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Natasha -- Only a Matter of Time?

3/18/2009 9:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Natasha Richardson may be alive, but only in the most technical of medical terms, according to various reports.

Vanessa, Joely & Lynn: Click to watch
Family friends are telling a variety of news sources Richardson is in fact brain dead and it is just a matter of time. Richardson's family, including her aunt Lynn Redgrave, her mother Vanessa, sister Joely Richardson, and her children Michael and Daniel visited Natasha at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC last night.

Natasha suffered a critical brain injury after falling on a ski slope Monday.

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The media (including TMZ) can be such vultures. I was appalled at the insensitive questions asked by TMZ and the others. If you want to take some photos fine, but hounding Richardson's sons and other family members with your awful questions and comments is ugly and unnecessary.

2042 days ago


Stay classy TMZ. I can't believe you guys actually posted this video. How do you THINK they feel? How do you THINK they are doing?

2042 days ago


I am so appaulled by these paparazi asking stupid questions of Natasha's children and mother and other family members. It is sick enough that you are there taking pictures during the most horrible time in their lives, but to then harass them and ask stupid questions like..."How are you feeling?" What did you honestly think they were going to do? Did you think they were going to stop and give you a statement about their hurt and grief?

Stop it already. And don't get me started on the way you all acted last night with Nadya. I will no longer log onto, watch or in anyway support this. This is the last time I will log into your site.

2042 days ago


I will pray for Natasha Richardsons Family and her Children it is a tragedy what they have to go through i know how they feel so I'M ASKING PLEASE LEAVE THE FAMILY ALONE AND IF YOU HAVE SYMPATHEY YOU WILL NOT WRITE ANYTHING


2042 days ago

Darkhorse 33/3    

If you've noticed, whenever there is an accident at the Indy 500 or any other race in the indy car series, the driver is immediately put in an ambulance/safety vehicle and sent straight to the on-site medical facility. It doesn't matter if the driver walkes away from the accident (which they do in almost all cases thanks to advances in car safety) seemingly unharmed. One reason (perhaps *the* reason) for this is because back in 1975, the 1972 Indy 500 winner Mark Donahue had an accident (not at Indianapolis but some track in Europe) and like Richardson, walked away. Later that night he had a headache, slipped into a coma, and was dead within a few days. Bottom line: Don't take head injuiries lightly.

2042 days ago


Such a tragic situation :( And to have her 2 sons be there and to witness this has got to be devastating.....My prayers are out for the entire family and fgs why can't the paparzzi leave them alone!!! I think there is no respect there at all and this family needs the privacy to grieve.

2042 days ago


I was so praying all day this was NOT TRUE when I heard this morning what a TRAGIC ACCIDENT to happen to such a Brillanant, charming,sweet beautiful actress with so much to LIVE for it makes no sense. For a Beautiful life to be so cut short it is not fair. I will pray for Liam and his sons during this massive tragic accident for God to give them strength during this horrible time. May God fill there heart with beautiful memories of Natasha.I hope she is always in there heart like she was in my heart for her beautiful life she lead what an example of a great LADY WITH SUCH GRACE AND ELEGANCE WHAT A EXAMPLE TO LIVE UP TOO. RIP NATASHA YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED BY ALL!

2042 days ago


You can tell by this type of attack journalism that Harvey Levin was really picked on in high school...

2042 days ago


Who is the idiot "how you doing?".."how you feeling" some respect and dont ask idiotic questions to a woman who's daughter is brain dead and going to die...god that is so bad you guys seriously

2042 days ago


Damn Harvey, Why don't you hire reporters with an IQ over 5? Someone who knows better than to shove a camera in a childs face, who's mother is dying and yell "How ya feelin?"!!!!! MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2042 days ago
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