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'Real Housewife' -- Real Small Paycheck

5/21/2009 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura WaringReal Housewife of Orange County Lauri Waring is demanding more cash from her ex husband -- and it's probably because she claims to only make 400 bucks a month.

In legal papers filed in Orange County Superior Court, Waring claims she has over $12,000 in expenses per month, and the money she's already getting from Phillip Waring just ain't cuttin' it.

Lauri claims she's tryin' to help out, stating in the docs that she's working two jobs -- insurance agent and actress. Yeah, actress. Right.

BTW -- Lauri estimates Phil pulls in around $360,000 a year.

UPDATE: We just talked to Lauri, who gave us a completely different side to this story. Lauri says her ex is the one trying to modify how much money she's getting -- not her -- meaning he doesn't wanna pay her at all any more. She says because of this, she had to turn in an expense report -- which is the document that said she only makes 400 bones a month.


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SoCal Razzles    

$12,000 per month to her plastic surgeon is more like it. That woman needs to just stop with it already.

1920 days ago


her name is Laurie......

1919 days ago


Another example of why American matrimony is in the sorry state it's in. And don't expect it to get any better during this generation or the next.

1919 days ago


what hppened to tht dufas George, what does she nee the money for ..more plastic surgery...perhaps this time she will look lke a woman.

1919 days ago


Why would she need jack from her ex? Doesn't she have George? Is this crap even real? Ha!

1919 days ago


Her name is Lori, not Laura

1919 days ago

me so horny    

why should anyone care about money loving tart, I have no respect for women who are gold diggers ef this Whore!

1919 days ago


The "Real Housewives" lady is named LAURI, not Laura. And, she's remarried and therefore no longer entitled to spousal support. TMZ, are ya sure you got the right lady? Maybe someone with a similar name is divorced and asking for support.

1919 days ago

calling it like i see it    

First of all her name is Laurie. She does have three children, two are grown. It doesn't matter if she is remarried or not, she is seeking increase in child support, not alimony. If the father of her child makes over 300 g a year, she is entitled to more than 400 dollars in child support, regardless of whom she is married too. Regardless of what you think of her, both of she and her ex or responisble for the welfare of the minor child. He should pay more. I'm tired of men fathering chidren and then not wanting to take care of them. TEAM LAURIE

1919 days ago


This story is OLD!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Can't believe TMZ is so dumb.

1919 days ago


How about she gets a job just like the rest of America? I'm sick of these bitches getting paid for doing NOTHING, and then bitching about it on TV. What a hard life....

1919 days ago


Isn't her last name Peterson now? It's sort of lame reporting by TMZ if you ask mention of her current husband.

I don't think she needs the money, but her ex is responsible for his child and it should be proportionate to his income. Why should he get off easy paying less for his kid just because she has money thru her current husband? To me, as long as the money is going to the child (I guess the youngest one is his?) then I have no problem with her asking for more. By law, the child is entitled to be fully supported financially by both parents.

1919 days ago

Carrys F.    

She must be the ABSOLUTE WORST actress and insurance agent in history if she's only making $400 a month. Oh, I've seen her show. She IS the worst actress in the world.

1919 days ago

just sick    

Lauri needs to get a life.. she is nothing but a money grubbing ho.... i mean she cannot even control her kids. Her son is a drug addict loser on his way to jail. Probably strung out on drugs because he is sick of watching the ho of a mother flaunt her self all over these rich jerks!!!

1919 days ago


She should post an ad in Craigslist under erotic services....I might pay her...

1919 days ago
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