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McNair Police Presser -- Death Timeline

7/6/2009 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steve McNairA Metro Nashville Police presser was just held regarding the shooting of NFL star Steve McNair and GF Sahel Kazemi and the events leading up to their deaths.

- Kazemi was pulled over for DUI Thursday morning between 1-1:30 AM. McNair was a passenger but was allowed to leave the scene via taxi with another person. Kazemi admitted to being high.

-Thursday night, Kazemi purchased a semi-automatic pistol. Police will not say who she got the gun from.

- Early Saturday morning, McNair meets Kazemi at his Nashville condo.

- 1:30 PM Saturday, 911 call is made alerting police of the shootings. Police believe bodies were actually discovered before 1 PM -- cops are "concerned" about the time lapse.

Cops are still waiting for ballistics tests and gunshot residue reports to classify Kazemi's death.

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Why didn’t he or his other friend take the taxi to the police station to bail her out of jail as soon as possible instead of leaving her there to fester? A lot of questions need to be answered. Still…..

Posted at 9:11PM on Jul 6th 2009 by Bob


Well he was drunk too...who is he gonna get to get her out that knew about their relationship?

1903 days ago


Of course he fled the DUI scene....if she was high, he probably was too, maybe higher than her since she was delegated to drive. He needed a couple of hours to come down to deal with it all.

1903 days ago


He sexually used a young woman, knowing that he was toying with her feelings when she wasn't finished growing. She killed him when he tried to control her mind. At least she had enough of a conscience to kill herself too. She seems to have had a better character than he did. He should have stayed in his own age group. To his 4 sons: Don't follow in Daddy's footsteps. There's more to life than playing ball...as Daddy found out...the hard way.

1903 days ago


they made a facebook page for that husband stealing hoe hahahah

1903 days ago


I believe that the ex-boyfriend killed both of them. The police should have been able to determine by the end of business today if that girl had gun powder residue on her hands. If seems like she did not for them not to announce this information. As Eddie George said...I too believe there was a third party. I seriously doubt if that young girl would have shot Steve McNair that many times. The person who shot him obviously had a deep seeded hatred against him. The boyfriend probably killed the girl because she was a witness. TMZ....POST KEITH NORFLEET'S MYSPACE PAGE. YOU GUYS ARE SLIPPING!

1903 days ago


i heard that she was related to half of the men on this site http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/terrorists/fugitives.htm

and steve mcnair found out and she was trying to cover their asses.

1903 days ago


Men, if you must cheat - do not pick someone so young as a 20 year old. They will not 'get' that it's all fun and games for
you, and will take the relationship very seriously. You'll find out too late - how seriously. All 20 year olds think that you'll leave your wife - because they are 'hotter' than most wives. They will confuse sex with love and you'll have a noose around your neck when she hits the wall of reality.

1903 days ago


There are those who say a cheating man got what he deserved. I say "BS" if she did it. Although; I find it hard to believe that she did. I don't think that you spend that much time with someone, bailed out of jail, and buy a gun that same day to kill someone. Shoot them in the head twice, twice in the chest, shoot yourself in the head, and somehow manage to fall on top of the gun. THINK ABOUT IT - GUN SHOULD BE IN HER HAND, OR AWAY FROM HER BODY, I think that there is more to this story than what is being stated.

1903 days ago

Wake up people    

Sorry Truthhurts but I know of many 30 something yr olds that think that a man will leave his wife for her

1903 days ago

to little    

Cops are still waiting for ballistics tests and gunshot residue reports to classify Kazemi's death

Ballistic test and GSR (gun shot residue) test don't take several days they take minutes to do, So one wonders whats taking police so long to call this a Murder or a Murder Suicide.

1903 days ago


#61-Truthhurts has it right.

1903 days ago


Couldn't have said it better, Laura

1903 days ago


I watch a lot of TV, first of all, he must have been asleep or drunk. I don't see why he couldn't handle her. And she shot him 4 times and then herself to the head, who put the gun under her?

1903 days ago


Don't be such a judgmental as*! If cheaters all deserved to die, we'd run out of room in funeral parlors! No one, regardless of the mistakes they make, deserves to have their body riddled with bullets and to die alone on their couch! Shame on you for even suggesting such a thing! This was obviously a very disturbed young woman. My guess is that after Mr.McNair got involved with her, he realized that she was not very stable. There were most likely arguments where she threatened to tell his wife of their affair, threatened to kill herself and she may have even threatened to harm his family. He was most likely stuck between a rock and a hard spot, hoping that eventually she would grow tired of him or find someone else. Also, this girl has a family that loved her, and like the McNair's, they too are suffering. Would it be to much to ask of the armchair haters to show an iota of compassion and a minute amount of empathy? Who knows, someone you love may be the victim of gun violence one day...

1903 days ago

who dat    

Gil Grissom's Nashville brother, Jim Bob Grissom will be investigating this case.

1903 days ago
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