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LeBron James Ego Tour Rolls On

6/21/2009 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James is good and he has no problem reminding people about it.


A few days after slyly pointing out to people he won the Most Valuable Player award, King James was spotted in St. Tropez yesterday directing people to his bank account for further affirmation of his supremacy.

Humility is overrated.

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Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Ah, the old "nouveau riche" syndrome. Only people who never had anything resort to baldly bragging when they DO get something.
How pathetic and classless.

1947 days ago


TMZ you idiots are retarded. You just called him a LOSER for wearing a NIKE shirt the other day. Kobe got the MVP last year and didn't win it all last year? I'm not comparing the 2, because LBJ will clearly surpass Kobe in the long run. The $tats can apply to money or all around STATISTICS IN BASKEBALL. COMPARE THEM.

And LOL @ NEW MONEY, he's been worth over $100 million since high school, thats hardly new.

I honestly don't even think thats a real shirt, it looks pretty 'photoshopped' up close.

Oh and he isn't embarrassing Cleveland, Cleveland is. He has done everything in his power and been a true superstar doing things that players havent done in up to 30 some years.

MJ got his first ring in his 7th year, I guess LeBron will too.

1947 days ago


What a KOOK, get over yourself already. You had your shot this year and your team stunk it up, let it go. There isn't an NBA player who wouldn't trade in their regular season MVP trophy for a Championship trophy. Kobe is the true MVP and until Lebron wins a championship his stats don't mean jack.

1947 days ago


he will always be a looser.i dont think hes ever won any kind of team award.ill bet he wouldtrade his mvp tropy (and his shirt) for one ofKobebryants championship trophies.

1947 days ago

Charles Easterday    

When Lebron retires, he will have 8 rings and be known as the best player of all time. He is a good role model and I am proud that he is from Northeast Ohio and will always play for the Cavaliers. I do have a message for other NBA teams. I would not salivate too much over Lebron. Not only is Lebron staying in Cleveland but some team is going to lose their superstar (i.e. Bosh in Toronto, Wade in Miami, or Anthony in Denver). Have a nice day!!!!

1947 days ago


by stats i think he ment basketball stats....

1947 days ago


I used to like Lebron for about 2 mins...
Lebron, has zero class. He has blatenly disrespected his fans and team over and over again.He doesn't love Cleveland or the fans that stick by him...He loves HIMSELF and loves NY. He has thrown that fact in the face of the whole Cleveland franchise! If he wants to go to NY so badly, let him go!..If, I was Cavs fan or one of his team mates..I'd pack his bags myself and drive him to the airport..bend over and tell him to kiss my azz .. CYA! Good Riddance!
I should twitter him lol


1947 days ago


Ummm...Who cares?? Basketball is a sport for big crying wimps who get paid millions cry and shoot a damn ball through a hoop. It's a bunch of black teens making millions running around...who wants to see that crap?? HOckey and football players are tough...basketball doesn't even belong in that elite league.

1947 days ago


GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

1947 days ago


This guy is a complete moron.

1947 days ago

Ice Water    

A perfect example of how the gangta rap culture, and its worship of money and greed, has destroyed the Black culture...not Blacks themselves.

1947 days ago


I am embarrassed for him, How tacky and cliche. as another commenter said:

31. A perfect example of how the gangsta rap culture, and its worship of money and greed, has destroyed the Black culture...not Blacks themselves.

Posted at 6:53PM on Jun 21st 2009 by Midwestern Heat Wave

Well said my friend

1947 days ago

J A    

L.J. is the most over-rated superstar in professional sports.Granted,he does have great physical ability but he only cares about himself.Last time I checked Kobe had 4 rings and James still had ZERO.The big difference is Kobe makes his teammates better by involving them in the game,while James is only concerned with building up his own personal stats.L.J is a ball hog on the court who loses interest in getting his teammates involved in the game when the Cavs' fall behind,or are playing poor.God forbid,L.J would suffer a major injury.Other superstars have been able to bounce back because they were smart enough to alter their game to fit their team needs.I don't think James is that intelligent enough should he get seriously hurt.His career is a mirror image of Wilt Chamberlain,although Wilt did win 2 NBA rings.James still has yet to win one yet.Until he does,he will merely be a great player who hasn't won anything.

1947 days ago


yet another reason why I don't like "king james".

so he didn't win it all, but maybe if he had some people around him to support him so he didn't have to be the whole team then he wouldn't get bumped out of the playoffs every year.

they don't have a team, they have one player. and while he was the season mvp, he didn't do anything when it came to the playoffs otherwise he would have won the whole thing. he would have been able to motivate his team to win.

1947 days ago


What a TOOL

1947 days ago
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