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Mighty Drunken Power Ranger Busted for DUI

7/28/2009 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Walter Jones Power RangerThe guy who played the Black Ranger on "The Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" TV show was busted in 'Bama for DUI this weekend.

We're not trying to be insensitive in a Harvard sort of way. His character, Zack Taylor, was the guy who dressed up in the black spandex costume and fought evil monsters back in the day.

We're told the actor -- whose real name is Walter Jones -- was arrested around 4 A.M. Sunday morning by Alabama State Troopers in Huntsville and booked into a local jail.

Law enforcement sources tell us Jones was arrested without incident.

He eventually met bail and was released.


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The headline is funny if you didn't grow up on Power Rangers. Their colors WERE their names - Black Ranger, Blue Ranger, Red Ranger, etc. TMZ writers are such baiters, LOL.

1851 days ago

Brian Raye    

I read awhile ago that the white ranger Tommy has the death sentence.

1851 days ago


he should of suited up and kicked his way out!!!

1851 days ago



1851 days ago


Not to sound like a nerd but he wasn't the black ranger! He was the only black guy that season!

1851 days ago


Mighty Drunken Power Ranger! I really don't care about this guy or any other stupid celebrity who somehow thinks it's OK to drink & drive (or maybe he wasn't drunk, who cares?)... but that headline gave me a good laugh.

1851 days ago


No! Walter! No! I have to admit it's nice to see his face. lol

Okay, to those people who don't know. That person who committed that double murder was NOT a power ranger. He was a KID who appeared in ONE episode of MMPR.

Take this from a person who is 22 and STILL watches PR religiously. (17 seasons strong!) RPM rocks btw! :)

1851 days ago


I was with Walter this past weekend and as always TMZ is blowing the situation into something it's not. Walter was not drunk, and was dealing with a crooked cop to my understanding. I know TMZ has to do what it feels it needs to do to get more hits on the site and to get better ratings, But Walter Jones should be cleared of any wrong doing...
The only thing he did wrong was have a run in with a crooked cop.

1851 days ago


i just got done watching Walter Jones on Power Rangers LOL!!!! This is a good of him even though it was taken for a bad cause LOL Imagine Tyra Banks taking a mugshot photo. She could really strike a pose on that one LOL

1851 days ago

Michelle James    

# 52, it is not Tommy (AKA Jason David Frank) that is on death row, it is a stupid nobody that was an extra on ONE episode of Power Rangers as a kid. OK? People, get over it, none of the actors that played actual Power Rangers killed anyone. As for Walter, it was a misunderstanding and I wish TMZ would get ALL the facts about the situation before making someone look guilty of something as serious as drinking and driving.

1851 days ago


According to the police report he was seen driving a Mastodon Zord down the highway and was swerving when trying to form the MegaZord. He was bailed out of jail by a floating head in a tube.

1851 days ago


Glen Beck thinks he is a racist also

1851 days ago


I'm sure someone has corrected number 27 by now but it's not racist to call him the black ranger. his costume was black. when I was in elementary school we played "power rangers" and I was the pink one! :-D and I look nothing like kimberly [biggest difference aside from age is she's white and i'm black]

I wouldnta even remembered his character name had TMZ not mentioned it. I saw the picture and thought "isnt that the black ranger??" before I even read the headline

then I thought, "why is the black ranger gettin DUIs and why is the black ranger gettin a DUI news???" LOL

1851 days ago


Here i thought the actors were Role models for children when they were on the show. a Former Ranger getting a DUI isn't very Role Modelish of you Jones.

1851 days ago


The Huntsville Police Department did their jobs. Everyone in town that night and week knew that the Police and State Troopers were doing the Take Back the Highways program. If you do anything suspicious during this time, you will most likely be arrested. As for PersaCon, the Huntsville Police Department are not intentionally looking for certain people to arrest. My sister's boyfriend works in the jail. They treat everyone with the same respect.

1850 days ago
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