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Mysterious Chris Brown/Rihanna Photos

5/30/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Very candid and never-before-seen photos of Rihanna and Chris Brown -- when they were together -- have surfaced on several blogs. The questions -- why now and who's doing it?

Chris Brown and Rihanna

It is kinda interesting ... the photos have surfaced just days after Brown released a video, proclaiming he wasn't a "monster."


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get over your self lea !! may you get "chris browned "am sure you will like it too!!

1936 days ago


and as for rihanna if she goes back to that monster she deserves anything else he does to her in the future cos we all know that abusers never quit...

1936 days ago


There is no such thing as "coincidences". Just like there's no Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Sorry, all you glass-half-full optimists.

1936 days ago


It is pretty obvious from Chris Brown's peeps. He wants to counter the monster image now and he cannot stand that he has no control of Rihanna. So these pictures are meant to keep her linked to him in the public eye and control her image in a way. Unforunately for him and his team, the battered photo is more powerful than anything his PR team will put out now. And the pictures that will come out during the trial are worse than the one the public has seen.

Someone from the D.A.'s office should look into who exactly is leaking all these pictures. If the trail in any way leads back to Chris, he will be in violation of the order not to "harrass" Rihanna in any way. Then they can file more charges! Quit playing games with this clown!!

1936 days ago


ya'll all are some losers earlier this week rihanna said out her mouth that she was going to release photos of Chris brown and her to embarrass him because she believed he leaked those photo’s and it wasn’t him….

1936 days ago


Lea, quit your lying. RIhanna has said NOTHING about this case so far. LOL If she had uttered a word the media would have been all over it like they were Chris' comments. THese pictures don't in a way embarrass Chris. Instead they are to try and show him in a softer light and not like the monster batterer. He aint fooling anyone, I guess.

1936 days ago


You can't see the rest of the picture.... below the neck.

If you zoomed out a bit, you'd see that childish SAVAGE POS poser that he *is* w/ a sushi knife w/ the tip gouging Rihanna's leg saying if she doesn't play nice, he'll gut her like O.J. did to Nicole. "Don't EVER tell again, you tattling sk|ank! And be my human punching bag, bit|ch! I *own* you!"

Chris Brown is a (((MONSTER))). Maybe since he's prone to animal behaviour like friggin' BITING like Mike Tyson, maybe he's about to bite the sh|it out of her neck. Mike Tyson's daughter died by accidental hanging............... KARMA for Robin Givens? O.o I hope this waste of human life C.B. gets some karma one day.


1936 days ago


Rihanna is nasty! She looks nappy and greasy, and so does he. These pictures gross me out! It's jungle love at its worst!!

1936 days ago


I blame his parents for the way he is. Obviously he had lousy ones. If you bring up a child to respect you, respect others, give them boundaries, love and teach them the difference between right and wrong then no matter what challenges enter their lives, they will do ok, bottom line!

1936 days ago


I bet "Beater Brown" is threatening Rihanna with all sorts of pics and videos, so she changes her mind on testifying.

1936 days ago


Hope he doesn't punch her in that great nose job.

1936 days ago


what was he thinkning and no he is not a monster but he is so sexy

1936 days ago


I don't know who is a worse human being Chris Brown, who allegedly beat the tar out of his girlfriend then allegedly left her for dead or his lawyers and/or who posted this picture. It just takes Chris Brown down even farther down in my estimation of him and I did not think that was possible!!! Those lawyers will do ANY thing to win. They don't care about truth or justice. Winning is the ONLY ideal for them. Let's just hope these kinds of things never happen to the lawyer's loved ones.

Rihanna move on girl. You can DO so much better. Next time find someone with some class.

1936 days ago

Bajan Woman    

These do not look like photos a guy would keep, they look like a woman's special romantic pictures. I think Rihanna is trying to frame Chris Brown for this publicity stunt. She wants to make sure their love remains in his mind.

1936 days ago



1936 days ago
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