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Dispute Over Billy Mays Autopsy Results

8/12/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Dispute Over Billy Mays Autopsy ResultsThe medical examiner who performed the Billy Mays autopsy is under fire for allegedly screwing up the report -- and the man pointing the finger is one of the most famous forensic experts on the planet.

Famed medical examiner Cyril Wecht tells TMZ the people who performed Mays' autopsy were wrong to almost immediately list "heart disease" as Billy's official cause of death.

According to Wecht -- who personally reviewed the autopsy and toxicology report -- the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner should have pointed to "acute combined drug toxicity" as the cause of death.

Wecht claims the M.E. jumped the gun when they published the report and "chose to ignore the combined cumulative effects of the drugs in his system as the cause of death ... this was bad toxicology work".

The lingering question: With Billy's authorized prescription drug use, why would the M.E. be so quick to pin the cause of death on heart disease, before receiving the toxicology results?

In the end, the M.E. concluded cocaine was a contributing factor in Mays' death. There were also traces of several prescription drugs in his system, including Xanax and Vicodin.


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He was about to receive his 3rd hip replacement. The pain is excruciating when you have a bad hip. Billy was traveling and working non stop, I doubt the drug overdose was due to him being an addict. He probably was just trying to get relief from the pain.

1860 days ago


Cyril Wecht is a famewhore. Why do news organizations turn to this guy for information anymore? He has ruined any hope of being taken seriously and is obviously out there trying to get attention for himself during any high profile death.

1860 days ago


Why is someone's autopsy results public knowledge? Everyone seems to want their 16 minutes of fame...At the end of the day whether you are a celebrity or a regular person, what you decide to put in your body will affect your health in either a negative or positive way!!!

1860 days ago


Don't knock Cyril; he's a brilliant guy.... a bit wordy and doesn't always know when to be quiet, but brilliant nonetheless.

1860 days ago


The claim that his death resulted from some sort of "drug toxicity" is complete BS, at least insofar as it's meant to imply that his death was cocaine related. The tests indicated that he last used cocaine DAYS before his death, and all that tests found in his system were harmless metabolic by-products of cocaine. Something isn't right here. The stuff these alleged "experts" are saying about his death simply doesn't pass the "smell test".

1860 days ago

My heart goes out to Billy's family, this is just another sad case of drug abuse, but most people think that because they get a "prescription" by a "doctor" it is ok. This type of drug abuse is worse than any other for just that reason. Wake up people, before someone you know ends up like Billy, MJ, Anna Nicole,etc.

1860 days ago


wonder if ALL his prescriptions were in HIS name????

1860 days ago


Don't forget the extreme amounts of hair dye for the beard & hair too. That would kill a horse!

1860 days ago


I guess all you have to do is have a drug store chemistry set and you too can become a "medical examiner."

1860 days ago


PLEASSSE!! More cocaine, Xanax and Vicodan for ALL those Aholes that feel they can scream at me at 3:00 in the morning!!!!

1860 days ago


Much as this makes me sad , I have to believe that Cyril Wecht assessment , He had the reports,but did not do the autopsy.'
You can only read what's there.. The Hillsboro Coroner should be investigated further . It's a shame he felt ti necessary to
take questionable details and turn them into facts. RIP Billy Mays

1860 days ago

Bill Cosby    

This man dying is a small example of the justice we need more of in this world. Why do you think we Americans have a reputation for being loud, crass trash to other countries? Could it be because of refined gentlemen like Billy Mays? The few times I would be around a television at a friend's house this loud-mouth would come on. I was blown away that not only did he SPEAK IN A YELLING VOICE but the overall volume of his commercial was also louder. The gall! How poetic that this hopped up hot head would die from a coke induced heart attack? Maybe there is a God? No, it was just a fortunate coincidence.

1860 days ago

Politico Pablo    

I thought it was a cheap shot to bring out the cocaine issue in their report. Everything he ever ate could be a contributing factor to his heart disease.

What probably killed him was the combination of alcohol, pain killers, and tranquilizers. The right combination and your breathing is suppressed to point where you suffer cardiac failure and never wake up.

I believe the same thing happen to Las Vegas entertainer Danny Ganz, who was about the same age.

1860 days ago


The way this idiot yelled and screamed amd jumped around and gestured relentlessly, and it was a suprise to his family that he was on coke! Ignorant.

1860 days ago


1860 days ago
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