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'Jon & Kate Plus' ... Each Other

5/4/2009 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin from "Jon & Kate Plus 8" was spotted with another woman this weekend ... his wife, Kate.


While pics surfaced of Jon leaving a nightclub with a lady friend last week, the not-so-happy couple appeared together at something called the Pennsylvania Women's Show this weekend.

Although Jon claims the woman was just a friend, he did admit his actions "showed poor judgement" ... much like Kate's choice in hairstyles.


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Geeze, they are famous for having a litter of babies. Ridiculous! And her hair looks like she never combs the back. She's a total b*tch to Jon, and if he hasn't left her yet he will soon. (probably not soon enough for him)

1976 days ago


Don't they look happy? Hell no, she's such a bitch.

1976 days ago

Cuckoo In California    

I used to watch J&K+8 when the 6 were babies and the twins were still
adorable. Kate has always been rigid, self-centered, cold-hearted
the while her hand is out for whatever anyone wanted to hand her. I
think piling up the freebies became a sport for her all the while her
head kept getting bigger and bigger like she was some fabulous
celebrity. Early on she stated that when just one of the family
members didn't want to do the show any longer, they would quit.
WELL....Jon has been so unhappy for the past 2 years, has been pretty
vocal in interviews lately what a strain the show is on him and his
family but I don't see them quitting. Mady is one unhappy kid but the
money the family seems more important than the kid. Kate has Jon by the short
hairs and the invisible ring she has through his nose that she pulls
him by. He has nowhere to go. He doesn't have a single thought
any longer, well I guess he does but those thoughts took him into
bars late at night so I guess his thinking is completely screwed up.
The show is the family's income and now that it's upwards of a
million dollars a year there is no way Jon can leave. He's stuck. When the
show started they all lived in a small home, then moved to a 4
bedroom home and remodeled it to accomodate their needs but Kate
wasn't happy with that because now they live in a 1.3 million dollar
home. Now that she has become a tv whore who has exploited those
poor kids nothing will stop her now unless everyone quits watching
this train wreck. Don't by the books. Don't watch the show. Maybe
we can give Jon his sanity back by having the cameras pulled out of
his mansion where he can take more control of that loud-mouthed,
self-righteous witchy wife of his. Clearly her fame has gone
completely to her controlling head and it has run amok. Has anyone
ever wondered why her family is never seen? They can't stand her.
Why isn't Jon's family seen? They can't stand her either. There is
more to this story and I'm sure TMZ will keep on it!

1976 days ago


I love them! If I had 8 kids I would be a little grouchy at times too - geez people!

1976 days ago


I've seen the show a few times. I recall Jon saying in one episode that he would do anything for his kids. I assume that means staying with someone like her so he doesn't have to work. He'd be paying thousands in child support and alimony if he left her and he knows it. Poor guy, lol.

1976 days ago



1976 days ago


she probably has not spint that man's head round in months, she is so mean to him... yeah it always start out as friends.

1976 days ago


Good for him,i would cheat on her too. How can any guy let a woman boss them around like that?You got to put a chick like that in her place,and let her know who runs that house.

1976 days ago

Sue Wong    


1976 days ago

Doom Cat    

They exploited their kids enough to buy a $1.3 million house, but she still goes to Super Cuts? How do you get anyone to cut your hair like that? Ugh. She is an ugly person inside and out. I have never heard anyone speak to her kids and husband the way she does.. and it is BS she is stressed out from taking care of the family. She has tons of help and is never even home.

Dr. Drew's Gosselin rehab 2015, coming soon...

1976 days ago

Sue Wong    

Only brain dead morons watch this crap.

1976 days ago

Terminator X    

Look her hair can be fixed, the bob gone wrong as I like to call it. But her personality.............yeah that's broken, That woman is so ugly on the inside it's hard for me to notice the outside. Jon please get out while you can, that bitch will kill you in your sleep and these dumb whores that support Kate....I get it too OJ.

1976 days ago



1976 days ago


To cleaner79
Not only does Kate have time to get her hair done, she manages to hit the tanning salon and get her teeth whitened as well. All that and she STILL finds time to bitch at her husband... How does she do it???

1976 days ago


It's all about the MONEY...

1976 days ago
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