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Dispute Over Billy Mays Autopsy Results

8/12/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Dispute Over Billy Mays Autopsy ResultsThe medical examiner who performed the Billy Mays autopsy is under fire for allegedly screwing up the report -- and the man pointing the finger is one of the most famous forensic experts on the planet.

Famed medical examiner Cyril Wecht tells TMZ the people who performed Mays' autopsy were wrong to almost immediately list "heart disease" as Billy's official cause of death.

According to Wecht -- who personally reviewed the autopsy and toxicology report -- the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner should have pointed to "acute combined drug toxicity" as the cause of death.

Wecht claims the M.E. jumped the gun when they published the report and "chose to ignore the combined cumulative effects of the drugs in his system as the cause of death ... this was bad toxicology work".

The lingering question: With Billy's authorized prescription drug use, why would the M.E. be so quick to pin the cause of death on heart disease, before receiving the toxicology results?

In the end, the M.E. concluded cocaine was a contributing factor in Mays' death. There were also traces of several prescription drugs in his system, including Xanax and Vicodin.


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1899 days ago



1899 days ago


What i found truly 'toxic' was the fact that those guys at his funeral were wearing shirts advertising the product he endorsed. I rarely see such levels of tastelessness, and surely they are in the toxic range. Money talks and shows up at your funeral, I guess.

1899 days ago


OMG !!!!!

1899 days ago


First of all, Dr. Cyril Wecht obviously has dementia. Second of all, he really should retire; I've heard him on a lot of the shows offering his opinions, and quite frankly, he's guessing when giving most of his answers. Duh! If you can’t trust him with a corpse, I certain wouldn’t want him around anything breathing.

1899 days ago


NEVER MIND! MY BAD! I went back and re-read the article. Dr. is sharp as a tack. He's saying the other people did a poor job on the toxicology report. Hee, Hee. Sorry Doc.

1899 days ago

DomGotHerMemorialTix =)    

Very shocking.

1899 days ago

who dat    

Billy was most likely hittin the weisel dust whenever he could get away with it.

1899 days ago


We did some lines...We got east coast satellites for rent CiCi El` pollo palloz And Y CA hehehe Daddy cooks4$ Gmc

1899 days ago

Look at all the WJ spermette cheerleaders on TMZ. WJ rahrahrah!    

Did this guy sell turkey basters to Michael? I smell another conspiracy.

1899 days ago

Linda Mott    

It is a shame he died due to drugs, perhaps combined with the heart problem but it is what it is. The family must feel bad but the autopsy doesn't lie.

1899 days ago


Just as long as he stays dead I'm happy.

Read somewhere people actually lined up to get his autograph. How much of a loser do you have to be to stand in line wanting to meet and idolize somebody who made a living selling crap products on television stations no one with cable would ever watch and couldn't do anything with that time anyway other than sell it to lowlifes like Billy Mays.

1899 days ago


Oh, okay, it makes sense now, I thought he might have had an energy drink addiction.

1899 days ago

Eight ball    

I like how his family said they had no idea that he was snortin. During the times he wasn't using, he had to be acting a little differently. I'm sure as long as the money was coming in, nobody really cared anyways.

1899 days ago
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