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LaLa -- Racist Mavericks Fans Attacked Me First

5/12/2009 6:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LalaCarmelo Anthony's fiance LaLa Vazquez has released a statement claiming racial taunts and violent threats from Dallas Mavericks fans incited her at last night's NBA playoff game:

"Obviously the play-off games bring out the best and the worst in fans but what happened on Monday night with the racial slurs/threats, verbal attacks on my son and physical attacks to myself by irate fans was unacceptable. The fans were totally out of control.

What the cameras captured was me defending myself and didn't show the abuse that was taking place."

Footage shot at last night's game showed LaLa cursing and getting hostile as security tried to escort her out of the stands.

The Mavs and the Nugs are set to face off again tomorrow night.

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As some who lives in Dallas and has suffered through the obnoxious fans here, I would not be surprised if what she is saying is true. Come on, look at the OWNER said and did.....you think the FANS are any better!!!! I was really hoped for a sweep. I had my brooms painted and all to leave for some of my friends here that do not know any better than to like the Mavericks, of course they like the Cowboys too.

As for the racism in the NBA…..hello half those players are being exploited for the WHITE owners to make money off of. Of course the league is racist, unfortunately most things are. {And I am white, by the way; not that it matters!}

Not all people from the south are rednecks....some of us brought class here from the north :) GO NUGGETS!!!!

1990 days ago

Mr Steven    

just because the nba has mostly black players dont mean a thing. ive notice things about the nba too when a white player canplay good they say o he has good skills be liet them talk about a black player. its sad things stuff go on like this in america these days not sayin there isnt any racist black people. but race is still a big issues in america. i remember when i worked at a sears store i worn some dockers and a black polo (our ubniform) walking behind this whit lady and she kept lookin back and finally moved 2 the side so i could walk past her. it was kind of funny but hurtful at the same time. here i am on my way 2 work dress causal with dress shoes and this lady think im trying 2 mug her. its sad 2 me. ive even had some black people asked if i sold drugs because of my car and how i dress. its sad u cant judge ppl on how they look. get 2 know a person be4 u say all dat.

1990 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

Lala Vasquez is a Puerto Rican woman and she looks like many of the Puerto Rican women I see in East Harlem everyday of the week. Puerto Ricans come in all colors dark and light. I am Dominican and proud to be but Lala conducted herself badly being loud and disrespectful. Dominican women do not act that way. Lala should apologize to the fans and to Mr. Cuban.

1990 days ago



1990 days ago


Does anyone find it ironic that LaLa is one of the "Deans" of the new season of Charm School? Maybe she'd be better off as a student...

1990 days ago


Some of you have the nerve to be racist towards non-whites, yet haven't mastered your own mother tongue - English. Your grammar, and spelling, is horrible. The one's you're being racist towards can speak and write your language better than you!

1990 days ago


Always the race card...always use the RACE CARD! We live in a world full of technology and your telling me fans were being racist and brutal and you could not capture on your phone or camera? Get real LaLa....You are not famous enough for people to taunt you into a scwable. Maybe you can be one of the girls on Charm School.

1990 days ago


How else is a person supposed to react when they're being racially accosted? How would some of you white people liked it if a non-white person sat behind you and called you, your mother, your father and your child a honkey all night? What if you were surrounded by mostly non-whites? Let's see how you'd react.

1990 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

if she is on a show called Charm School I hope she plays the role of the loud, foul mouth, immigrant maid. She would when an Emmy I'm sure, doing what comes naturally to her. I hope her husband's team loses.

1990 days ago


I have three letters for you people ... P ... M ... S ...

Explains so much with so little.

1990 days ago


Hey, you can't always be a lady when you're forced to defend your own honor, or what you stand for. Ask any woman that's gone to war. They put you out in the field, you're not going to sit there with your legs crossed.

1990 days ago

R.I.P Nuggets    

I'm Mexican and I was at the game and Lala was cursing everyone out in Spanish because she didn't think they would understand her. She is a disgrace and the officials were right to throw her out. I would have done so myself because her type always behave badly. Adios Lala, go back to new York.

1990 days ago


That's it, sista...
Play the race card to excuse your trashy behavior.

1990 days ago


#83, STFU. Most of you Mexicans are racist against anyone with a noticeable drop of African ancestry, even among your own nationality. You're not even considering what they said to her.

1990 days ago


She is rican NOT Dominican. Please dont tarnish the nice people of the dominican republic with associations of that nasty ass lala bit*h.
Lala is just mad that no one cares about her, especially MTV, YOU WILL NEVER BE FAMOUS, QUIT TRYING!

1990 days ago
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