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Michael Vick

'I Made Bad Decisions'

8/14/2009 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Michael Vick "Please Don't Pelt Me with Objects" tour began today as Vick addressed the press for the first time as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Vick said all the right things -- like "I won't disappoint," "Playing in the NFL is a privilege, not a right," and "You only get one shot at a second chance" -- but he's still got a long way to go to win over the fans of Philly. 

Remember, these are the same people that booed Santa Claus.

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kendra joy bethune    

not intersted in the micheal vick news i don't need to know his business i watch baseball the yankees not football dereck jeter i purposed to shia la beouf i may have a eating disoder
i talk to the jonas brothers

1862 days ago

who the hell    

As i said before Vick has no buisness playing a game what has such a young and impressionable fan base whose big idea was it to allow him back in NFL anyway. As an earlier post said Pete Rose was kicked out of baseball for good for betting on the games. Vick was betting on dogs.

1862 days ago

laura bell lou    

Get over it!! There's nothing you people can do to stop Vick now, Go work at the human society and foster animal's if you care about them so much,I do. Give the man a chance,he's paid the price. Do you know how many dog's are put to death everyday at the pound because people don't take care of the animals. You just want something to complain about! That's what's wrong with the world today, people can't get a second chance. He can now help dog's and the human society more than anybody because young people will listen to him. You people complaining are all mouth!! I can't wait till he plays!!!

1862 days ago

Just Me    

I am from Philly and I can assure you, this guy is in for a rough time.

Everyone I know thinks Andy Reid is an idiot for picking up this criminal!

1862 days ago


MediaCurves.com conducted a national study exploring people’s opinions about Michael Vick being allowed to play for the NFL again. Results showed that the majority of respondents felt that he should not be allowed to play. More in-depth results can be seen at http://www.mediacurves.com/Sports/J7471-Vick/Index.cfm. Thanks.

1862 days ago


The Eagles are a disgrace and will never have any luck now!
It's that Karma thing.

Vick is a sadist and has taken animal cruelty to a whole new level. Not only did he participate in the torture, killing, and forced rape of those poor defensless dogs. He video taped the acts so he could watch them over and over and over again! Because HE liked it!!!!
That's the main reason he pled quilty... because the authorities had those tapes and him on them committing horrific acts on those poor dogs.

For me there is no such thing as redemption for someone like Vick! Had he not been caught he would have gone on forever sadistically torturing and murdering dogs while adding to his sick video collection.

He has to date appeared contrite when expressing any fault in these acts. Vick makes a statement like
" I made poor life choices " Please...... that's a joke of a statement and hardly a heartfelt admission of remose for torture and murder of animals who could not defend themselves against him!

For me this makes him a BUM! Now and always.
Just like any other person who abuses defenseless animals.

I know some people claim Vick has paid his debt to society, but that's because he had no choice due to his conviction. That doesn't mean remorse.
He certainly hasn't paid his debt to those poor dogs and he never can!

1862 days ago


The eaglettes were my second choice that Vick would have joined... the raiderettes were my 1st choice...you usually need more felony time to join the al davis commitment to felony excellence... the raiders can't wait til Donte Stallworth is avail

1862 days ago

Love the Lawyer    

If it were you or I trying to get our job after we did something like that then the employers would laugh in our face. Instead, people in the NFL are praising this thug. He should get the league minimum, not some 1.6 mil for year one then 5.2 mil for the second year.

1862 days ago


Adding my two cents...

Get over it. He committed a crime, he was convicted and he completed his sentence. You don't hear this uproar over convicted rapists or child molesters or even murders who are released after completing their sentences. His being a professional athlete makes no difference. Is it because his victims were dogs? Come on now. It appears some folks value animal cruelty over human cruelty.

1862 days ago


This is to all you morons who say, oh players have done worse and they are still playing..Read this http://www.pet-abuse.com/pages/abuse_connection.php

"Abusing an animal is a way for a human to find power/joy/fulfillment through the torture of a victim they know cannot defend itself."

Not only can't animals defend themselves by the coward perpetrator, but it always leads to domestic abuse. It's a pattern..Perfect example, VICK Knowingly and willingly gave a chick herpes. That's abusive.

Those who abuse animals for no obvious reason, Lockwood said, are "budding psychopaths." They have no empathy and only see the world as what it's going to do for them. EXACTLY! HE WILL NEVER CHANGE. THIS IS INGRAINED IN THIS ANIMAL!!! He is the lowest of the low!!!! And all his aplogies are FAKE!!!!!! IT"S ALL ABOUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR HIM!!!!! Why any team would touch him is beyond me. Why do we settle for mediocrity from our athletes?

Look at OJ, he got a second chance. And where is he? in jail after almost killing someone else. America needs to learn it's not all about the $$!!

1862 days ago


Bow Wow Wow Yipee Yo Yipee Ye

Any Eagle Fan giving up their season tickets?? I'll buy them.......

Go Vick

Glad you're back!

1862 days ago

was a football fan    

find it hard to believe that he is sorry for anything!! especially after reading this article on how he is secretly selling himself, what a jack as$

1862 days ago


Vick won't even make it to a first game because we fans will not stand for it.

1861 days ago


Michael Vick did his time that was assigned to him by a few people. What about all the other people who find his despicable. He will always be a monster in my eyes. What about all of the puppies whose lives he destroyed by letting the fighting dogs practice on them, mangling and eventually killing them. All of those precious lives that were tortured and then snuffed out because he wanted to make money and have fun at the cost of helpless creatures. His sentence was not fair. He used puppies, especially Beagles as bait for the pit bulls. This man is a monster and deserves no less than life in prison. Or, maybe he should be used as the training bait for dog fights. Let the dogs rip his flesh from his bones. Then justice may have been served.

Shame on the Eagles for putting such a hideous murder back on a pedistal. I encourage people to boycott the Eagles while employing Vick. Stand up for the creatures he tortured and murdered.

1861 days ago
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