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Lindsay Lohan Wanted by Cops

3/14/2009 10:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A warrant was issued yesterday for the arrest of one Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan
The Beverly Hills PD says the warrant is for $50,000 and it was issued in connection with her DUI case back in 2007, for which she is on probation. The PD would not specifically say why they want Lohan, but we think it's a good bet it has something to do with violating the terms of probation ... either failing to attend her alcohol ed courses or, perhaps, not taking or failing a drug test.

The PD ominously says, "It is our hope that Ms. Lohan will surrender herself so that this matter can be resolved in a timely manner."

We asked Lindsay about the warrant last night as she left the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Lindsay is not armed but considered dangerous.

The story was first reported by

UPDATE 3:00 PM ET: We're told the Judge in the DUI case has set a hearing for Monday Morning. We understand the topic is whether Lindsay violated her probation. She may be required to appear. Stay tuned.

: Lohan just issued a statement to "This warrant for my arrest is completely fabricated and its (sic) a horrendous lie. This will make me loose (sic) every single deal that I have right now. Its (sic) horrible."
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wat a loser!!! FIRST btw:)

2047 days ago

Karen Ann    

How many more times is Lindsay going to get a "second chance?" If she really did violate her probation, she needs to to some time like Paris did. Maybe that would get her to wise up.

2047 days ago

Just sayin'    

YAY!!!!!! Best thing I've heard so far today!

2047 days ago


worthless--------loser................ she always looks like she needs a good scrubbing

2047 days ago

Crazy L.A. Stalkers    


There goes our promotion for next week.

We love Train-Wrecks!

That's what owning a nightclub is all about

2047 days ago


Do they really have to look that far to find her.......just follow the photographers from TMZ...........

2047 days ago


My favorite Screen Goddess has paid her debt to society. We need to let this young talent blossom into her full potential.

2047 days ago


Send that girl to jail. She is famous for being a washed up, nasty, uneducated, drug addict. Has she done a movie since that one where she played twins.............let that freak lay in jail

2047 days ago


jackass skank...

2047 days ago


You know where she is TMZ...........

2047 days ago


Is another slap on the wrist coming for poor little LiLo?

2047 days ago

Jim in Texas    

I suspect that the type of personality that it takes to promote yourself in Hollywood is probably about the worst personality type for addiction. These people are too much in control (or under the illusion of control) of their lives. Forceful, self-centered people make for bad recovering addicts because they will not humble themselves for anyone or anything. I would guess Ms. Lohan didn’t make it past about step 2 in AA’s 12 steps. The problem with high functioning party type binge alcoholics is that their ability to go “dry” periods in between the partying makes them think that they do in fact have control over alcohol. She does have a chance, though. She can take that same obsession for personal success and turn it into an obsession for sobriety, but first she must admit – truly admit – to being powerless.

Signed 20 years sober in Texas

2047 days ago


While this may seem harsh, it's probably the best and ONLY way to get Lindsay Lohan the help she so desperately needs. If she's unable to get out of this arrest warrant, she may be forced to go to jail or rehab. It's obvious she's been running amok again for the past several weeks and appears to be getting progressively worse day by day...perhaps a firm jolt of reality will be a wake-up call for her. And her family might be called upon to push her in the right direction.

IF she doesn't stop the partying, booze, drugs and reckless driving, she's going to kill herself and innocent bystanders.

2047 days ago

for now    

Just another example that beautiful Lindsay
needs to get away from sodomy before it kills her.
It looks like Mike is right.

2047 days ago


Rehab would not be harsh enough-she needs to go to jail like anyone else

2047 days ago
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