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Michael Vick

Turns into

Bob the Builder

4/2/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael VickEveryone is expecting Michael Vick to return to the football field after his incarceration, but he has other plans -- as in floorplans.

Vick's lawyer announced in Bankruptcy court today that the former QB has a construction job lined up after his prison release and Vick will work a regular 40 hour work week. Further details about wages or the duration of his new career were unavailable.

After being the highest paid player in the league, Vick was suspended indefinitely from the NFL after his 2007 indictment. The NFL Commissioner has said he will review Vick's status after he is released.

Who needs football when you can have drywall?

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There are alot of us out here that still want to see Mike do well. I hope he can return to the NFL if that is what he wants to do. There is a guy here in Virginia that is a Sherriff and he fights dogs. The dogs and the equipment have been taken from his home and he has been placed on PAID administrative leave. He is NOT in jail either! That was about 2 weeks ago and I havent heard a peep since. Where are the feds? Where is PETA? Where are all the animal lovers? Where is the outrage? He was doing the same thing, watching dogs duel to the death! Maybe he even carried them state to state to fight! I dont get it. I guess it was a money thing for Mike, but evil NEVER wins! Being evil and wishing ill will on someone will never work. He has alot of support and we will be standing right there with the haters when he takes to the field once again! I LOVE U MIKE!

1994 days ago


you know what I dont understand,,,, there are people out there killing thier kids, leaving them in hot car and they die and no jail time is given, but Michael Vick takes DOGS and fight them and he is sent to jail, now dont get me wrong, he should not have done this really because in todays times people care alot about dogs, but come on people, a dog is a dog, not my baby as some people treat them or call them. Michael Vick should of got a heavy fine, community service but not 2 yrs in a federal prison. Treat dogs as dogs not as humans,,,,people today have a very serios problem on treating dogs like a human child,,,,you want a child go make one with a man or woman,,,,,being married of course,,, and thats all I have to say,,,,,,

1980 days ago



2028 days ago



2028 days ago


I think what he did with the dogs is sickening...but with that said, he did his time and is now entitled to go on with his life. He should be allowed to play football. Come on, it is not like football is the "role model" sport.

2028 days ago

dont know    

Get over it? Get over it? What this man did was an unthinkable act. Obviously, you have no dogs in your life..if you did, you would feel the same way others feel...burn this SOB at the stake. I hope someone shoots him and he lays suffering on the pavement for days in extreme pain, then someone comes along and beats him, and bashes his head in, and he remains alive with no medical help for a few more days..now that would touch on real justice for this jerkoff.

2028 days ago


It just gets better and better lol
I'll be waiting for the breaking news on his brutal murder!! yoohoo!!!!

2028 days ago


As long as he stays out of the NFL and dog fighting, I would be happy to leave him alone.

2028 days ago


He may have done his time, but its going to be hard for the public not to forget. I don't think he will be spectacular if he goes back to football, and I'm not sure how many teams will be interested in him. I can't see his life story going to a book deal I think for a book deal to go through he would have to show he is truly sorry for his crimes, and I'm not sure he is as repentant as he wants the public to think he is.

2028 days ago


"burn this SOB at the stake..."

give me a break... he should have never went to jail in the first place. what he did was wrong, but he was made an example of. the whole case is BS

just go re-read the comment you just posted. if you actually think he really deserves what you just wrote based on what he did then you have some serious anger issues amongst other things. he didn't rape, dismember and eat children or anything!!! you need to take some advice from "THROW THE FIRST ROCK" and get over it.

2028 days ago


We can only hope he'll step on a electrical cable and get fried! This will allow him to experience what he put those poor dogs thru. Or maybe he'll fall off the side of a building. One can only hope!

2028 days ago


I gotta say, I agree with the Lynching Party on this one. This guy is an inhuman monster.

2028 days ago

[][] ScOut W. [][]    

He better find a new career, as if the NFL allows him to return, it will be very UGLY very PUBLIC and doubt any team who puts him under contract will sell many tickets. Fans will be outraged. As they should be!

2028 days ago

bsb fan    

oh sure, he's able to find work!

2028 days ago


I keep wondering what happened to this talented, good-looking man that made him so cruel. Maybe it's time we stopped acting the same way towards him. He's paid for his crimes. Let him get his life back, and stop hating on him unless it happens again.

2028 days ago
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