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Rob Lowe Spanks the Nanny in Court

4/8/2009 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rob LoweRob Lowe just won a huge victory in his bitter lawsuit against his former nanny -- and it's a decision that will have a big impact behind closed doors in Hollywood.

Lowe sued Laura Boyce for allegedly violating the confidentiality agreement she signed, by blabbing all over town that the Lowes did horrible things around her. Lowe claims Boyce was telling people his wife, Sheryl, did things like walk around naked in front of the nanny and comment about the penis size of the nanny's boyfriend -- claims the Lowes deny.

In a stunning decision yesterday, the judge in the case rejected Boyce's claim that the confidentiality agreement was invalid, on grounds it violated her freedom of speech rights.

The judge has effectively told a bunch of celebrities it's still safe to hire help and make them sign agreements that they won't spill secrets for fun or financial gain.


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Michael Madsen    

He's LONG on spanking.

1963 days ago

Holly C    

celebs are nuts, money = power doesnt always - brains.

1963 days ago


I guess its harder to black mail than the nanny thought.
Glad to hear a signed contract is still protection!
The real victums seem to be the Lowes....

1963 days ago


I am glad it is going well with Rob Lowe and his wife.. You go, Rob!!

1963 days ago

Michael Madsen    

BREAKING NEWS---------------------------
TMZ is running out of stories.

1963 days ago


The plaintiff's lawyers made the wrong argument in this case. The argument should have been this instead. The confidentiality agreement should not shield those who break the law, and use such agreements as cover for the breaking of the law. The plaintiff's claims that she was the target of sexual harrassment, as well as a victim of a hostile working environment should not be undermined due to the restrictions placed forth in the non-disclosure agreement, which were drafted to ensure the personal privacy of the defendants, and not intended to interdict a witness from reporting a crime or crimes. The plaintiff was a victim of multiple crimes while under the employ of the defendants, and was retaliated against after the fact, when she stood up for her rights and came forward to report said crimes. Plaintiff has the right to file a lawsuit as her civil human rights were infringed upon. Further, she has a right to make these claims, as detailed in the lawsuit, and upon the filing said claims with the police, and or, in court, has the right to discuss the content of said reports and or court filings, therein.

Under the the spirit of the law in which a non-disclosure agreement is drafted, it is not designed to be misused in order to protect employers who commit crimes, and hide behind legal clauses in contracts, such as found in this very non-disclosure agreement. For instance, if the plaintiff witnessed a murder or a rape as committed by her employers, should any pre-existing non-disclosure agreement trump the validity of the witness' claims, even if in violation of said agreement? The spirit of the law would suggest not! This judge is wrong, and hence, should be overturned on appeal.

1963 days ago


Rob Lowe wouldn't be in this mess if he had not have married a man in drag.......who would want to watch her ass naked???? If she was hot the nanny would not have spoken up!

1963 days ago


Someone needs a spanking.

1962 days ago


You can't just say one thing and do nothing. Same ol' same ol'.

1962 days ago


hopefully this got videotaped like Rob's last show...

1962 days ago


Nobody gives a rats ass about Lowe or his nanny! TMZ is is incapable of posting stories of relevance!

1962 days ago

Emergency Broadcast System    

Ah, veddy veddy interesting. Does the law also forbid gossip shows & websites for repeating such secrets for fun or profit? I mean hell, if freedom of speech rights don't mean jack to this judge, what about freedom of the press, hmmmm?

1962 days ago


I agree with the judge. She signed a valid contract, no different than the confidentiality agreements involving trade secrets in businesses or military secrets in government. The Lowe's "secrets" are trivial nonsense, but why should that matter?

1962 days ago


I've been a Nanny/PA/Estate Manager for many years . I've worked in Beverly Hills for some VERY wealthy people. I could write a series of novels about my crazy experiences. This stupid girl did nothing but shoot herself in the foot. Granted there is A LOT of abuse when it comes to domestic staff but you have the option of leaving! Nanny jobs are plentiful. She is nothing more than a greedy, disgusting opportunist. She should have found a new job and shut her mouth! A confidentiality agreement is a legally binding agreement. I get sick and tired of these Nannies that write books, sue or break confidentiality agreements. GET A NEW JOB! What is even more hilarious is that she will NEVER get another Nanny job again. It serves her right because she won't win. Can she say "Welcome to Mc Donalds, may I take your order?"

1962 days ago


Duh, Omni. Go back to school. The judge would look at all merits of the case and rule on each. We are getting the bite size pieces TMZ doles out for public consumption.

1962 days ago
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