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'Jon & Kate Plus' ... Each Other

5/4/2009 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted with another woman this weekend ... his wife, Kate.


While pics surfaced of Jon leaving a nightclub with a lady friend last week, the not-so-happy couple appeared together at something called the Pennsylvania Women's Show this weekend.

Although Jon claims the woman was just a friend, he did admit his actions "showed poor judgement" ... much like Kate's choice in hairstyles.


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demis bicycle seat    

its all a fraud they have housekeepers nannies etc and want you to think that the 2 of them do all the work!! far from it the 2 of them run to the bank or chill in the mansion while others do the work

1961 days ago


John & Kate - Ingrate!

1961 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

she's a pain in the butt,she constantly talks and complaints,she probably drove him over the edge,she gets on my nerves and I am not even married to her. he needed some strange

1961 days ago


I often do click on the channel where their show is because I think the kids are adorable, and so is Jon...but Kate. She's always WHINING about something and making it known that she is WAY better than "simple" Jon, and she laughs at him, but he doesn't care. He is the coolest guy. He is probably thinking "this stupid woman thinks I don't notice how she's acting," or perhaps at those moments he is trying to get the interview segment over quick so he can get away from her. She acts like she doesn't like him and thinks he's a simpleton. And that hairdo! PLUH-EEEEZE! What is her PROBLEM?!!? WHO gave her the tip, where did she ever see anything like what she's got on top of her head that she felt the need to copy...or is that a tumor with hair on it? That's is, right?

1961 days ago

Linda Mott    

I love the show, but all those kids have got to be a strain on anyone. He was a young carefree kid, when he married her. She is totally in charge and that has got to be hard on his ego. She doesn't give him any credit for what he does.

1961 days ago


Been watching the show since it started...Kate has been constantly belittling Jon in front of the viewers...He just takes it in stride...wonder what happens when the cameras are turned's not like 24/7 being monitored...if Kate keeps on being so demanding and keeps "looking" down on's not going to surprise me if he does "stray away"...She is pushing all the wrong buttons on Jon...I think Kate has some kind of superiority complex...Maybe she thinks she is the "star" of the show...or the kids are getting to her system...

1961 days ago


we all take bad pictures sometimes, but she looks like hell-things have certainly changed since the beginning of this show, Kate has turned it into nothing more than one big business-when she is home, and not out promoting this book or that dvd, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of warmth and interaction on anyone's part-she said that they did hire a "helper", not a nanny-she's a real piece of work-I hope things are different when the cameras are off, for the kids sake anyway

1961 days ago


Only watched the show once out of curiosity as an early am radio station was talking about this crazy dysfunctional couple with 8 kids.And -yeah its a mess.Woman is a manhater at best and he must have been strapped up to some bull riding bull gear that castrated him from the word go....Puzzles me how can a man let a woman boss him into oblivion? As a woman I sure as heck dont let anyone bully me-I can remain independent yet wish to be close to a man and still feminine. Guess theres a Freudian thing with her CHOPPING off her hair,ya think???? What the heck happened to these 2????? Oh yeah- 8 kids.....Maybe thats enough to put anyone over the edge but I really dont think so. She had ball grinding experience from the get go and he just dont got his....She can grow her hair back but can he get his balls back?????

1961 days ago


She has changed sssooo much How long can they keep up this life style that property alone cost around a million must be nice to whore out your kids for the first 5-6 years of their life Good Luck when they are teens and you both move back down to reality

1961 days ago


Umm...what's wrong with Kate's leg??? Nevermind her horrible hairstyle...her leg's black!! That can't be normal...

1961 days ago


Kates has THE worst hairstyle I have ever seen. Why would anyone have the back all choppy and sticking up and then those awful loong heavy bangs hanging in front?!! HORRIBLE. And all the chunky highlights just scream soccer MOM to me. Would think shes got someone to advise her on her hair now.

1961 days ago


you know she's loving every minute of the paparazzi experience.

1961 days ago


How does one style their hair as Kate has? It looks like she has a major case of bed head. She should not let her kids comb her hair before going out in public!

1961 days ago


Wow, she really looks pissed- what a change!

1961 days ago

I use to watch    

Honestly, I don't want to be harsh like some people and I will admit I do watch the show from time to time when they run it on TLC. That said, I really noticed a shift in this season. It just isn't the way it use to be. Kate has always been a control freak and I can't really blame her with that many children. However, she needs to stop criticizing Jon so much. She really puts him down... A LOT. Sorry if you are a hardcore fan of the show but facts are facts. Not only can he barely get a word in when they do the interviews on the couh but anything he does say is just met with a snide comment by Kate. LET HIM TALK and realize that he is a man and might express himself differently. Also, I caught the last episode and was shocked by Kate's nonchalant attitude about Jon admitting he is not sure he is happy with all the media attention. Kate's response was simply that she loved and that basically, he needed to get over it. I always root for couples to weather the storm since all marriages have ups and downs but Kate needs to realize her husband is not happy. Maybe they should try counseling or something. Love the kids, I hope this does not impact them...

1961 days ago
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