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Scores a House!!!

3/9/2009 9:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

OctoMom don't need no publicist, because she's about to get a new home.


We've learned her dad is the purchaser of the 2,583 square-foot house for Octo. It's located in La Habra, near where OctoGrandma lives now. It has four bedrooms and three bathrooms, a large master bedroom with a walk-in closet and a large backyard. It's listed for $564,900. The buyer paid near asking price.

It's listed by Mike Patel of Prudential Realty in Anaheim Hills in the O.C. We're told the deal was just inked and it will close on Friday. Sources also say the "substantial down payment" came from money that OctoMom has been scoring over the last few weeks. As one source put it, "the money has been coming from all over the place -- $15,000 here, $25,000 there." We're told the seller is financing the deal.

We're told Octo will either move in over the weekend or early next week.


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dang, i have been on several forms of birthcontrol and ended up w 5 kids 2 w dissabilities,and a fake fiance, he wont marry me, and a mom who thinks i havent accomplished anything. do i qualify for tmz? i dont have a car, i need a new house and my bills payed!! hahaha! let her struggle, i have to go make our last pot of beans! hope they're magic, i sold my cow for them! ha!

1989 days ago

Jesus juice    

418. Again, Hi, Suleman/Doud family. And IT'S NOT MY FAULT that you ALL manipulative conartists!! I can look at myself in the miror EVERYDAY and know that I haven't lied to anyone NOR have CONNED anyone out of their hard earned money. Nor have I FAILED anyone. I work hard and pay for my own things....and know that raising children consists of more than just a hug. Raising kids means sacrificing your time, energy, your wants, and providing them with consistency and structure in their environment, along with being a positive, RESPONSIBLE role model.......all of which none of you in that family are. I don't believe liars and conartists fit into that category.

1989 days ago


Who knew you can be rewarded for being psychotic.

1989 days ago


this house just proves her mental state. why buy a house worth a half a million dollars with 2500 square feet when she could have bought a nice huge farm house with a lot of rooms and land for half that amount. but oh no, octomoron would think that isn't good enough for her. I'm sure dr phil had something to do with this so why didn't he do something to get her to get a house with at least enough room. I wish we knew if CPS is doing anything at all on this. and they shouldn't have let the dad put it in his name. we all know why she didn't want it in her name. it just seems everything she does just infuriates us all with good reason.

1989 days ago


If the money for the down payment came from donations to her then why are they putting the house in the father's name. Sounds like someone is pulling a fast one. I'm glad I didn't donate to this Octo-Con

1989 days ago


This Dr. Phil , Angels in Waiting and Allred are a huge enablers and of
a sick situtation. First of
all where does this Dr. phil get off Begging his nation wide audience to donate money to this system scammer. Seems to me that allowing Octo-scammer in the Privacy of your own home, for the sake
of future show ratings
doesn't say much for you Mcgraw!! Also it looks to me like your the dummy in the end game, Tremendous TV exposure and setting up Web begging site for her. So lets look at the big picture. Suleman gets in the long run a New home, six plus months of 24/7
childcare and windfall
profits from tabloids.
We all get it Dr. Airbag
"it's for the kids" is your justification of giving her access to free everything so the
the kids don't suffer. Thanks to greedy TV show hosts, famous lawyers, and so-called
non profit agencies ,Angels in Begging, again the taxpayer is picking up this tab. People would be more impressed Dr.Begger if
you reached in your own pocket and paid for this insanity. With a multi- million dollar salary , am sure a couple hundred thousand out
of your savings won't
put you in the soup lines. Instead You and Allred go right back to the average middle class person and tell us to reach in our pockets. You show biz overpaid talking heads are a disgrace. In closing seems to me like Octomom is considerably smarter then most of you TV personalities. Everything you and Allred are crying about
Suleman doing, your worse. Do you want to tell us all how You (Dr. Mcgraw, Allred and Angels in Waiting are not using US. You big
name celebes helping
Suleman are huge disappointed. Hope it was worth it you SELLOUTS!!

1989 days ago


She and her kids can get jobs - everything is going into her parents' names so she can live off the state and collect benefits - AND NOBODY is going to do anything about this? Wake up California. You've got people losing their homes - go after this cow and her kids. If one person says GOD gave her these kids, you are idiots. God did not - a crazy doctor did. Let him pay for them and her and those lying parents of hers. Father said he had $100.00 to his name on Oprah just a couple of weeks ago and yesterday buys a home. Tell how someone does that?

1989 days ago


That Stinks I thought it would be a shoe box for her, and give MoM And Dad the house.

1989 days ago


Sailor Alpha Centauri. I do applaud you. Extremely well said I agree with every word, dot & comma. Yes Lizzie, you & everyone else , like pay for her & her children. She most definitely has put her business out on the street, There is a word for that.

1989 days ago


Ugh, this is enough to make even the most Right wing of Republicans rethink birth control!!

1989 days ago

Jesus juice    

Uh 425....NOPE...these kids don't have an ice cube's chance in Hades living with those relatives. The 6 older ones are already upset that "there are more siblings". What type of role models do the children have???? EXACTLY!! NONE!! They are stuck living with irresponsible, narcissistic, mentally ill "auppose to be "adults as role models. Plus, the adults will blow through the money..(watch, Gramma will be going on her European vacation" once the babies are sent home and the 24 hour nursing care is in place) Like 428 wrote.."It takes a REAL woman to be a mother"....Lord...Nadya isn't close to even being considered a human....she obviously does not care about the 1st 6. If she did...she wouldn't have had anymore. The whole family is about $$$$$$$

1989 days ago


Dang, I feel sorry for her neighbors. My "For Sale" sign would go up as soon as the economy recovers.

1989 days ago


Looks a lot like the Poltergeist house! Does it have an empty pool in the back?

1989 days ago


I think that the neighbours should have surveillance/video cameras on their front back & side lawns....& sell the tapes to the highest bidder. A reality show.: based upon the life of a neighour living next door to , well, you know what , I am perfectly serious. And if I lived there, that is what I would do. She is an opportunist, why shouldn't you capitalize..? Apparently that is what she is doing., without regard to the lives of others. You might as well have some financial compensation, for your suffering. After all, didn't she." to the tune of 168,ooo dollars. plus food stamps plus , plus. plu,.only you would not be sucking the nipples of the taxpayer, you would be earning your own money. You might need it when your property values go down, because no-one wants to libe beside, behind or across from 14 noisy , screaming children running rampant. in a ramshackle house., while Mommy is doing her nails, hair, botox, having liposuction & lip replenishing.

1989 days ago


Well said sako. dr phil has on today the octomom, Allred and they all just sit there smiling like they (and assume us) believe everything that nut says. I just couldn't watch it but lucky me, I did catch previews of tomorrow's show "Dr Phil meets the octoplets". doesn't he read his own blogs? people are still mad about this. that is of course except the idiots that are giving money. And he still had the nerve to say that all of her needs haven't been met yet. Just exactly what would be enough to satisfy Octomoron? When the money runs out, it will be phase two of fertilization for her. I agree that he needs to donate a large chunk of money himself.

1989 days ago
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