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McNair and His 'Friend' -- Before the Shootings

7/5/2009 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained photos of Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi on vacation together about three months ago.

Steve McNair -- launch photos

In the photos, McNair and Kazemi can be seen parasailing together on some kind of beach getaway. It's clear the two had some sort of special relationship.

McNair and Kazemi were both found shot to death in Tennesee yesterday -- McNair's body was riddled with bullets, Kazemi suffered just one shot to the head. Authorities say a gun was found very close to her body. Officials won't classify the incident as a murder/suicide just yet ... but so far, the facts seem to point in that direction.

McNair, a former NFL MVP who was married with four children, was 36 years old.

-- Detectives for the Nashville PD say they've been told McNair and Kazemi "had been in a dating relationship" for several months. And while it is clear they can rule McNair's death a homicide, detectives have not yet classified Kazemi's death, pending further investigation.

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Aye Joe
Eilot Spitzer, John Edwards, John Ensign, David Vitter, Newt Gingrich, Gary Hart, Rudy (douche bag) Giuliani, Jim Mcgreevey, Bill Clinton. Shall i go on?

...and these are politicians


1902 days ago


are you all stupid? This girl didnt kill this man... this guy is rich and loved why would he suicide or why would that beautiful girl who can find any other guy , suicide herself or kill him? they were obviously murdered. and if he was cheating thats heated and the wife could be involved... a 20 yr old isnt gonna destroy her life and shoot a guy... when does that ever happen

1902 days ago

who dat    

to the dumb clown using my screen name in all caps, come up with your own screen name. Your posts are weak.

1902 days ago


This is what happens when a man allows his private part to make decisions instead of his brain. The private part is an ugly, selfish, stupid, whimp of a thing, but the man always allows it to rule his thinking. I have no pity for McNair or any other dumb A who thinks with their private part instead of their brain. I have pity for his wife and the 4 kids he leaves behind.

1902 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Sahel is middle Eastern. Here's another photo of her. Supposed friends of hers on web blogs are stating she was emotionally unstable; even threatening suicide a few days ago. Sounds like she offed Steve and then took the gun to herself.


1902 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

#48 I used this screen name before you. Find some creativity of your own moron. And if you can't, just bask in my glory. I'm magnanimous that way :)

1902 days ago


WOW. There are some ignorant MF'ers on this board..more than I I have ever seen on any board ever. While the guy was married and it APPEARS that this was a mistress, I see alot of racist comments that just focus on the race of these people. If ignorance is bliss some you are the happiest inbreds on earth.

1902 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

#51: Hey rick! A cheatin man using and emotionally abusing women AND kids ain't no innocent! I don't feel sorry for him AT ALL. :)

1902 days ago


Let me first say this is a very sad story. We really only know the "public" image of a celebrity. Often, the image they want us to see and believe. Some, not all (most) man-boy athletes can't take it...wnen the clapping and cheering stops. Continue to search for HERO WORSHIP. 20 years old? Telling about HIS mentality. And, I am not a hater. Fame, money, access, etc...sure that's nice. But, at the end of the day all you have is a nicer car, house, etc. Dead is still dead.

1902 days ago

Basic Human Rights    

#52: BlueEyedHeather GREAT! So you have about 8 years left. Don't use them all on one guy. Spread yourself around a bit before you hit 30 and are put out to pasture. :)

1902 days ago


And Keith Norfleet? Jett Jackson? Their MySpace pages and comments mean nothing? Telling someone to RIP two days before she dies? Go check out the Tennessean comments.

Ignore Michael Jackson for a second and hurry on over to Tennessee, TMZ. Go do some snooping in THAT direction.

1902 days ago


52. The lesson here is that black and white or black and arab shouldn't mix; it is a sin against God. My pastor always reminds us every Sunday that interracial mixing is a sin...I hope God forgives these souls for the sin they committed. In case you wanna know I'm a 22 year old white female; i'm not from the 50s.

Posted at 2:03PM on Jul 5th 2009 by BlueeyedHeather

You may not be from the 50s, but I'll bet you are from Appalachia....somewhere in the hills. Your pastor probably tells you to mate with your brother or your cousins.

BTW....from what I have seen, girls like you are a lot thirstier for AA men than they are for you.

1902 days ago


THE TRUTH # 28. If you give 98 % of men millions of $, they will cheat on their wives. As time goes by most men become unattracted to their wives and wish they can get with younger and prettier girls. No one should blame them. Women's beauty diminishes as they get older but men's taste for beautiful women doens't change with age.
Posted at 1:51PM on Jul 5th 2009 by Garyisawuss

Are You Kidding??!
A Man living with his Wife and children, in a cardboard box, under the fwy, will sneak out for a piece of azz, from a another Woman living in a cardboard box under the same fwy.
Money doesnt factor.
Color doesnt factor.

1902 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

poster #55 the gun powder residue and her finger prints on the gun will prove she killed Steve.

We'll have a better idea in a few days, but the image being revealed about this girl isn't good.... emotionally unstable. Her mother was murdered when she was 9 years old. And, friends of hers are stating she was talking about killing herself a few days ago.

1902 days ago


12. And yet, news of murder-suicides of a married man and his girlfriend will not reduce all of the multiple baby mammas and baby daddies that are so prevalent in a certain low socioeconomic subsection of the African-American community.

Posted at 1:27PM on Jul 5th 2009 by k
WTF are you talking about???? There are mutiple baby mommas in every race....Just as there are '"Groupies"in every race.
Why would the death of this man and his mistress have any bearing on that?
I don't know where you found the info you obviously copied and pasted in your post. But perhaps you should spend more time "learning" something than you do trying to appear as IF you know something!

1902 days ago
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