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Text Message -- Key Clue in Model Murder

8/19/2009 4:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jasmine FloreSources tell TMZ cops have spoken with a man who was involved with the murdered model -- and a text message he received the last night of her life may be the key to unlocking this mystery.

Here's what multiple sources tell TMZ. The victim, Jasmine Fiore, and her husband, Ryan Jenkins (the "person of interest") were in San Diego for a poker tournament last Friday. At some point in the evening, Fiore texted Robert Hasman, a former boyfriend with whom she was involved before meeting Jenkins.

We're told Jenkins not only knew of Hasman, he was upset Hasman had been communicating with his wife while Jenkins was in Mexico shooting a reality show.

We're told Fiore texted Hasman on Friday night, saying she was going to travel to Las Vegas to see him.

Later that same evening, we're told Hasman received another text from Fiore's phone that just said, "suck it."

Police are exploring a theory that Jenkins may have seen the text Fiore sent to Hasman and then fired off the "suck it" message out of anger.

Fiore's body was stuffed in a suitcase and placed in a dumpster in Orange County, CA. Jenkins was the last person to see her and the one who reported her missing on Saturday night. He is now MIA. Cops say they are "suspicious" of Jenkins but he is not yet a suspect.


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A grill like that'll make a train take a dirt road.

1888 days ago


I can't believe all these comments. No one; even a white trash stripper, porn star, or otherwise deserves to be murdered. This sick f*ck ripped her teeth out and cut her fingers off and stuffed her naked body into a suitcase! What a narcisistic bastard! You people say she was cheating on him so she deserved it?? No she wasn't! They were seperated and he was on a reality show trying to meet another girl. Read the whole story dum@sses! If u thing she deserved it, you're just as bad as that jerk. If and when any of you have a daughter maybe you might have some empathy. Even if your daughter was legitimately cheating on her husband, does she deserve to be strangled, have her body desecrated and thrown into the trash? In addition, all of you people are saying how ugly she was.. Well obviously there were a lot more people that thought she was hot or she would not be famous. Her looks got her far more money and fame than any of you people. It seems instinctively that people hate famous girls with big boobs. Get over the envy.

1887 days ago



1891 days ago


Third!!!!!!!! :P

1891 days ago


wow, you guys in America probably have no idea how lax your legal reporting laws are. In the rest of the world you would simply NEVER get details like this, or like all the MJ manslaughter stuff, made public during an on-going investigation. Guess entertainment really is everything with you guys! Fair enough.

1891 days ago


Keep these updates coming, I am hooked on this story and shocked as I knew the "person of interest"... Crazy indeed and sad for this woman's family.

1891 days ago


Is it only me that finds it humorous that this white trash stripper was found in a dumpster where trash should be? If the body was found anywhere else a charge of littering could have been added.

1891 days ago


She had the weirdest looking face! Very odd shaped! She was one ugly lookin' chick!

1891 days ago

Sad sad    

Ya, he's so innocent. That's why he hasn't run to authorities right away to clear his name. Nor made any statement of what a horrible time he's going through about his murdered wife. That would be because....the obvious.

1891 days ago


So, she was no innocent piece of Eye Candy afterall. Her husband feared she was going to cheat on him. Bitches, learn a lesson from what went down here.

1891 days ago

Sad sad    

Still worried for that guy. Hopefully, he's under police protection with that loon running lose.

1891 days ago

SoCal Razzles is "Suck it." a key part of evidence?? Not getting it. Sounds like she was one F'ed up chick with an even more F'ed up life she created for herself.

1891 days ago


Hey look! Carrottop went blonde!

1891 days ago


I find "maggie's" post funny as hell. You bash us from getting entertainment from a murder case and yet you are following it along just like the rest of hypocrate? And yes Jasmine's face is just really unproprtional. How do guys find that appealing?

1891 days ago


She's ass ugly. So now the porno world morns?

1891 days ago
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