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Jackson Doc -- I Gave Michael Demerol

7/9/2009 9:58 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson's longtime friend and dermatologist, admits to giving MJ Demerol -- one of the strong painkillers we're told Jackson sought out.

Dr. Arnie Klein: Click to watch
Klein says it was only "on occasion" to sedate him, and when asked about the drug Diprivan -- the brand name for the drug Propofol, which was found in Jackson's house when he died -- Klein said he was aware Michael was using it but warned him of its dangers.

As for fathering Michael's kids, Klein admits to donating sperm once -- to a sperm bank -- not specifically to Jackson. Klein hedged on whether he was the father of Jackson's kids but at one point said he was not.

Klein also strongly intimated he felt Debbie Rowe should get the kids -- because he felt Katherine was too old and Joe was out of it. Interestingly, Klein didn't go to the memorial and as we reported, the Jackson family gave LAPD a list of doctors they were suspicious of -- and Klein was on the list.


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Still in Shock    

I watched this last night...and this so called "doc" was lying his a@@ could really tell. He side-stepped questions.
Larry asked him if he knew if there were shady drug dealing docs in Hollywood..He said he didn't know of any......(??????)
OMG----ROTFLMAO--what a friggin' idiot. I loved it when Larry kept cutting him off when this "doc" would want to go into long drawn out stories (as a distraction and to fill air time)---IT DIDN'T WORK!!! HA HA HA!!!
This dumba@@ doc said he hasn't received anything about being on a list of suspected doctors....WOULD HE TELL THE TRUTH IF HE DID??? NO!!!!!

I have never seen a doc look around as much as this guy did.
If I went to a doc who couldn't look me straight in the eyes while he was answering a question......I would find another Dr.

1931 days ago


Demerol for a skin condition, I assume, since he's a dermatologist? That must be quite some skin condition. I had major orthopaedic surgery and could not get stuff that strong, even when I was crying like a baby from the pain.

Also, the third and final paragraph of text under the video clip is awful journalism. You can't assume everyone reading knows everything about the situation already... Who is Debbie Rowe? Who is Katherine with no last name? Who is Joe with no last name and what does it mean that he is too "out of it?"

1931 days ago



1931 days ago


I think that most of the media don't get that people JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MICHAEL JACKSON COULD DIE! The right questions to ask here are: who were the doctors who provided what drugs what for and for how long and why; why did Michael decide to have children using another man's sperm or a surrogate mother; did he want design children or did he want to show to the world that Blacks and Whites can unite within a family and make the world better just like Josephine Baker did adopting kids from around the globe; did he hate his father to the extent that he decided to ERASE any of his genes from his family legacy making sure that none of his fahter's genes would be in his kids?; why did our beloved Michael want to be put under at night and then brought back up when he wanted; what does it reveal from his emotional state; does someone who wants to use their body just like a machine to perform and then be put under still want to live or feel anything at all because when one gets anesthesized, i.e. that one doesn't want to FEEL anything anymore.
Here in Europe, we read in our magazines that our caring Michael was suicidal and committed suicide!!! We read that he knew he was condemned! What the heck is that? Why don't American media talk about it? But then again, our so sadly missed Michael was warned several times against Propofol and he was repeatedly told that he could never wake up again from it and still took it, why, if not because he had arrived at the core or to the "eye" of his addiction. If you visualize an addiction as a hurricane with an eye in its core and when you reach this eye, you administer your body a fatal lethal overdosis. So did he realize that his health would never allow him to make his tour successfully and did he then decide to go under forever leaving his fans in the expectancy, waiting for him forever instead of disappointing them? Those are the true questions, see but your media just don't address them and keep repeating old news. Go deeper in your analysis of our loving MJ, please, grasp the development of Michael's tragedy and tell us about it, inform us, there is way too much silence and camouflage around Michael`s death and things will come out anyway.
Thanks for all and thanks above all for understanding that millions don't really care about anything else for the shock of Michael's death is a human tragedy that is so violent that the rest of the news is just the rest of the news.
Bye, Arétha from France, watching, listening, reading and trying to understand why from all the people who surrounded Michael, no one really got him the help he needed and made sure he went to rehab or got an appropriate therapy for sleep disorder.
Michael just made this life worth living for millions for he showed what the best in a human could be even when he was down and low for each of us has their ups an downs. In our deeply missed Michael's case though, he had to go through greedy, dangerous, evil people ready to damage his life, his health, his mental power for his bucks.
We pray Michael for your heart to be healed by God, we are sure God's already healed your heart, darling-love Michael and we pray because we love you and we pray because you too are gone too soon and now we have to continue without you, unthinkable, your death withdraws our drive to live, man! But we know we'll meet again, darling and we know you are with God and the ones who passed away before you darling. Keep taking care of this world from above darling. Always in my soul and in my heart baby Michael.

1931 days ago


Why didn't the other 2 kids speak during the Jackson tribute? The boy looks like he's got some serious problems mentally. And the youngest one--Blanket? Who names their child after a piece of frabric. This one may be messed up too. What gender is it or does it even know itself? The girl looks and sounds normal, but her sadness over Jackson's death will eventually turn to anger with all this bad media stuff coming out This is a shame. I feel sorry for the kids. The 2 greedy people who sired them should be hung.

1931 days ago


Many "sheeples" with such hateful hearts and minds that blow with the wind or the next gust of trash gossip. Fact - Jackson Family doesn't want to lose their mini "golden pawns or cash cows" and these children should be with their educated and Jewish biological mother who will ensure they receive the best higher education possible so as to live successful and lives of normalcy in the world and not become bankrupt leeches and ticks like the Jackson Family have been on Michael Jackson' back and spine since the age of five years. The psychological challenges Michael Jackson (music genius) endured as an adult male rest at the feet of this family who are tied to some questionable and unsavory black groups in America.

Leave this particular doctor alone until the authorities and licensing boards perform their investigation as he is likely the biological father of one or both of the older children and to smear his name without just cause right now would be criminal of the public.

Those with true intimate, loving, and respectful ties to Michael Jackson's heart were not at the death circus the other day. The body of Michael Jackson (with the soul's retreat to other dimensions) still has not been buried which speaks poorly of this ignorant, infighting family.

1931 days ago


I think that the reason Micheal picked Dr. Klein and Debby Rowe to be the biological parents is because they are both Jewish and everyone knows that Jews are super smart!

1931 days ago

Alexander Dyankov    

Both Dr. Klein AND the media - acting as hungry vultures - have shown little respect for the grieving family of their victim!
The professional society of medical doctors should not tollerate one of their members to break the doctor-patient
confidentiality in principal; and such revelations - about the perscribed drug - killer should only be revealed to the personal confessior of the doctor, (if he is a religious person); or -to the investigative authorities, IF the matter is under investigation, BUT NEVER - without the written consent of the mourning family of the victim!

1931 days ago


@ #90

It didn't matter to Michael whether the two parents were ugly or not as long as they were white with the right features.

1931 days ago


CAN SOME1 PLZ HELP ME UNDERSTAND!! i really don't get why all this is taking so long they still have not found out what caused his death how can it take so long to figure out if it was an ACCIDENT, MURDER OR SUICIDE?!! he was one of my idols and as fans we have the right to know how our legend died!!

1931 days ago


quote #94You can see the Jackson womens poise and Grace in Beautiful Paris, The two boys have some of Michaels carracteristics from earier days, and all three children are obviously of mixed race.
Obviousley with so many children in the Jackson family the issue of infertillity does not seem to be a problem ,why is it so hard for people to believe That the great Michael Jackson cannot father his own children


Not sure what you looking at but anyone can see those Kids are NOT M.J..........

1931 days ago

Still in Shock    

Forgot to post this...


1931 days ago


All the persons involved in being responsible to MJ's death shoule be hanged till death. MJ wud had been alive if thay wud'nt had done this to him but now that he is no more even those responsible for his death have no right to live. Just KILL THEM ALL.

1931 days ago


Disgusting individual this man is. The Jackson family was absolutely right to point the cops in his direction.

1931 days ago


As someone who was also diganosed with a type of lupus I can understand some of the things Michael might have gone through. Lupus does have an effect on your skin and can start as a butterfly rash across your nose. Unless you know what people have to deal with having lupus i think some of you are only guessing out of your behinds. Another singer who came out about this has also been falsely accused of negavtive things so can you imagine trying to get on with his life while dealing with this disease. Some days you are just fine then there are days when it just takes every ounce of energy away from you. Being depressed,lonliness, and sleepless nights are all a part of what i also deal with.can you imagine being so good to people who take your illness the wrong way only to have them guessing negative things about you. I have also been giving this drug for procedures done every 4 months to check for other problems as lupus effects most of your organs. ever since this came out I can remember a time when I also said to my family member oh i get my test done today finally i can get some sleep. I havent had any test done in over a year and im doing fine now but yes this drug if used often may be additive. I do feel blessed that I had my children before i developed this condition but at the same time Im also afraid of passing this on to them. As for as the children please leave these kids alone don't you all think they have been through enough of this. If any of you have a heart that holds the same compassion michael had for others you all would leave them alone. Stop guessing who they look like or who they belong to. THOSE BABIES ARE HIS all the proof you needed to know that was heard through the voice of that precious little girl and you saw it in the way the whole family reached out to each other I saw the older son trying to reach his sister on stage and the way Paris kissed blankets little hand. Please leave them alone. DONOT destroy their lives with lies or assumptions. We had the greatest gift of love on this earth and it may have been to test all of us to see if we'd do the right thing and i believe with all of my heart God said enough of you being hurt you need to come home they can't hurt you any longer. How much strength he had to continue giving with love in his heart after SO MANY tried to knock him down.God gives to the giver and takes from the taker so he took him some epected too much even if he did everything right you all would still have found fault.. If you can't show any love to these children with respect just get on with your pathetic lives the ones who truly loved and respect him will not mind. Much Love and respect to the Jackson family.

1931 days ago
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