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DJ AM Wants a Cool $20 Mil in Jet Crash

3/16/2009 7:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMWe've just obtained new documents in DJ AM's lawsuit against the company that booked the jet that crashed. The surviving passenger wants $20 million -- minimum.

The way it breaks down, DJ AM wants at least $10 mil in damages for medical bills, lost earnings and profits and other economic damages. And he wants another $10 mil for mental and physical pain and suffering and other "non-economic losses."


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John Montez    

Sorry..who the hell is this?

1984 days ago


I have no problem getting $$$ for his loses,,but 20 million NO WAY,

Iwas a passenger that was literally driven over by a 18-wheeler/big RIG (when the driver fell asleep ,my medical was $400,000 & I am now permanently dissabled & had 13 major surgeries. the insurance comapy tried to have my case thrown out,,then offered 25K...?????

1984 days ago


What a D@#K! First of all can they finish the invetigation on what happened! Second of all aren't enough hard working pions losing their jobs without some rich punk trying to take everyone down. I'm from Wichita and the aircraft industry is hanging on by a thread. A law suit for that amount could ruin many families lives. Yes it was a tragedy, but he survived, probably thanks to the pilot & co-pilot which at some point he also named in a lawsuit. Just curious but are the victims famialies suing? I haven't heard. I've lost any respect I've ever had for him!

1984 days ago

Mike Hunt    

The guy is a no talent punk. Give him $10 and a ham sandwich instead.

1984 days ago


I don't think peole should be judging him for suing. You have no idea how painful his burns must have been, much less how traumatic this horrible experience must have been for him. There's something called traumatic grief, which is when you lose a loved one in a traumatic event. He's going to probably need therapy for a long time. Also, famous DJ's in Hollywood make a lot more money than a normal DJ. If someone was negligent and that lead to this crash then they should pay for it. It's that simple. Also, people get money when they have little fender benders and get mild concussions. Severe burns are incredibly painful things. The trauma he is experiencing must be completely debilitating. So leave him alone.

1983 days ago


His life isn't even worth $20. Is it possible to sue djam for surviving the crash?

1983 days ago


DJ am should wake up and smell the coffee! If it werent for travis barker who wanted to sit in back, he would have had a guillotine effect like his little buddies in front.!! Maybe he'll step in front of a car in LA, anything can kill, not just planes.....

1983 days ago


Man 20 Mil is alot but you cant put a price on your life he could hve been dead right now, and im sure with his profession he flies alot and its never going ot leave his mind...EVER!!!!!! for the rest of his life....Everyone should get atleast 20 mil Each

1983 days ago

Famous people get it...Regular people don't    

Either way, it was a horrifying experience for all parties. It is ironic however that "famous" people can afford good attornies and "regular" folk cannot. Famous people can get 20M and regular people who die cannot. Point, 7 people died in aircraft accident in Panama City, Panama. AirTrek Air Ambulance. Did the family of those who parished get 20 M....NO!

1983 days ago

a prayer    

First of all, I am sure all of you who have hoped he dies or wished he would have, have taken a good look in the mirror after saying that about someone you do not know. He and Travis were so very lucky to have survived that horrifying crash. The burns they sustained were extremely painful and they are still undergoing surgeries because of them. Not to mention the pain of watching people they loved die. And yes, the victims families have also sued, and deserve every penny the get. How such hateful people could post such nasty things about Adam, who by all accounts is a loving and caring man, I do not understand. But I guess that is why you live in your parents basement and he has a career.

1981 days ago


Adam deserves it. He experienced a horrific event, because the jet carrier was negligent.
He used to live on a airplane and travel to gigs all around the world.
Now he only takes gigs if he could drive or travel by land. That must be hard!

1950 days ago
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