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Honduras May be Jenkins' Final Destination

8/20/2009 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've learned Ryan Jenkins -- the "potential suspect" in the murder of his wife, Jasmine Fiore -- has deep ties to an island off Honduras.

Ryan Jenkins
Jenkins' dad, Dan -- an architect -- helped develop a resort on the island of Roatan. He's credited as the "developer, president and architect" of the project. A rep from SOSA Airline in Honduras tells us Dan owns a 19-seat private jet.

Authorities believe Jenkins has fled to Canada. That country will not extradite someone charged with a death penalty offense in the United States. Of course, if Jenkins is charged with a non-capital crime, he could be extradited.

Honduras also provides for extradition, but only to the suspect's home country -- which we believe is Canada.


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First....He did it!

1892 days ago


So make it non capital and get the sob back into the states, he can spend the rest of his life being someone elses beotch

1892 days ago

Bobo Frog    

He kind of looks like Heath Ledger's Joker.

1892 days ago

bring it on    

I hope someone is keeping that plane grounded! Lots of money and big Daddy to bail him out. Wonder if he has done this before?????

1892 days ago


First of all, as a Canadian, let me clarify that the law is not as clear as "no extradition for a death penalty offence". What will happen is that the Canadian Government will request that the state simply not pursue the death penalty. This happens all the time in the U.S. where the state simply goes after life in prison instead of death. He can still (and should still) be charged with murder. I would be outraged if we did not send this animal back to the States to pay for his crime and as a politician myself, I would certainly lobby that this happens.

1892 days ago


We need Batman.

1892 days ago

dr fred    

#1 his email was sappy

#2 I cannot believe her ruined his life over that fake looking blond (RIP)

He better go to Hondorus, I think it is stupid to spend tax $$$ going after this dude

1892 days ago

Linda Mott    

This is getting to be very common. Do we know if, and how much of an insurance policy he has on her.

1892 days ago

London not England    

YOU GO BOY!!!!!!!!

They let the Lockerbie bomber go this morning, and this guy is off to Honduras......

I LOVE IT when the American "Justice System" "STINGS" white folks.....

WELCOME!!! (Bienvenue..!!!) TO OUR WORLD !~!~!~!

but of course when WE complain about it, we're told that we're "BITCHING AND WHINING" ...

1892 days ago

Fact Checker    


Are you going to do a live segment today... PLEASE?!

Can Jenkins Dad, be charged for aiding a criminal when his sons has not been charged yet? If his father knows his son did kill Jasmine (son tells him)can he be charged as an a party to this crime in Canada/USA?

We need your greatness to explain PLEASE Harvey!!!!!

1892 days ago


The point on extradition is that neither Canada nor the US ever extradites someone who is merely "a person of interest". Until the murder charge is laid there will be no extradition. Once the charges are laid, if the charge carries with it the possibility of the death penalty, Canada will insist on the death penalty being off the table before extraditing. He does have a lot of scope for fighting extradition and so it will be delayed especially if he has lots of money for high end criminal lawyers. Don't hold your breath.

1892 days ago


I thought he was apprehended last night!!! What the heck happened. I understood that his Mother was arrested for taking a boat on trailer across the border to Washington...Later, I was told that there were helicopters flying overhead the boat...with FAA officials. I was told that his father had an airplane waiting at the border...How could he have gotten away! Why is there no news posted of his Mothers arrest! Let's update this story soon...Please!!!!!!

1892 days ago


They are reporting he was spotted in the Seattle area over night.

1892 days ago


This guy is just a coward through and through. He allegedly murders his wife and then escapes to a safe from death penalty, at least.

Although in the US except for TX and FL they seldom enforce the death penalty anymore.

1892 days ago


Well, one thing I can tell you for sure. If he goes to Honduras, with all the political crisis down there after the president was booted from power and sent to Costa Rica, the police will not care a bit about this guy when they have their hands full on their situation down there. They will not waste time looking for him unless there´s a red flag by the Interpol. I can assure you that in Roatan he will be living the great life, as this place is gorgeous, trust me, I´ve been to this island before and it´s amazing.

1892 days ago
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