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Kobe to Maid -- You Can Sue, But You Can't Talk!

5/23/2009 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa have filed a cross-complaint against their former maid -- but all they really want is for her to keep her mouth shut.

Launch docs

According to court docs filed yesterday, the Bryants fully acknowledge Maria Jimenez's right to battle them in court -- although they say her claims of abuse are "without merit." What the Bryants are really concerned with is the confidentiality agreement they claim Jimenez signed when she was hired in 2007 -- which prevents her from talking to the press and other third parties.

The Bryants feel, according to the docs, that Jimenez's press tour following her lawsuit is in violation of that agreement.

Jimenez is suing the Bryants, specifically claiming Vanessa was incredibly abusive -- even demanding that she put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve a tag from her blouse

They are all due back in court in July.

UPDATE: William Vogeler, potential Kobe-stopper and lawyer for Maria Jimenez has just released an exclusive statement to TMZ.

"The Bryants claim that they treated Maria Jimenez with the utmost respect, yet they want to silence her from talking about it. Fortunately, my client has a First Amendment right to talk about how they treated her.

Ultimately, a judge and jury will decide what really happened in the Bryant's home, And the last time I checked, the court is open to the public."

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First Bitches!!!!!

1978 days ago


...and second!

1978 days ago

My two cents    

The problem is that Vanessa is a royal damn SNOB. Her attitude in and around OC is legendary with her nose always up in the air. She literally treats people as if they are so beneath her. I have to say that what she did to this maid DID IN FACT HAPPEN. The Bryant's should just cough up the money to shut the maid up and attribute it to their damn attitudes. Attitudes like the ones they have COST MONEY. Too damn bad. Either learn to be nicer people or pay up and shut up.

1978 days ago


Thanks to the seeming bungling of the Rob Lowe case, every nitwit celeb will think they can hide abusive behavior behind a confidentiality agreement.

Hopefully that poor woman in the rape case against this guy is doing ok,

1978 days ago

Triple Play    

He sis a Michael Jordan Wannabe and she is a spoiled BIATCH. I hope that the maid rakes them good

1978 days ago

Triple Play    

what a shame that two young wealthy people would take advantage of an employee. I have read that Vanessa is a shrew. Money geabbing little Ho bag BiZCH

1978 days ago


kobe cant even speak english, with his lo-drawl mumbling thinking he's all gangsta, and his wife is a stupid dumb whore who will put up with anything her man does because she just wants to have a famous husband like a leach. just two more hoodrats trying to act thug and silence another human being, normally their type does it with guns not lawsuits.

1978 days ago

Triple Play    

#'s 7,8,and 9 you all hit a home run.kobe tries to act toughm but I saw one fight that he was in during a game and he was swinging like the Puss that he is Vanessa is a Ho her claws are deep in to kpbe's A$$

1978 days ago



1978 days ago


This is a no brainer. Vanessa Bryant's future will be like Juanita Jordan's. She will be dumped one day. The bitch better enjoy it while she can, because she''ll be thrown out in the trash one day. He cheated on her early in their marriage. What? You don't think he's still doing it? He just found a way to hide it better, that's all. You're days are numbered in the marriage Vanessa. Better start getting humble...if that's possible.

1978 days ago


KJIH-TV, are you an internet thug? I bet you are! You know macho online, coward in "real life." Anyway, do the world a favor and keep your empty comments to yourself. Cheers!!!

1978 days ago


Wow, well I was going to put my two cents in till I read everybody else's comments. Thanks everybody for saving me the time. Oh, except for #13 Beltifi, Kobe is a rapist that got away with one because of his celebrity and I hope someone does that to him one day and you know as soon as his career is over his wife is going to file for divorce and take half his money. Saying these things don't make you a internet thug, people are just tired of people like them treating people like us (including you) like dirt.

1978 days ago

Triple Play    

#14 I think that it is funny that people like you defend an A hole like Kobe. He and his wife have an attitude that they are better than everyone and that would include you. His time will come and so will hers. Please don't throw yourself in front of the Karma train to save them. neither of them know you and if they did they wouldn't care.

1978 days ago


Hmm ....if what she says is not true then how is she violating a confidentiality agreement? Why do they want her to keep her mouth shut so badly? Because it;s ALL TRUE!!! Vanessa doesn't want the world to know what a biatch she is behind closed doors. Ooops, too late. WE ALREADY KNOW.

1978 days ago


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