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'Jon & Kate Plus' ... Each Other

5/4/2009 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted with another woman this weekend ... his wife, Kate.


While pics surfaced of Jon leaving a nightclub with a lady friend last week, the not-so-happy couple appeared together at something called the Pennsylvania Women's Show this weekend.

Although Jon claims the woman was just a friend, he did admit his actions "showed poor judgement" ... much like Kate's choice in hairstyles.


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#18 She cares for those kids ??? At first, yes, but she's jetting around the country (WITHOUT THEM) promoting her book, and sucking up for any free item thrown her way. She's created this media frenzy. Be careful what you wish for, Kate...

1993 days ago


Why cant people give these people any praise. They are a very loving family and you can tell the parents only concern are their children.
Sure they show when she blows up for the camera because people love to hate and they make her the bad guy to do that.
Team Jon and Kate
I love them!

1993 days ago


First off ... Kate is an ass ... She's a passive aggressive jerk! She has 8 kids to boss around, you'd figure that would be more than enough, but it seems she looks at Jon as another child. Jon can do whatever the hell he wants ... He works, brings home a check to that witch, puts food and clothes on all their backs. If Kate has any kind of a brain ... she'll look the other way. You don't know how good you got it til' you F it up. As long as he's taking care of the kids ... THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS!!!!

1992 days ago


I can not believe that Jon has put up with her this long. She is so ugly and rude to him. Treating him like a child and disrespecting him. I would've s;apped her a long time ago. The way she treats those kids is another horrible thing, she acts like they are such a burden. Kate you are a witch!

1992 days ago

Someone who is praying for them!    

Kate and Jon if you read these comments please know that there are some folk who are pryaing fro you guys....and love your show and can appreciate what it must be like to have 8 kids...I have 6! I wish you guys the best. Stay strong and keep your eyes on the Lord! BTW I love your hair!!

1992 days ago


The back of Kate's head looks like a porcupine's butt.

1992 days ago


no 271, you took the words right out of my mouth !!!!!!!!!!!

1992 days ago


It's time for the show to be split, one week with Kate and one week with Jon.

1992 days ago


I have to honestly say Id want to get out of that house too! Maybe a guys night out might be more appropriate, Ive watched the show several times, I stopped when Kate wouldn't give someone a pic of the kids, she insisted the lady pay $20 for it!! I saw a woman who seems to want money, who belittles her husband all the time & in front of their children, I think shes controlling & bossy & doesn't let him be the man because shes too worried about being in the spotlight. She can't continue this behavior toward a man. This marriage is on the rocks either way & has nothing to do with the kids or how many there are. I have no doubt Jon loves them but lets face it, how many of us would stay with a woman who speaks for him, cuts him off, cant handle stress, degrades him as a man just by how she talks to him & on & on-they should seek counseling because if he doesn't get his feelings out, he will end up leaving-though Kate might not be in shambles too long because she'd get more money & more media coverage-she doesn't need food because she eating up all the attention on her. The show isn't even about those kids- its about Kate!

1992 days ago


OH Please get over it. You try being in these peoples shoes leave them alone he is a damn good dad and shereally does have her crap together. she wants things how she wants them, what woman doesnt especially with kids, you also got to give her credit that she does a heck of alot when the lights arent on and we have no idea where john is. Im a single mom of 3 and its hard every day but Im personally glad my business isnt out there and I raise them how I want. Atleast they wont be crack heads or have been raised around bad influnces during their life. Jon and Kate are trying to teach morals and values and believe me Im sure she is no easy person but you know what neither am I and we are so much alike in wanting things done correctly so we dont have to go behind them and do it again- we may have well just did it ourself to stop the fuss. Just think about this for once what if your own drama between friends and family was displayed out there for millions to see (just as a normal person) how would you feel. I know none of us are perfect but I also know everyone who wants to judge a star because they are in the spotlight never sits back and thinks about their own mess going on in their own homes or schools or neighborhoods. So lets remember we are not in middle school people. Give them their space and privacy too. No wonder we see legends fall out of the lime light- They want a normal life, Whats normal you may ask? Well look at your life -atleast you dont have to run and hide every second of the day when you awake-God gave them a perfect plan and he will never give them more then they can handle/ so stop judging, you have no clue...

1991 days ago


The economy is near collapse and the Taliban are on the eve of acquiring nuclear weapons but, hey, lets all make a fuss over two idiots from a reality TV show.

what a country....

1991 days ago


hope he is using protection...just what he needs more kids

1991 days ago


"As for Kate, she sounds like almost every other wife I know when she is yelling or making comments to Jon. We all make snide remarks to our husbands. I don't believe for a second that she is as awfull as the press makes her out to be."

I *never* make snide remarks to my husband! I RESPECT him.

1991 days ago


Kate Gosselin is a bitch, and Jon is an immature ass. Somebody please think of those kids and pull the plug on their show.

1991 days ago

Justin Godfrey    

There's a lot more on this at JonGosselin(.)com.

He was sunbathing with her only 7 days after being seen with her at a bar!? This is either a man that doesn't care if he gets caught or a publicity stunt...think about it. They are earning money from this...3 books, a TV show, this controversy only lines their pockets a bit more.

1990 days ago
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