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'Jon & Kate Plus' ... Each Other

5/4/2009 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted with another woman this weekend ... his wife, Kate.


While pics surfaced of Jon leaving a nightclub with a lady friend last week, the not-so-happy couple appeared together at something called the Pennsylvania Women's Show this weekend.

Although Jon claims the woman was just a friend, he did admit his actions "showed poor judgement" ... much like Kate's choice in hairstyles.


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I am very dissapointed in all the woman who are blaming Kate for John's infidelity. Women need to start supporting and encouraging other women. I think it is very sad that she is being attacked by TMZ ( the blond girl on TMZ) for all to see, and acting like there are valid reasons for cheating on a spouse. If Jon wasn't happy, he should have LEFT HER -NOT CHEATED! To all of you, especially you women, who are judging Kate; why don't you have 8 kids, a husband that's an idiot, be attacted and humiliated in the public eye, betrayed by a husband that doesn't appreciate how hard it is to be a wife, and a mother of 8 kids, and see if you can do a better job. She has every right to get stressed out, upset and be in a bad mood. Being short tempered and aggervated at times, does not mean she is a bitch; Having to be in control of a very large family does not mean she is controlling; And, obviously, working for TMZ (if you are a certain blond girl), does not mean that you don't sound like an idiot every time you open your mouth!

1907 days ago

She's Dumb    

That is a spray tan. Look at the palm of her hand. She is such a bit*#,I cannot stand her! This does not excuse Jon's behavior either, if you need to run around with other woman well into the early morning hours while your wife is on a book signing in another state, then I think someone should be considering divorce. Obviously someone is not happy. But a better question is, who is taking care of the kids when jon is out running around? That to me is such poor parenting.

1906 days ago


This show is pathetic......a money grab for kate.....Jon stays and takes her crap for a slice of the pie ,and so he doesn't have to get a real job. The kids are actors , I hope they all get an equal share of the pie and the money being put in trust for them......I hope their agents (kate & Jon) don't screw them out of their money when they are older what happens to so many child actors........the one thing that makes me cringe , is at the beginning when the kids say "On this episode of Jon and Kate plus eight"........pure exploitation.

1906 days ago

sam mains    

they look pissed at each other..dude stop picking up on other girls while she is next to you. By the was a must visit website

1905 days ago

Fran from PA    

Kate is woman ruled by an unhealthy need to control everything in her life. Her behavior seems to snuff the life out of ppl, especially poor Jon. Although I can’t stomach the woman, Jon needs to move mountains in order to attempt a healing of his marriage. He is wrong for looking for emotional (or other) relief in another woman, no matter the environment in which he lives. He married her, had 8 children with her, and agreed to a reality TV show, with her. If nothing else, he needs to be an example for his children.

1905 days ago


Team Jon - Kate's a total beoootch.

1905 days ago



Money isn't worth living a miserable life. Incidentally, if Jon is cheating, it's not Kate's fault; it's a decision he made.

I don't think they're good parents; they're doing just what happened to the Dionne quints in the 1930s--the Dionne parents exploited their children and let them grow up in a bizarre and very artificial setting. It's not easy raising children, much less multiples, but if you want what's best for them, you do what's best for them - not what's most convenient for you (or what gets you the most money).

I know a couple who have six children under twelve, who work very hard to support and raise those children; and they have six of the most well-behaved, respectful children I've ever met. They have never asked for handouts or freebies, and they love and respect one another as well as other people. That's the sort of environment you want your kids to grow up in, isn't it? A college fund is nice, but if the money needs to be spent on therapy because you spent your formative years watching your mother constantly belittle your father, and recognised young that your father had no real interest in any of his children, what's the point?

Someone suggested that what goes on in front of the cameras might not be how the family lives when the cameras aren't on them. Then it's not reality, is it? I think that a family who was really loving and close wouldn't be able to act as awful as the Gosselins do, as often as they do.

Just my two centimes.

1905 days ago

Sunflower Faye    

Kate is Alawys ALWAYS raggin on Jon... Give him a Break... she is such a BEYAOTCH to him.. she BeLITTLE's him Puts him down. I HATE THE WAY KATE TREATS JON!!!! I am GLAD AND SO HAPPY JON is spending some time with a WOMAN and NOT THAT (B) ithchy!!! W*IFE!!! You GO Jon you deserve to be treated right! KATE is RUDE and CRUDE to you Jon. Kate dose not give you ANY CREDIT THAT YOU deserve not ONE SINGLE OUNCE. but she sure can go OVER FLOWING WITH ALL THE PUT DOWNS AND BELITTLING HUH!!! Jon I read most of the comments and like 95% of the commenting people i AGREE Kate is a B*TCH to YOU..... I hope you find PEACE in your life...

1905 days ago


Kate is a bad wife to Jon, not to mention a mother who is raising a house full of mini-drama queens while walking all over their father in front of them.

Why is Jon looking for kindness and respect from another woman a shock? The fact that he's stayed with Kate is more concerning to me, why would any man endure such abuse from a malignant narcissist?

1904 days ago


What is this BS about 'us women sticking together behind Kate?" So because I have a vagina I'm supposed to excuse another woman's cruelty towards her husband? I didn't get the memo hun, I though I had the right to think freely and speak the truth.

All I read are excuses for Kate's insanity (and yes, the woman is mentally ill!). From 'she's raising 8 kids'...yes, and I can think of lots of women raising large families who aren't raging she-devils and demanding money left and right. I read 'She's stressed and snaps at Jon." What planet do you live on? There is a difference between being cranky, cross, snappish etc versus overt verbal abuse and total disrespect. The things she's said to Jon are unforgivable. Not once, not twice, but nearly every episode I watched for almost 2 months.

I didn't see a happy family, but instead a tragedy of bad choices, horrible parenting, damaged kids, a mad-woman at the helm and a relatively easy going husband being ripped to shreds by a woman who clearly loathes him!

Him having an affair is a good shows he still has a soul in need of love. Kate on the other hand is a sucks all the light out of others. May she get the life she deserves.

1904 days ago


The show does not show the organic chef, numerous cleaning people, laundry personel, and the mother's helpers. Kate doesn't lift a finger unless the camaras are rolling. Kate travels with steve and leaves her kids for four to six weeks at a time to attend book signings and speaking engagements. Kate will not give up the show to even try and save her marriage. She strongly believes that society should pay for in-vitro. conceived children. She signed a contract eith Jon that he may have girlfriends as long as he sows up for the T.V. screenings. As of May 21st. Jon and Kate are not speaking to each other. Both are very angry. Jon is a good dad he's been the one caring for the children while Kate travels. If there is a divorce Jon can receive full custody of the children if he wishes since he is the more reliable parent. The children are unaware according to Kate. I do not believe that. Children are very sensitive and I am sure pick up on the fact soething is very wrong. I wish TLC would stop airing this un-reality program.

1894 days ago


why should they be different from any other cheating couple? Whats happened to struggling thru the hard times They should have never put their business out there!!!!!!! By the way Kates hair is cute

1892 days ago

don't judge, until you've walked a mile in their shoes    

Sad thing is, I am sitting here reading this crap too... Pathetic really, don't ya think? I think people should back off! Whatever their reasons were for doing the show, I'm sure they BOTH signed the contracts, if Jon wasn't up for it he should not have agreed. And as far her being pissed off in the pic, wouldn't you be?? Several jerks with cameras running around that won't back off... glad it wasn't me! A couples marriage is hard enough without having to deal with this crap! TMZ and all other tabloids should be ashamed of themselves, but it's all about the $$$$$ !!! Right?

Ohh and ANY mother that says she would not be a control freak if she had eight kids is a liar! You would have to be,

I hope the very best for their family, and pray that they will pull through this. God Bless!

1890 days ago


oh please kate looks cute

1912 days ago


I'm glad I'm not the only one that think that hairstyle is horrible for her.

1912 days ago
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