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Swears to Tell the Truth...

4/27/2009 5:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg is taking the stand in his civil trial in Santa Monica today -- he's gonna be the funkiest witness ever!

Snoop is being sued over a fight that broke out at one of his concerts back in 2005. Richard Monroe Jr. claims Snoop hit him with a brass-knuckle microphone after Monroe jumped onstage -- but Snoop's attorneys claim he acted in self-defense.

We'll give you the blow-by-blow when it all goes down...

3:58 PM PT: Snoop is off the stand -- and looks confident about his testimony.

3:12 PM PT: They're showing video of the fight -- which shows The Game in middle of the tussle. Snoops lawyer just pointed out everyone in the fight -- and it looks like most of them were in The Game's entourage.

3:00 PM PT: The blame game continues. Snoop also says it's Oowee's fault -- his opening act that night -- and his own entourage as well.

2:53 PM PT: Uh oh... Snoop just blamed the Game's entourage -- who were also onstage at the time -- with beating up Monroe. It's on!

2:50 PM PT: Snoop claims he was afraid for his life, and didn't hit the guy with his microphone because he had no balance.

2:47 PM PT: Snoop revelation! He says he drank orange juice while onstage that night -- not gin and juice! Oh the humanity!

2:46 PM PT: Snoop says he's positive he didn't invite Monroe onstage. He said he never invites people on stage except backup dancers.

2:45 PM PT: They're back -- and evidence is being shown. A photo of Snoop's bodyguards going towards Monroe is being shown.

2:24 PM PT
: A small recess is being taken. Apparently 4 minutes of questioning is all Snoop can handle at a time. We kid.

2:22 PM PT: Snoop says a medic came to the bus to check on his hand -- and reiterated that he never hit Monroe with the microphone.

He says he has no idea who beat up Monroe.

2:18 PM PT: Snoop is on the stand, and said he was the one who was attacked -- and thought about suing Monroe.

Snoop says he never hit the guy, and only saw a few seconds of the fight because his bodyguards grabbed him and took him away to his tour bus.

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Snopp is about as gangsta as Urkel. 4 minutes of questioning and he needs his white jewish legal team to tell him what to say. What a joke.

1984 days ago



1984 days ago


The man is a hood and he is inbred, you can see that by how wide apart his eyes are.

1984 days ago


apparently #3 has some inside info on the case. he says snoops lawyers are white, jewish guys. so either #3 is a bigot, has inside info, or took a survey of snoops legal team to find out what religion they are, or maybe he just knows jewish people are smart and educated, so he put 2 and 2 together ... congratulations #3

1984 days ago


I'm sorry. Snoops preforming and some guy jumps on stage and then puts his hands on the performer. All bets are off. You have no idea what this guy is up to. Performers have been killed. Snoop was just quicker than his security team using the only thing available to him, his mike. How many times have we seen 4 security guards land on someone doing this exact same thing. It doesn't mater how black, gangsta or hood you think snoop is. He has the right to protect himself. So not only did this guy do something stupid,but now he wants to get paid for it.

1984 days ago


That concertgoer would be lucky to get beat by Snoop's mic!!

1983 days ago


Yeah, you're right. Snoop ain't a Toby Keith...

But we all knew those hip-hop folk lack the spine them good ol' boy Country singers have...

1983 days ago


Interesting. dirt on the witness stand. Anyone who has heard Snoop talk, know he is ignorant than mush..

1983 days ago


I know it for sure it was Oowee's fault. After the incident he was pissed off that his brand new kicks had blood all over them. He was pissed. Why isn't Oowee on the stand? Snoop was out of there as he stated.

1981 days ago

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