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Cops Searched Hotel in San Diego

8/21/2009 1:13 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We have more details of what happened leading up to the murder of Jasmine Fiore.

Fiore and her accused murderer, husband Ryan Jenkins, drove to the San Diego area on August 13 in a white Mercedes and checked into the L'Auberge Del Mar -- which was two days before she was found dead. The general manager of the hotel observed them and said "they looked like a perfectly happy couple."

The general manager tells us two Buena Park detectives showed up to the hotel on Monday, stayed 4 hours and searched several areas of the hotel, including one room where they took several items.

The detectives showed up again on Wednesday, stayed again for several hours and interviewed several staff members.

The general manager doubts Fiore was killed in the hotel, saying the walls are very thin and no one reported a disturbance.

The GM says neither Jenkins nor Fiore formally checked out of the hotel. The last time they saw Ryan was Friday morning, when he left alone.

It appears the couple may have gone to a nearby Hilton Hotel. There are reports people at a poker party at the Hilton saw Fiore and Jenkins Friday night and observed her putting Jenkins down in a rude way.

Fiore's body was discovered on Saturday morning.


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Whoa - this woman was separated at birth from Carrot Top!

1852 days ago


I'm sorry that she was murdered, but every time I look at her I cringe and wonder how the hell she could ever have been a model. windsurfer has it right - she does look like carrot top.

1852 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

She looks like Yoda in this picture... and he looks like the devil... Ewww.... I thought he was attractive in the other pics but after what he's done he is just repulsive...

1851 days ago

mrez golucky    


1853 days ago


ill still do her your a sick douch bag....bad karma your way for the next year....poof its should never mess with the creation of god and make fun of death becuse he soon will be knocking on your carefulll what u say...

1853 days ago


L'Auberge Del Mar is supposed to be a luxury resort and the general manager says the walls are very thin! Dude's gonna be looking for a new job real soon. Anyway, Ryan Jenkins will be caught by this weekend and do life in prison.

1853 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

The general manager said the walls are thin? LOL. Now that is an honest gm of a hotel.

1853 days ago


I met her one time and she was a complete b*%$@h .... she's a complete gold digger -- i'm not surprised she puts people down.. she's burned so many bridges all her life with people.. she made her bed , now she's lying in it!

1853 days ago


It's strange to look at these photos knowing what he has done to her. I had dated Ryan in the beginning of this year (2009) and actually spent New Year’s (2009) with him. I dated Ryan four years ago as well and things never took off. He never portrayed any violent behavior, but I did find other behavior odd and chose to stop seeing him. To think what could have happen if I had continue to see him.... Just shows you, you can never REALLY know someone. My heart goes out to the Fiore family for their lose.

1853 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

It's a luxury hotel and the manager admits the walls are thin?

Fire that dude immediately. Who wants to stay in a hotel where you people in the room next door can hear everything you do?

1853 days ago


Later the GM said, "not only are the walls thin, but if you put your ear to a cup against the wall, you can make out even the most faint of sounds."

1853 days ago


yeah, his ex fiance was saying she never thought he was capable of something like this either. i mean, that happens a lot. i'm pretty sure people wouldn't date a murder.. goes to show you some dudes go absolutely NUTS when you mess around on them. you just never know if the dude you are playing is a psycho or watch yourself. jeez!

1853 days ago

a lipstick Lesbian    

If Ryan Jenkins attorney can just get one loser, rich kid, a-hole, stripper dater,rich daddy's boy, trust fund baby on the jury, he'll be set free.

1853 days ago

London not England    

She looks a little "Alien"........

Alpha Centary perhaps?

1853 days ago


I'm still laughing about the hotel manager. What an idiot. He continued by saying "not only are the walls super thin, but so are the sheets & drapes. The hot water is iffy and the mice problem has ALMOST been resolved." Anyone looking for a job...get your resumes ready. The real question here is...Why did this douche bag report her missing if he off'd her? Dumbass.

1853 days ago
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