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Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'

8/10/2009 11:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris' Alleged Baby Daddy -- 'Nothing Malicious'We just got off the phone with Mark Lester, the man who claims he's not only the godfather to Michael Jackson's three kids -- he may also be Paris' baby daddy, thanks to a sperm donation.

Lester seemed agitated when he spoke with News of the World, expressing concern for Jackson's three kids and complaining he hasn't seen them.

We asked if he might go to court to try and force the issue. His answer -- there's "absolutely nothing malicious" about his intentions and it's "highly unlikely" he'll go to court.

As for whether the Jackson family has shut him out of the kids' lives ... Lester wouldn't answer.

Katherine Jackson
's lawyer, Londell McMillan, passes this off as a "genetic lottery attempt."


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it's old news....stop harassing mj's children~~~

1864 days ago


I am the baby daddy!

1864 days ago


So MJ goes around asking his friends for sperm while he married to DR. How many people go around asking their friends for sperm? Im thinking they had an agreement and became the godfather for a reason. Apparently this guy and the Doctor were around the kids until MJ died. I am sure when these guys were giving MJ their sperm they didnt expect MJ to die before the kids hit 18. They have the right to be concerned. Surely MJ as their friend spoke to them about his own upbringing and that raises flags. Also thinking that when he made his will he didnt expect to be dead before his mom. The Jacksons will do everything to keep their cash cows close to home so they can benefit off it. Bet when Mama dies she leaves her 40% to her kids and not to MJ's so that they have 90%. I feel sorry for these kids... news reports saying they dont know whats going on is BS. They have access to computers and TV and they have been the nightly subjects now for 2 months. If anything get a DNA test done so they know where they came from. They also need the medical history background.

1864 days ago


To all those who aspire to win this daddy lottery, please think twice before opening your mouth. Whatever you say will only backfire. This will be negative for Michael's kids. Michael has always been the official Daddy from conception. So please, retain self respect. Earning money with lies from tabloids is just trashy and unethical. Shame on you, Mr. Lester.

1864 days ago


those are not mulatto children, and not MJs but he raised them so he was a father in their hearts, which is all that matters.

1864 days ago


this just shows the BS this man (Michael) had to deal with everyday of his life...i am sure the children know whats what and who is who in their lives...hell they probably even know their mother....just because it wasnt made public doesnt mean they dont know her....

1864 days ago


You people that really believe that Michael was the BIO father need to get your eyes examined. These children have no black traits. Do you think that all "white" people are milk colored? Olive colored is also a white trait and look at their hair & eyes. Michael did not want bi racial children. He wanted WHITE children and that what he bought.

1864 days ago


I'm thinkin Mark just proved how friends do not behave ... his need to go public shows a big lack of consideration for those kids and no malicious intent? BS
this man shows why Katherine is the best choice...with janet rebbie and the whole Jackson family to help...

i would like to know if he got paid for this interview
this man should stay away from MJ's kids

1864 days ago


McMillan sounds like the attorney's who represented Howard Stern. Where is Judge Larry when you need him, ordering guardian ad litem's and DNA?

1864 days ago


Look at this video......This kids have one black parent and one white parent and look what they look like.....They look all white.

1864 days ago


I guess, from most of your remarks that you're not familiar with the close bond that's made between Godparents and Godchildren. It's quite a unique relationship.

I'm sure that Mark Lester is heartbroken and distraught that the Jackson family is evidently attempting to break that bond.

Absolutely, diabolical.

Shame on most of you!

1864 days ago



You are so right. Considering he only dated or married white girls, and asked white men for "donations"....these children are in no way biologically his. I guess their birth certificates are something they will have to deal with later on, changing their race to white.

1864 days ago

danger baby    

IF he donated sperm in that time frame, he has every right to question whether he is their biological father. He should have his attorney ask for DNA testing. Get this answered and take appropriate steps from there. There is more than a passing resemblance between Lester in his younger days and the way Michael Jr. looks now. The children and Lester have a right to know. If he is the biological father, then there would be legal wrangling over custody and parental control for years. Not everyone is after money; for some whether they are the parent really matters.

1864 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

He'd probably be just as interested if they weren't worth a penny, right?

1864 days ago

just sayin    

i already said that this guy was pimping his daughter's and his career at paris's expense. only a fool would have believed him. he only wishes his daughter was that prettty i've seen her on sky news and they look nothing alike now that she's older.
i hope people realise this mark guy is just trying to boost hisdaughter's career in showbusiness at the expense of mj's kids. he'sstated in previous interviews that he wanted mj to bring his daughteron stage at the o2 concerts. why do you think he's only using thisdaughter. why not the other daughters.

1864 days ago
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