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'Real Housewife' -- Real Small Paycheck

5/21/2009 5:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laura WaringReal Housewife of Orange County Lauri Waring is demanding more cash from her ex husband -- and it's probably because she claims to only make 400 bucks a month.

In legal papers filed in Orange County Superior Court, Waring claims she has over $12,000 in expenses per month, and the money she's already getting from Phillip Waring just ain't cuttin' it.

Lauri claims she's tryin' to help out, stating in the docs that she's working two jobs -- insurance agent and actress. Yeah, actress. Right.

BTW -- Lauri estimates Phil pulls in around $360,000 a year.

UPDATE: We just talked to Lauri, who gave us a completely different side to this story. Lauri says her ex is the one trying to modify how much money she's getting -- not her -- meaning he doesn't wanna pay her at all any more. She says because of this, she had to turn in an expense report -- which is the document that said she only makes 400 bones a month.


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Pizza Girl    

Phil Waring is a sniveling loser who needs to get over Lauri already and pay more attention to his current wife Kim.

1978 days ago

Pizza Girl    

I'd do fact I'd do anybody!

1978 days ago

So What    

Lauri is also being sued by her cosmetic dentst. It's listed on OC Superior Court City of Orange public records link. Maybe that's why she needs money. While there, look at how many times this woman, just like George, has litigated the hell out of their X spouses. I think there is trouble in paradise. They have both had more than enough time to realize how the other is made up and they don't like what they ended up with. Life is tuff, suck it up. George does not have the kind of money he threw around on the show. He lives from pay-check-to pay check, nothing in savings or retirement accounts, just like many other high spenders who likes to pose. He is a phoney just like his new bride.

1978 days ago

So What    

Hey Pizza Girl. Ever think about Phil doing his best to avoid Lauri but Lauri refuses to leave him alone, constantly at his heels like a nagging little dog ? Huh, Pizza? Naw, you didn't. You aren't smart enough.

1978 days ago


She's marrid to George so your information is wrong.

1978 days ago

The Fuzz    

Josh had a hearing yesterday for violation of probation associated with his drug charges last year. He was sentenced to 160 days in jail.

1978 days ago


When she married George, that should have been it for any sort of support from the ex other than maybe some child support.

1978 days ago

So What    

I know for a fact, Phil Waring pays Lauri in excess of $3,000 in monthly child support.

1978 days ago

Pizza Girl    

Luarie is a fraud just like me

1978 days ago


Lauri has dragged Phil through the courts for years. It's her full time job so she doesn't have time to get a real job. She doesn't spend the money or any time with Sophia. Poor kid goes to the Y every day all summer.

1978 days ago


TMZ - you guys better start checking your facts. Lauri married George Peterson a while back. If anything, she's looking for more child support (only for the principle) because I believe George is a billionaire. Lauri hasn't worked for a paycheck since before she left Real Housewives of Orange County. Tisk Tisk TMZ... just because other sites post incorrect info, I expected MORE from you. Where the heck is Harvey?

1978 days ago

So What    


George was a millionaire, on paper, dear. Ask him what he has saved over the years for a rainy day? Nada! Ask him what his cash flow is like today - the cash he never put away for that rainy day. Lauri is looking for a meal ticket out of the 2500 sq ft home they live in That closet floor she is sleeping on is getting pretty hard.

1978 days ago

So What    

George is not a real estate investor. He is a commercial real estate developer, gone broke. Lived beyond his means for many years, put nothing away, has no investments, and the banks are not loaning him or his company money. End of story.

Lauri is setting herself up to live off her X husband, the reason she is asking for the enormous amount of child support. Think about it. She forfeited buying her daughter a lap top and instead bought herself jewelry, witnessed on the show, so what makes you think $12,000 would be used to raise one kid? Lauri doesn;t like having to ask George for money and she hates having to live by his rules, and he sure has them. It's Georges way or the highway. George was all show, now he is broke and a control freak.

I know George and have for many years. I know Lauri. They deserve each other but now neither one can stand the other. REALITY set it quickly.

1977 days ago

sugar shack    

what happen to her black amex card???? I bet all her crazy friend's are so happy for her.

1977 days ago
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