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Jon & Kate Divorce Papers are Deceiving

6/23/2009 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinThere's a report floating out there that Kate Gosselin has been separated from Jon for two years. That's not true, and we have the lowdown.

We now know what Kate checked on the divorce papers, which are confidential. There are two grounds for a no fault divorce in Pennsylvania -- the first is waiting 90 days after the papers have been served. Then, if both Jon and Kate agree the marriage is "irretrievably broken" ... the divorce can proceed.

And there's a second option -- that they have lived separate and apart for 2 years. But that doesn't mean they've actually been separated for that long. It means she must wait 2 years from the moment she considered the marriage kaput and began living separately (if only in different bedrooms). We're told the real separation between Jon and Kate is very recent and Kate checked the box just to get the clock ticking.

We found out Kate checked both boxes, and here's why. Jon may not agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken. If that's the case she has to wait the two years. So by checking both boxes, Kate is hedging her bets.

Ultimately, she would have to prove to the judge when she considered herself separate from Jon.

Jon and Kate


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Kate was an abusive BITCH to Jon!! She PIMPS out her kids for both of them. I heard that turned down the offer from her father's church for cribs. Reason is that they were not all the same. BITCH. Kate is a major control whore.

I am happy Jon found his BALLS and divorce that BITCH.

1956 days ago


Too those who keep saying they dont care, then why are you taking the time to comment? haha! Your right, one way out of this world, well two. But who cares if a man doesnt like you because you had HIS children, no man at all really. As for Kate wanting money good for her, who the hell can afford 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 kids? I think she just got a little too hungry for the money, maybe if jon would have been A MAN, he would have let her know she was going way off track. Takes two to get married, Nice earning's jon they are reall cute! So why dont people make fun of him for trying something new? Kate looks fabulous! He should too! Kate was off work for how long by herself raising them kids, (we all know they had help) its only right he should help too! its his own fault for not having his own opinion! I think the show should go off the air, the kids dont need this anymore. it was nice to see the mgrow up so far though! Thanks now go and deal with your family problems! I do think Jom will find grass isnt greener however!

1956 days ago

She's Dumb    

Where is Julia's post here? See I told you! These 2 sorry as* parent's are complete loser's...As even Kate said, this would have happen if the world was watching or not! Like I said, these 2 freak's are to blame for the downfall of their marriage, not the media or anyone else as you had said. And you called me a P.O.S? Right? Well, right back at crow you sorry as# loser!!!!! Anyone wanting to see Julia's "lovely" post's for me can visit the tmz post site listed.....jon and kate under investigation.....Unfortunately, I did lower myself to her level as I do not like being referred to as garbage.......which I am not.....

1956 days ago


Kate is hot... But not as HOT as Octomom!!

1956 days ago

palin sucks    

OKAY So heres how I see it...... Has anyone ever seen anyone from Kate's Family besides her brother (who now wants nothing to do with her) on the show. she has alienated or pushed away everyone who has ever been there for her. Now she is pushing her husband away. Jon's family lives in Hawaii and his father is deceased I am not sure about his mother but one of the important parts of the Hawaii trip was so he could enlighten his kids to his culture and family. A person with a personality like Kate's tends to think the world revolves around them and when things don't go their way they alienate them at all costs, in this case its the kids who get hurt all around in the long run. Children needs their grandparents. Grandparents have a special quality about them that only a kid can appreciate, I can only imagine how Kate's family must feel having to see the children they love so much grow up on national television. I bet they are all sitting there saying I knew it would come to this. She is just a difficult person to get along with. I can't wait to see who has worked for them in the past spill the beans on the real goings on in that house. I am sure she pi$$ed someone off that they will sing like a bird to the media. Any bets on how long it takes......... I give it less than a month!! She comes first and don't you forget that. The kids will fit in when its convenient for her and she is not out promoting "herself". Jon must now see what the rest of her family has seen for years and has finally had enough. they need counseling and Kate needs to learn how to accept that its not all going to be her way! Sadly for the kids they lose out again. They have no one but each other at this point. they don't even know the rest of their family.

1956 days ago


well personally, i am really tired of them too, but i like them too and their kids are cute and smart, but its wha best for the kids....and plus, they never got along she been too pushy and manly with him and he couldnt handle it...she yelled all the damn tme, she wouldve been have a steel plate over her mouth.."LIKE THAT ONE PART IN BEETLE JUICE MOVIE"..i wouldve had to leave her ass along time ago...jus speakin from tha truth..

1956 days ago


Jon is going through a mid-life crisis! He says several times "I'm only 32", he is now wearing two earrings and wearing ED Hardy clothes and hanging out with much younger people. Seriously, Jon grow-up!! I am not saying you have to stay with Kate but, your children absolutely see the change in you and I am sure it is not the Dad they remember. Children need consistency and you are not providing that to your children. God blessed you with eight beautiful healthy children how are you just walking away and not working on your marriage?

1956 days ago


They are like Bonnie and Clyde with kids!

1956 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

The USA has one of the highest divorce rates in the world of about 180 countries. Divorce is unilateral (one person decides) and no-fault (no reason needed).

The country I live in now has a divorce rate of about 5%. It's divorce bi-lateral both have to agree.

A dude is fool to marry an American chick. It's not if she divorces you, it's when.

1956 days ago


I am devastated by this. I cant believe how much I loved that show. I was so nice to see something so fun and smut free.
I have to say that was probably one of my all time favorite shows ever and I have been around awhile
So sad for the children. I blame jon.

1956 days ago



1956 days ago

rachel dominguez    

it's sad that they had a show and there marriage was all good a first then kate started to change jon got he's hair done,jon out in public with another woman, he needs to man up and take charge of his family ,he's taking the easy way out

1956 days ago


Kate clearly has mental issues, that go back, long before she met and married Jon.

I feel that people are attacking Jon, because they are used to men abusing women, but when a woman abuses a man, even it is only verbally, it is common practice for it not to be believed.

Jon loves his children. He spent four straight days with them, with no help, not to mention taking Aaden to the hospital, minus Kate, because she was off with Steve.

People do you really believe she was playing solitare in her hotel room, when she is on these speaking tours, please!

TLC should cancel this show.

1956 days ago

Wanda W.    

For " Ordinary Guy "#78 congratulations, you have just rewritten the matrional laws of all the countries of the world. DIVORCE MEANS BOTH PEOPLE INVOLVED ARE DIVORCED EQUALLY, GET IT DUFUS. AND ITS JUST THE OPPOSITE OF THE LAST POINT YOU MADE............................ AN AMERICAN " GAL " WOULD BE A FOOL TO MARRY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1956 days ago


Regarding some of those rude comments, I believe Kate had the sextuplets via c-section.

It is pretty sad...I think their intentions at the very beginning were sincere. I guess money and fame went to their heads. I don't like the way Kate is throwing Jon under the bus (ie constantly stating that she thought the 'crooked houses' needed to be closer to the house but she didn't want to start WW III with Jon)...on the other hand, Jon said that at the end, it was probably a good idea. Since when is she 'nervous' with Jon. She wants us to feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for the kids. What's creepy is the way they talk about the kids staying at the house and they will switch their days there. It makes the house sound just like it's simply a movie set and the kids are part of the props. Very sad.

1956 days ago
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