she's not going to turn around and sue them and VH1 for not protecting her? I'm sure VH1 has some pretty deep pockets and she could make some pretty serious money off them through lawsuits and settlements. I'm just sayin' ...

2023 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Sharon can't stand the truth.

2023 days ago


Go Megan! Sue that hypocritical trash, she deserves it.

2023 days ago


Nice work Sharon.

2023 days ago
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